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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Decorations

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Today, weddings are all about expressing your personal style. And there are many ways to do that, such as personalized vows, unique wedding dresses, and extraordinary venues. However, choosing the right wedding décor will make the most immediate impact.

Sugar Taylor, an event designer in D.C., says that decorations manifest your love and express the happiness of being together in a celebration.

Essential Wedding Décor Ideas for Your Wedding Spaces

Whether you want an out-of-the-box or a simple and more traditional wedding décor, there are certain elements you’ll need to pay attention to when planning the overall look for your special day. You can plan the day based on your wants, likes, and your budget. In the end, you’ll plan a day that you’ll remember for years to come.

We’ve listed the ultimate wedding checklist in this article, but keep in mind that there are no hard rules and you can customize your decors according to your desire or ideas.

Ceremony Décor

Even though it’s an essential part of a wedding day, your guests will spend the least time at the ceremony. Therefore, we don’t advise you to blow your budget for the ceremony. Taylor suggests that you focus on something that frames you and your partner, whether a backdrop or large aisle arrangements.

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Focus on the altar décor, and if you want to add more jazz to the space, you can add additional details along the path down the aisle, pick attractive chairs or benches, and add in personalized elements like welcome signs. Today’s trending ceremony decors include hanging décor elements over the aisle, which looks grander and luxe compared to floor petals. Also, circular floor arches and asymmetric floor installations are excellent choices.

Reception Décor

Your guests will spend most of their time in the reception, so we suggest spending most of your wedding décor budget within the space. It’s best to spend your time and money on most tabletop decors and how you allocate the rest mostly depends on your guest count.

Taylor suggests spending your money on beautiful linens and lighting if you have a bigger guest count. These will make the moment feel more special and intimate. You can also add draping, adding an even deeper intimate and luxe feeling for the reception. You can also use them to add an accent to plain walls, hide things and separate spaces.

Another excellent reception décor you should consider is hanging installations. This includes floral chandeliers, balloons, paper lanterns and string lights that can also make a statement. Taylor also suggests considering something for your dance floor; even if your décor is understated and simple, it will make your wedding look grand once there are some beautiful designs on the dance floor. You can do this by wrapping them in extraordinary illustrations or complementary patterns.

Another exciting décor for receptions you can add is neon signs. You can use lyrics from the dance songs and custom backdrops behind the couple or printed tent fabrics for luxury weddings.

Table Décor

Your guests will also spend a lot of time for dinner at your wedding, so make sure the place they sit looks stunning. Taylor says to “focus on anything that’s eye level.” The more time your guests will spend most of their time in, the more the budget you should be spending on that space and make sure it’s where the magic happens.

Taylor suggests prioritizing the place settings, which you can elevate with special linens and tabletop rentals. Your guests won’t find the spark once they walk into the dinner table and find the basic white plates and silver silverware. However, if they see a pink plate, silverware in gold and an attractive patterned napkin, it’s an instant difference. You can also add flowers to the table as it looks a little bare without them.

Cost for Wedding Décor and Flowers in Bali

It’s hard to judge the exact price for wedding décor you need, as it all comes down to your preference of flowers. However, the most affordable flowers and decorations you can find in Bali based on local tropical flowers can start from US$400.

If you want a more budget-friendly option for a smaller guest, you can go for a coconut leaf arch, small standing flowers and flower petals on the aisle. This can cost you anything from US$700 to US$1000.

If you’re looking for imported flowers which include a full flower arch, 4-6 standing flowers, 6-meter flower aisle and Tiffany chairs for 50 – 100 guests, then you should expect to double the amount for around US$1000- US$2000. This should also include a flower bouquet for your bridesmaids and buttonholes for the groom and best men.

For the dinner décor, vendors can charge you up to US$3000 for fairy lights or lanterns within the area and unique candles and flowers on the table. You can also request additional table décors such as confetti and petals, cards that include your guests’ names and other details you want to have. 

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