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Vegetarian Wedding Menu Ideas That All Guests Will Love

vegetarian wedding menu ideas

So, you’re getting married and stepping into the wedding planning process. Congratulations! Now, you need to consider what food to serve on your big day. Whether you’re a vegetarian or inviting vegetarian guests, serving a vegetarian wedding menu can even satisfy your meat-loving guests! 

Just because a vegetarian menu doesn’t include those mouthwatering ingredients doesn’t mean they can’t be full of flavor. From beginning to end, create a vegetarian wedding menu that will please your guests, no matter the food they are used to eating. 

Get to Know a Vegetarian Wedding Menu

Get to know a vegetarian wedding menu

There can sometimes be misunderstandings and confusion about dietary restrictions. What’s the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian? And how about pescatarians? It’s also important to know about allergy-related restrictions as they are different from things like gluten-free diets. 

You’ll indeed want to accommodate all types of guests. Therefore, consider the points below when planning a sample wedding menu.

  • Vegetarians don’t eat meat. However, they can still eat products from animals like eggs, dairy, and honey.
  • Vegans don’t eat anything that comes from an animal. This includes meat, eggs, and dairy products. They are restricted to a plant-based diet; most don’t even wear animal products like leather and feathers. 
  • Pescatarians are vegetarians who are allowed to eat seafood and fish-related products like caviar, squid, and shellfish.

Talk to your wedding planner and caterer about your vegetarian wedding menu options. We’ve created a suggestion for the menu below, which you can build on to create the perfect vegetarian meal or get your chef to personalize some custom dishes for your wedding catering

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Vegetarian Wedding Appetizer Menu

Vegetarian wedding entrees appetizer menu

For the appetizer menu, make sure to include light & tasty treats that your guests can pick up and instantly finish in a bite. 

1. Bruschetta 

This is a favorite, especially with local mozzarella and tomatoes that are in season. Get some freshly baked bread with picked basil and balsamic drizzle to create this iconic vegetarian appetizer. 

2. Crudite

This is a fancier version of the classic veggie tray with bread and a dip. You can serve them with hummus from your caterer or go traditional with a dill dip on an hors d’oeuvre table.

3. Vegetable Tartlets

These miniature savory pies can be filled with the veggies that are in season. It’s an excellent way to add a local flair to your wedding. You can choose from roasted vegetables to mushrooms. Plenty of delicious flavor combinations are perfect for your big day.

Vegetarian Starter Wedding Menu

Vegetarian dishes for wedding starter menu

These meals go between an appetizer and the main course. It offers the right amount so your guest won’t go hungry while waiting for the main course. 

1. Beet Salad

Let the underrated root veggie steal the spotlight. Beets come in a variety of colors, including red, orange, and purple, and offer a delightfully sweet taste when roasted. Chefs specializing in vegetarian dishes may suggest lettuce and salads to complement the dish. 

2. Italian Wedding Soup

Italian soups traditionally include meat, but get your caterer to skip the beef and replace them with unique veggies. Your guests won’t miss the flavor or texture of the meat when the soup is filled with tasty plant products.

3. Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Make sure to have a bit of Asian flair on the veggie spring rolls while offering the perfect mix of crunch and vegetables. Remember to include the sweet and sour dip sauce, which adds the necessary tasty element for this kind of dish. 

Vegetarian Main Course Ideas for Your Wedding 

Vegetarian wedding catering for main course

Now comes the dishes that all your guests are waiting for! Vegetarian main courses have the potential to satisfy all your guests, even those who aren’t vegetarian. Here is our recommended cuisine for your big day.

1. Creamy Risotto 

This is a time-consuming menu to create, which is best to wait to order it out. The best thing about it is that any vegetable can flavor a risotto. Therefore, consider varieties for your wedding meal, including asparagus lemon or roaster butternut risotto.

2. Vegetarian Lasagna

This is an excellent option, especially if you also offer a regular meat lasagna for those who aren’t vegetarians. It’s not only a hearty meal; you can personalize it by sourcing local products and creating a homemade sauce. 

3. Roasted Spaghetti Squash

This unique and healthy dish, like the risotto, can be flavored in many ways for your vegetarian dinner. These flavors include parmesan truffle and asparagus goat cheese, perfect for your guests’ vegetarian meals. 

Choose Your Vegetarian Wedding Catering 

Choosing vegetarian wedding catering

Not every chef is an expert in creating the perfect vegetarian wedding cuisine. This is why looking for the right one is important to create a sample wedding menu for your guests. Here are our tips on finding and securing qualified vegetarian or vegan wedding catering for your special day.

  • Ask your caterer for sample welding menus from past events. This will give you a great idea of their talents or creativity.
  • Does your caterer have suggestions for vegetarian meals for a crowd? Talk to them about it, and once you express what you want, they might devise something that fulfills your expectations. 
  • Set a schedule for food tasting with your wedding caterer. Before your special day, have an opportunity to sample their vegetarian wedding menu options. Whether you want to do a private sampling or attend a tasting event they’ve organized, make sure to experience the flavor combinations they offer. 
  • If you’re still unsure what kind of food to have, trust your gut feeling. Trust your caterer if they are excited to curate your specialty menu. If they seem to give that “it’s a chore” vibe, they may not be the right catering service for you. 

Final Thoughts

Even if you don’t plan a full vegetarian wedding dinner, you should still consider a few plant-based or non-meat dishes. Providing a menu free from animal products can be healthy and full of flavor. Your plant-based guests will long appreciate your thoughts on including vegetarian options at your wedding.

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