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4 Ideas Decorate a Perfect Wedding

4 Ideas Decorate a Perfect Wedding in Bali

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable events not only to your partner but to all the dearest guests you’ve invited. It’s a huge milestone for you and your partner, so it should represent “you” and feel like the things you both love and adore.

The first thing you want to do is tick off the things you want and narrow down your wedding style or theme. This can help you find the right style and decorations you want for your big day. But with all the inspirations out there, this can be easier said than done.

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One way to make sure your wedding celebration goes according to the picture you have in mind is to spend more time to get crystal clear on what you want on the big day. Once you know what you want, the next step is to find the right inspiration to bring you the proper theme and decorations. Need help with Bali wedding planning ideas? We’ll help you find your wedding style based on advice from talented floral stylists.

Keep reading to get started with the themes and decorations for your wedding.

1. Picture the things you love and make it your theme

What we mean by “theme” here is the overall “vibe” you want on the day. How would you like it to look and feel? Getting a clear vision of the theme and style you want will ease the rest of the planning process and help communicate your suppliers’ ideas better.

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So how does it work?

First things first, think about the things you both really love and are passionate about. This can be from the colors you like, your favorite food and drinks, flowers, activities, music, to many more. You can also add a touch of your personalities, your home interiors, wardrobe, personal style, or the things you both are passionate about as a couple. When you’ve done this, you can proceed to think about a cohesive theme that brings everything we’ve mentioned above.

For example, if you are a lowkey couple who are just happy to welcome your closest family and friends and celebrate your special day together, then you may want a classic and calm vibe for the day. In this case, white and gold blooms over a long table dinner with candles and luxury decorations might be the perfect theme for your day.

Or, perhaps both of you are the adventurous, dynamic type? You love vibrant colors and you think you are always up for cocktails? In this case, a tropical outdoor wedding with bright colors, upbeat music and some vodka for your guests might be best for you.

Creating your own style together for your story is plenty of fun. You can start with accessories, furnishings up to the lightings you both want.

2. Find the right inspiration

Once you know what you want your day to look and feel like, the next is to find the right inspiration to connect what you want to the suppliers. You’ve probably gathered enough wedding inspirations from Instagram and Pinterest, which are indeed the two best sources.

Create your brand-new saved folder on Instagram and a wedding board on Pinterest, all dedicated to saving the wedding blogs and images aligned with your wedding style. You can save ideas and inspiration that represents you and your wedding vision.

Once you feel like you’ve saved enough images and ideas, take your time to gather it all and pick out the best ideas to make one clear vision board. This board will be used for the overall concept of your wedding. You’ll be surprised how effective it will be to bring your ideas altogether.

3. Find local inspiration

It’s not a problem to find inspiration and ideas from around the world. However, you should also be realistic and think about what you can achieve at your desired wedding venue or destination. Therefore, we recommend connecting with local wedding blogs and Instagram accounts relevant to your wedding location. You’ll find real inspiration from the most recent wedding and events this way.

You’ll find tons of local inspirations from wedding organizer’s Instagram accounts and blog posts that are full of images and videos of recent weddings. This can also help you decide which Bali wedding vendors to choose for your big day. Sourcing local inspiration can help you gain a real sense of what your wedding can potentially look and feel like, and it will also look for the right supplies and decorations for your wedding day.
You can start by sourcing the local blooms. Even if you have an overflowing budget, it’s best to request locally grown flowers as they are less expensive and support the Balinese farmers and their livelihoods. These flowers can become fabulous decorations in the hands of a pro designer.

4. Know your priorities

The last tip to consider is don’t get caught up in other wedding styling and get distracted by its theme and decorations, which is very common during the styling process. Stay focused on your choice and what matters most! Once you’ve decided on your overall wedding style, prioritize the 3 things you want most for the day. This can help you refer back to what’s essential whenever you feel overwhelmed with the wedding planning process.
Ready to start your wedding planning? Be sure to pick the right wedding planners experienced in different styles and themes for a Bali wedding. You can also check out their websites and social media posts and see if their style and decorations suit your preferences for a perfect wedding. So, get started and plan your dream wedding today!

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