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How to Keep Your Bali Wedding Catering Costs Down

Bali Wedding Catering Cost

For some couples, catering might be the main part of their wedding and the finest wines and delicacies are part of their priorities. For others, food comes in second and they would instead focus on the entertainment and decorations. Like other elements in planning a wedding in Bali, your reception will highly depend on your budget. For many couples, having a reception in a hotel or restaurant which serves food and beverages as part of their service is a great way to save some cash. However, setting the bars high on the luxurious villas with an established and reliable catering company is a must-have for others.  

Before we get deeper into the cost of Bali wedding catering, let us look at some of its benefits and why it could help host your event.

Save Plenty of Time

Once you’ve got a Bali catering on your side, then you can consider all your food planning as ‘done.’ You don’t need to worry about buying the ingredients, cooking and everything in between, as the Bali catering will do the work for you. You don’t even have to worry about the setup to the clean-up after your wedding. It saves up a lot of time and you can use your spare time to work on other essential parts of your wedding.

You Can Match it With Your Wedding Theme

Having a buffet catering in Bali offers a few perks to your event and it’s more than just serving good food. Catering helps to bring out your dream wedding to reality. They’ll look at your ideas and themes of your wedding and match them with the food’s presentation. Every detail, from the frangipani flower around the cupcake plates, the folded napkins’ color to the garnishes, is set up to bring out the ambiance you want for your wedding reception.

The Great Food!

There is no point in hiring Bali catering if they can’t bring out the best food for you and your guests. You don’t need to worry about the taste of food at your wedding, as it will be cared for by professional chefs. But, of course, you may want to consult and have some tasting before your big day. Then, you’ll be guaranteed to find the dining tables filled with mouth-watering menus. You can choose to have all western or with a mix of traditional Indonesian/Balinese cuisine, all prepared with pure art and elegance. 

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Bali Caterings Know What’s Best

The best part of catering for events is that they know what menu works best for every occasion. The experts will take all of your food ideas and develop a lovely wedding menu that everyone will enjoy. They know which menu will be suitable for another and which drinks should be paired up with the foods. They’ve had years of experience and have served countless types of food and beverages in multiple wedding themes, so they’ll know what menu to serve for your big day.

General Cost of Bali Wedding Caterings

Whatever wedding venue and wedding catering menu you’re looking for, keep in mind that options can range from extremely cheap to ridiculously expensive. When it comes to the catering menu in Bali, a more affordable menu doesn’t always mean bad and costly menus aren’t always delicious. We recommend that you use a professional wedding planner who has experience picking the most suitable menu for all budgets. They will also make sure that you and your guests will be happy with the food’s quality and should always recommend the best menu and suppliers according to your price range.

There is an endless choice of wedding caterers in Bali, with some considered as world-class catering. However, choosing a wedding caterer out of all the options may not be an easy task due to the relatively high price of Bali catering. Besides the catering, you might need to think of other aspects like the beverages during the dinner, especially if you’re looking for some fun alcoholic drinks for your wedding. Keep in mind that alcohol is heavily taxed in Indonesia, so don’t be surprised to pay much more for the booze compared to buying them in your home country.

Your wedding venue can greatly affect your Bali Wedding catering prices. If you’re getting married in a villa, you can have outdoor catering from USD30.00 per person with an Indonesian or Balinese buffet-style menu. An East Meets West Menu – a mix of Indonesian and Western menu usually starts from USD70.00 per person. There’s usually a number of minimum people for some catering companies to arrange their service, usually around 20-25 people. If your guests’ list is no more than 20 people, we suggest arranging catering directly at the villa as it may be a cheaper and easier option.

If you’re having a reception at a hotel or resort, then the price might be set higher starting from USD40.00 per person for a Balinese or Indonesian menu, Asian menu can start from USD55.00 and for East Meet West can start from USD80.00 per person. For a reception in a 5-star hotel or resort, then it can charge more than USD100.00 for a buffet dinner. Keep in mind that this does NOT include any drinks yet! As we have mentioned earlier, alcohol is expensive in Bali, so if you plan to serve some at your wedding, then you’ll be spending a lot more. So, to save up your cost. You can cut out any alcohol and the price would start from as little as USD10.00 per person with free-flow water, tea, coffee, juices and soft drinks. Catering and beverages usually take about 45% of your total wedding budget, so take your time and plan carefully with the help of your wedding planner to help you make the best decisions. If you’re looking for other pro tips in organizing your wedding in Bali, make sure to check out Bali Wedding for updated articles on a wedding in Bali.

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