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13 Extraordinary Bridal Shower Theme Ideas in Bali

Bridal Shower Theme

If you’re looking to throw a bridal shower, you must have considered the themes of a bridal shower. It’s a party that brides will never forget and you want it to be something that she will remember for the rest of her life. However, consider the theme carefully as a mixed guest is likely to attend the bridal shower. So, what is the most appropriate party to throw when the guest is expected to be multi-generational?

Even though you want a fun and exciting show for the bridesmaids, you also need to consider the bride-to-be’s family. You don’t want to offend their grandmas and end up with them disapproving of anything. In this article, we’ve listed bridal shower ideas that will make everyone happy while offering the wildest celebration for the guest of honor.

Here are 13 extraordinary bridal shower ideas in Bali to throw an unforgettable show in paradise.

Nautical Party

A nautical bridal shower in navy blue hues, anchors and sailor’s hat is the perfect and fun bridal shower theme regardless of the bride staying on dry land or out on a yacht. It also suits Bali’s Sanur or Seminyak vibes well, especially if you add Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea” in the playlist.

Bali Beach Bridal Shower

Beach themed bridal shower ideas

Like the nautical theme, a beach bridal shower represents an island/coastal vibe that perfectly suits a Bali destination party. However, unlike the indoor theme for the nautical party, we take this one outdoors, within Bali’s sand and tropical sunshine. You can add some matching colors of aquamarine hues and add some Bali beach-themed props like seashells and coconut leaves.

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Together with Champagne

None of your guests will say no to a bite of waffle or some of Bali’s best island cocktails. You can add some refreshing fruit bowls, cakes and pastries, and chilled champagne to top it off.

Backyard Party

If you’re staying in a spacious hotel or villa, then it’s likely that you’ll have a backyard that’s waiting for an epic party! Decorate the outdoor space into a relaxed and happy setting for a casual-themed bridal shower. You can add some pretty floral decorations with twinkling lights and some tasty picnic snacks. It’s the perfect theme if you’re looking to stay within your venue and give their backyard a makeover.

Dinner in Glitter and Glitz

If you know your bride loves to show up in their glummest dresses to any event, then a fancy restaurant bridal shower may be the way to go with invites also encouraged to wear their fanciest outfits. Bring out the sparkles and glitters on the tables and a chandelier can be a suitable theme for this high-class celebration.

Fun Tea Party

Fun tea party for other bali themed party

For the bride-to-be who loves flowers, delicious food and down-to-earth celebrations, then a tea party for a bridal shower is a perfect choice. A tea party can come in multiple themes, whether you want a classy British style to a vibrant Mad Hatter tea party. Whatever theme you choose, remember to add some refreshing side dishes such as yummy cookies or tasty tuna sandwiches.

Bridal Shower in White

If you can’t wait to get the wedding feel, why not have it in the bridal shower? Set the wedding spirit early on with an all-white wedding shower with a professional photographer to capture the moment.

Fancy Pajama Party

If you miss the slumber parties you used to have as little girls, why not have it as a bridal shower? It will be an excellent time for a girl’s night, accompanied by sodas, pizzas, desserts, video games, and romantic movies. You can reserve a day or two in Bali’s hotel or gorgeous villas for the perfect night chill, with additional spa or swimming pool sessions. Remember that you won’t need to clean up any mess the next day.

A Fun Color Themed Party

Dedicating a color to the vent can be fun yet straightforward. Prepare for a bridal shower with as much consistency to a color palette as you can, from the color-coded dress for the guests to the drinks, favors, tables and chairs to the gift wraps.

Rustic Chic

Have a romantic bridal shower in a rustic vibe with distressed decorations and tea served in mason jars and hand-drawn signage. You can add in some homemade dishes like apple pies or sandwiches for the final touch and add the bridesmaid or all of the guest list to bring their favorite desserts.

Candy Love

A bridal shower should be as sweet as love. Then how about bringing some sweets in the bridal shower? This celebration cantered by candies leads to a bright and colorful theme. Bring out the bar that serves sweet candies and treats. Keep in mind that some of your guests may have any food sensitivities, so have some sugar-free candy ready for an option. You can also integrate those Cupa Cups or M&M’s in the decoration colors with her name or picture on it or anything you desire.

Jack and Jill Shower

A bridal shower doesn’t have to be a ladies-only event. Couples may enjoy doing all the wedding activities together, even the bridal shower, and that’s totally fine. A Jack and Jill shower is the perfect choice for this occasion as the more people the better.

A Country Party

For the country-loving bride, you can set your space with hay bales, horseshoes and horses if you can! Invite your guests to bring out those boots and put on their cowgirl costumes, oh and don’t forget to put Billy Ray Cyrus on the playlist!

Once you’ve had your fun with the girls, don’t forget the big day still awaits! If you’re looking to celebrate your wedding in Bali, check out more content at Bali Wedding Prices for more tips and tricks for a wedding in Bali

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