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Toast to Love: Drinks and Delicious Wedding Catering Options

delicious wedding catering

Guests love enjoying a refreshing cocktail and trying out those mouthwatering appetizers. This is why finding a good wedding caterer is one of the most important parts of the planning process. The food is the best part of any event and even though the classic wedding catering menu will always be around, some may expand into something better. 

For example, for decades, champagne towers have been popular at weddings and other special events. And today, caterers and hosts offer alternative towers. Today, it’s all about espresso martinis, Aperol Spritz, and rosé. It’s essential to have a menu filled with food and drink pairings to excite your guests. 

Below are the top wedding catering trends in 2023. 

Choose Sustainable Dishes

Eco-friendly catering is one of the hottest trends in any event today. Food and drinks will likely be fully sustainable in years to come. 

Sustainability and eco-consciousness are the keys. Think about caterers who source their supplies from local farmers and work in seasonal cuisine. Local caterers reduce carbon footprint, reduce travel costs and use their own suppliers. 

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Also, besides serving a traditional menu, consider serving a vegetarian menu or plant-based meat. Sustainable wedding meals and drinks will indeed come out as the top catering menu in 2023 and beyond. 

Theatrical Food Displays 

Another trend in wedding catering is theatrical food displays or shows in the cooking process. Today, couples want to offer guests experiences they’ll remember forever, and food is no exception. Think about a wedding dinner outdoors with the chef cooking over an open fire while your guests watch it. What a great, enticing interaction experience it will be!

For a more intimate reception, consider a hibachi-style dinner with the chef slicing and dicing table side, which will create a true spectacle for your friends and families. Consider “building your own” dessert stations, professional bartenders to create some mouthwatering cocktails or some electric s’mores makers. Tailored to your wedding day, this sweet treat will offer your guests an everlasting impression.

There are endless other options for being creative with your food and drinks and this trend is something that will likely evolve throughout the years. 

Alternative to Wedding Cakes

A cake at a wedding is a tradition that dates back to ancient Rome. However, most couples need to learn that the tradition of having a cake over the bride has evolved into a beautiful tiered, multi-flavored work of art. Couples now may kiss over some cookies, scones, or a tower of spiced buns. 

Traditions keep changing over time, and no rules say you need to have a cake on your wedding day. Why not mix it with a donut wall, cookies, or a pick-and-mix station? 

As more and more couples drive away from traditions that don’t suit them, wedding cake alternatives are becoming more popular. We expect dessert to continue to evolve and become a key part of many couples. You can also have a combination of a small cake to honor tradition and varieties of desserts for the guests. This allows couples also to enjoy the beautiful cake.

Food and Drink Pairings You Should Try 

Food has always been paired with wine, but have you ever thought about cocktails and beer? Food and drink pairings are also something you can be creative with. 

You can add some fun and innovative drinks (besides the traditional cocktails), which is an excellent way to add personality to your wedding. If you have canapés, why not pair them with mini drinks, like margaritas and tacos, bloody Marys and fried clams, or beer with mini burgers and hotdogs?

If you have a unique culture, you can also focus on the cuisine that reflects it. Add delicious alternatives to the traditional evening dishes to offer guests a glimpse of you and your partner’s culture. This lets them interact with the chefs, watch the food being prepared and enjoy the theater aspects involved in the process. 

Or, you can also offer a dessert cocktail like espresso or martini, which lets your guest have that extra dose of energy before the party! Get creative on how and when you want to serve your guests, and they’ll be impressed and appreciate your efforts. 

Comfort Food for the Party

Over the years, couples must offer their guests evening food to keep the party alive during the night’s golden hours. We’ve seen childhood treats return in style with slight changes and extra touches. These late-night bites will likely become more personalized in the future and tailored to every couple. Thus, comfort food will continue to embrace nostalgia with a twist, elevating the all-time favorites with fun and creative presentations.

Comfort food reminds people of the happy moments from their childhood and memories together. Choosing foods that connect to great childhood memories and including those flavors in your wedding is an excellent way to enhance comfort even more. 

You can do this by setting up your favorite food truck in the venue’s outdoor space or serving international cuisines. Evening food is becoming a way for every couple to express themselves in their wedding by choosing the right catering. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t stress about choosing the right catering menu or other details about your wedding menu. Have you got other ideas for the perfect food and beverage pair? Make sure to add your ideas to your list! 

And if you want to learn more about wedding foods and preparation, make sure to check out our blog page for the latest and most informative content about planning the perfect wedding.

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