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How to Create a Wedding Video with Pictures?

Wedding video slideshow

Wedding pictures as videos (slideshow) can be an entertaining way to tell your story as a newly married couple and offer guests a great way to connect with each other. However, knowing what images to include and how to put them all together can be challenging. 

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about creating a wedding slideshow in a few simple steps. We’ll also offer ways to create a unique wedding video with pictures that hopefully inspire you.

Pick the Right Tools and Software

Right tools and software

First, you need to choose the right tools to create your slideshow. Here are our top 3 picks:

  • Keynote and PowerPoint – You’ll likely already have these installed on your computer. They are free, and you’ll likely know how to use them. Remember to avoid business-oriented layouts; you don’t want your slideshow to look like a school presentation. 
  • Smilebox—This platform offers professionally designed templates for creating a beautiful wedding slideshow that will stand out. It’s easy to drag and drop, with a feature to caption your photos. It also allows you to add music and easily share on social media. 
  • Animoto—This free online video maker offers a simple drag-and-drop feature. Although it doesn’t focus on weddings specifically, the tool provides several beautiful wedding templates for creating your slideshow. 

Pick a Theme and Decide the Video’s Length 

Wedding photography theme

Every wedding slideshow will reflect the couple’s personality, but you shouldn’t simply stuff all your pictures and songs together and call it a day. This is why a wedding theme for your pictures is necessary. Indeed, you can match it with your wedding theme (a Marvel or Star Wars-inspired slideshow, perhaps?). And it doesn’t stop there. Study all your template options and find one that will capture the story you and your partner want to tell. 

For the ideal video length, we recommend keeping it between 5 to 10 minutes long to keep your guests interested and engaged. This is equal to 60 to 120 photos. If you want to include video clips, ensure they’re nice and short to keep the slideshow’s momentum going. 

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Choose Your Photos and Videos

Choose your photos and videos

The images you choose for your slideshow video should tell your story as a couple. The pictures should be high resolution so they will show up nicely and be seen further away. Pick images that show the different phases of your life, from childhood to growing up to dating. Include key milestones such as your first date, your first vacation together, and the proposal. 

Even though the slideshow is about you, it shouldn’t entirely consist of only you. Your family and close friends may have great images and videos of them with you, so consider including those too. This is a great way of showing how important these people are to you and creates a more interesting slideshow. 

Note that everyone at your wedding will see your chosen images and videos, so filter out the ones guests may find inappropriate. 

Choose Your Music

Wedding songs for the first dance

You don’t have to add music, but it will make your video of pictures more interesting when presented to your guests. If you want to play the slideshow in the background, you should decide whether to include music based on the location and if your guests will hear it clearly. 

Pick a tune that is important to you as a couple. Do you have a favorite song you always dance to? Or perhaps a song played during your first date? These are excellent choices as they’ll be special and unique to you. You can also pick something from the most popular wedding slideshow songs or general fun wedding songs, which will work great with the pictures usually displayed on wedding slideshows. 

Remember to consider your slideshow’s tone when choosing your music. A bright and fun slideshow with plenty of humor and pictures of your loved ones will go well with upbeat and happy music. If you’re focusing more on the romance with your partner, slower and more romantic tunes should be more suitable. You can maintain the energy of the video by using a slice of every song, like the chorus. This also allows for more songs to fit in the slideshow. 

Determine How and When You Want to Show the Slideshow

You have several options as to when you should be presenting your wedding slideshow. Most couples usually set their video during the reception or rehearsal dinner for guests to watch it. Others choose to play the slideshow in the background during the cocktail hour, rehearsal dinner, or reception so guests can watch it while enjoying their treats. 

A set time for showing the slideshow allows you to connect with every guest and show everyone you shared experience. However, if you’re worried about boring your guests or don’t have time in your wedding schedule to watch the slideshow, we recommend playing it in the background.

Remember to get a DJ or a tech-savvy family member to be in charge of the slideshow at the wedding party so you don’t need to worry about it. This way, you’ll know that everything will be seamless and free of technical problems. 

Now, Go and Create Your Own Wedding Slideshow!

Now that you know more about creating your wedding slideshow, making it unique and memorable for your guests is crucial. We recommend adding a few creative touches such as: 

  • Interview your family and closest friends about yourselves and your love story.
  • Record messages of marriage advice from the people you look up to.
  • Include clips from your childhood.
  • Get a family member or friend to narrate in a voiceover for the slideshow as if telling a fairytale story.

With our tips, you’ll be sure to create a fun wedding video with pictures that will wow your guests! Looking for other tips for your big day? Make sure to visit our blog page on Bali Wedding Prices.

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