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Top 4 Wedding Dessert Trends You Should Try

Best wedding dessert to try

So, what’s new in wedding dessert trends for 2023? If you plan on catering a wedding this year or are a couple looking for the hottest desserts on your big day, you’re in the right place! This guide will give you a scoop of the most updated info on what the sweets expert predicts will appear on the reception tables. To offer a memorable event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, read along for the most unique, innovative, and extraordinary wedding dessert ideas you’ve ever imagined.

What Wedding Desserts Do We Expect to Flourish in 2023?

We think it will all be about creating the “wow” factor, from a wide range of confectionary displays in creative shapes to personalized treats of mouthwatering flavors and textures. These wedding dessert trends are the perfect way to keep your guests or customers waiting for more. 

Even though traditional wedding desserts aren’t completely out of the option, there will be new scrumptious selections for the years to come, including these top choices:

  • Customized ice cream stations
  • Donut towers
  • Pie buffets
  • Tiny pie-pops
  • Tropical fruit trees
  • Cookie and waffle bars
  • Champagne flutes

According to experienced bakers, two kinds of desserts are currently on the rise: French macaroons in rich flavors and colors and Cinnamon rolls. 

Cake Trends for 2023 and Beyond

What’s looking to come down the pike in wedding cakes for the upcoming years? Be ready to spoil your eyes and stomach with some truly amazing eye candy. The coming wedding cakes are being transformed into bona fide works of art. These include various options of heights and materials (try to imagine eating metallic and gold foils embedded in rich raspberry fondant or satin rice) and even hand-painted decorations and designs. 

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From trendy art splatters, smooth watercolor florals, and sugar art to bold strokes of dark chocolate twists and every topping you can think of, professional bakers are becoming cake artists and constantly creating the next masterpiece. Let’s look at these wedding dessert trends that will likely dominate every wedding reception in 2023 and beyond.

Sparkling Wedding Desserts

Nothing makes your desserts stand out more than serving sparkling wedding desserts. Just imagine a glistening rock candy! According to a professional catering company in Minnesota, “Sprinkles, glitter, and sugar crystals will likely be added in everything from mini desserts to macarons.” You can even find ‘desert stylists’ who specialize in baking and creating hard candy from scratch, broken down into various shapes and sizes, with each piece dyed and colored.

Shining Black Wedding Desserts

If you’ll have a more formal wedding, nothing is more elegant and sophisticated than shimmering black sheaths, tuxedos, and simple black-and-white decor. And also the fantastic desserts in shiny black. 

In contrast to the traditional white wedding cake, this trend will likely continue throughout 2023. To create a magnificent piece of art that will truly be remembered, spread a fondant of dark or velvety smooth powder over your preferred dessert. Then, top it off with some edible gold or silver and optional edible flowers.

Don’t Forget the Drinks for Dessert!

After your guests are satisfied with all the desserts, you can end the night with drinks that will spice up the wedding scene in exciting ways. If you’re looking to let guests “have their cake and drink it as well,” here are some divine ideas to stir onto your cup:

  • Coffee and tea bars
  • Hot chocolate bars
  • Smoothies station 
  • Ice cream floats
  • Customizable beverage bars. This lets your guests choose traditional to non-traditional beverage toppings like chocolate syrup, whipped cream, grated cinnamon, liqueurs, flavored marshmallows, chocolate chips, peppermint candy, and many more.

New dessert cocktails are also growing in popularity; these include things like Peanut Butter and Chocolate Martini, Apple Martini with Caramel, and Gingerbread Martini (made from sparkling wine, ginger liqueur and brown sugar).

Fruity Flavors and International Takes

Also currently hot on the wedding dessert scene are the fruity-flavored desserts. This includes the most popular flavors like white choco-late raspberry and anything with fresh fruit. For example, bananas, lemons, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, and apples are the most-picked fruits in muffins, pastries, pies, and macaroons.

And for international tastes, Yuzu, a citrus fruit from Japan about the size of a tangerine, is currently in high demand. The fruit is known for its distinct scent and flavor. For this reason, Yuzu desserts have expanded to recipes like Yuzu Meringue Tarts, Yuzu Sorbet, Yuzu White Chocolate Truffles, and more!

Wedding Dessert That Reflects the New Couple

Infusing the wedding event with details that elevate the couple’s personalities and tell their story will likely also be another trend for the years to come. 

From the invitations to centerpieces and the wedding menu itself, couples are putting a lot of thought into every detail. This includes transforming the dessert menu into various personal favorite desserts that may even bypass traditional wedding cakes. Think about chocolate menus for the chocolate die-hards, mini rum-n’-coke cakes for the cocktail lovers, and do-it-yourself ice cream bars for the ice cream lovers. 

Sweet Conclusion 

For wedding desserts, the traditional ways of when wedding cakes were the be-all and end-all of the celebration will likely be long gone. Instead, wedding planners and caterers have transformed the wheel and are adding new textures, tastes, styles, and colors into incredible new dessert selections in various shapes and sizes. 

This is great news for caterers and restaurant owners as it allows them to grow their chef’s hat onto the competitive ring and show off their talent to show off their businesses by creating the next big and popular wedding dessert!

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