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6 Best Anime Opening Inspiration for Your Wedding Video

Anime opening wedding video

Looking for heart-pumping anime openings for your wedding video? Look no further! A wedding video theme should be unique and capture your personality as a couple. Anime openings set the tone, offer the feel, and introduce viewers to the journey you’ll be getting into – it’s the intro to your new life together, and you are the main character! Even though we’ve seen many great anime openings over the years, some are more memorable than others. 

The openings of anime are one of the highlights of any anime series and are just as crucial for viewers and fans as the series itself. In this article, we’ll look at the top anime openings that will inspire wedding videos. The combination of the wedding videography and the hard-hitting songs of anime you love will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests at the reception!

“D-Tecnolife” by UVERworld – Bleach (Opening 2)

When it comes to anime openings, UVERworld never misses a beat, and Bleach’s opening, “D-Tecnolife,” is one of their best to date. Every 2000s anime fan will likely know the song’s melody by heart. The high-energy rock theme perfectly fits the series’ theme for transitioning to more serious storytelling throughout the Soul Society arc.

The lyrics reflect the series’ protagonists during that point, encouraging someone to push their past life and never give up. It’s the arc where Ichigo must convince Rukia to keep pushing on after being imprisoned by the Soul Society. This fits a wedding video theme perfectly as you are now entering your new life together and playing the protagonist’s role in your new chapter in life. 

“Hohoemi no Bakudan” by Mawatari Matsuko – Yu Yu Hakusho (Opening 1)

There aren’t a lot of anime openings that are good enough to carry a series as long as Yu Yu Hakusho. However, “Hohoemi no Bakudan” by Mawatari Matsuko is a timeless theme that arguably fits the best shonen anime of all time. 

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The song features an irresistibly catchy and lovable pop tune that instantly raises feelings of nostalgia for every anime fan who’s seen the anime. The song’s lyrics and video consist of the importance of the friends they’ve built throughout their lives, making it suitable for your guests to hear during the reception. There’s also a perfect dub version that’s just as incredible, with the singer Sara White offering an English rendition that makes it easy to enjoy regardless of the version you prefer. 

“Bloody Stream” by CODA – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Opening 2)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has been popular for over three decades and is known to have great openings that spread throughout the seasons. There’s bound to be some debate among fans regarding which opening is best, but most fans agree that CODA’s “Bloody Stream” ranks among the best in the series. 

“Bloody Stream” stands out among other anime openings, which perfectly suits the theme of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The opening also features stunning visuals and animation that perfectly suits the music, making it an absolute standout in anime openings entirely. A wedding video inspired by JoJo’s “Bloody Stream” is definitely for vibrant and free-spirited couples who aren’t afraid of expressing themselves! 

“Again” by YUI – Fullmetal Alchemist (Opening 1)

“Again” by YUI is the first opening for the popular anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The opening theme represents the series’ main character, Edward Elric, and the lessons he learned while recovering his body and limbs.

It’s a perfect fit for a wedding video as it presents the theme that there is more to life than meets the eye. The video shows Ed becoming stronger along his journey with the people he meets along the way accompanying him throughout the seasons. This perfectly represents your family and friends who have been there with you alongside your partner. 

“Again” is the first opening for the series for the 14 episodes that kicked off the series. 

“Colors” by FLOW – Code Geass (Opening 1)

FLOW is known for their energetic and upbeat opening themes in anime like Naruto, Durarara!! and the Seven Deadly Sins. However, the first opening for Code Geass, “Colors” may be their best work yet. 

“Colors” draws the theme of how people change for better or worse. The opening video and theme demonstrate that everyone should be confident in themselves, even during the darkest times. This fits the series perfectly as the series’ protagonist goes through rough times during the first 12 episodes of the season with this opening. This is also why we think it’s suitable for a wedding video, as no matter how hard things get, you two are committed to facing them together. 

“Guren no Yumiya” by Linked Horizon – Attack on Titan (Opening 1)

Attack on Titan’s iconic first opening theme will certainly send chills tingling down every anime fan’s spine. The opening theme song sets the anime’s tone, which everyone knows is a gut-wrenching story. “Guren no Yamiya” by Linked Horizon is a renowned anime opening for the popular series. 

Eren Yeager, Attack on Titan’s main protagonist, needs to come to terms with the new life he faces after the first few tragic episodes. Titans take over humanity, and he loses everything that means a lot to him. He realizes he can fight back by becoming a Titan. 

Indeed, the anime’s tone and tragic themes may be unsuitable for a wedding video, but we think its iconic dramatic music and video will make a great opening to your love story. “Guren no Yuma” is the series’ opening for its first 13 episodes. 

That’s it for our list of top anime openings for a wedding video. Indeed, tons of other amazing openings are suitable for creating the footage of your new life together. You or your partner may have a favorite opening theme and want it for your video. All you need is a bit of creativity and effort to make it all come together. 

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