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The Ultimate Chinese Wedding Decorations Checklist

chinese wedding decoration checklist

If you’re looking to go all out for a Chinese-themed wedding, or if you want to add a part of your Chinese heritage to your special day, we’ve listed everything you need about the best Chinese wedding decorations for a wedding in this guide.

At any Chinese wedding celebration or banquet, we recommend always including these traditional elements in your wedding decorations

Traditional Chinese Wedding Elements

Traditional elements for a Chinese wedding always include the color red, from red invitations and red Chinese wedding dresses to envelopes. Therefore, red is also an essential pick for wedding decorations for traditional Chinese weddings. Besides the color red, which symbolizes good fortune and happiness, you should include other traditional Chinese elements. 

1. Double Happiness Symbol

Double happiness symbol

Double happiness is a traditional Chinese symbol that is an essential aspect of every Chinese wedding ceremony – from the backdrop to the wedding gifts to the bride and groom. It consists of two copies of “Xi” (喜), a Chinese character that translates to happiness. Therefore, two of these characters mean double happiness. It’s a beautiful symbol because of its symmetry, representing balance for a long and healthy marriage. 

2. Dragon and Phoenix Symbols

Dragon and phoenix - chinese wedding symbol

The phoenix and dragon symbols are popular in Chinese culture; however, they’re even more powerful when paired together. They symbolize Yin and Yang when together, which represents unity and balance. 

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The dragon symbolizes the male, which is why the groom usually has a dragon symbol on his chang shan or Tang Suit (male version of a cheongsam). On the other hand, the bride has the phoenix embroidered on her wedding gown. 

Besides the wedding attire, you can also find these symbols in Chinese banquet decorations, whether in the ceremony backdrop or the tea ceremony cups.

3. Lanterns

Paper lantern for chinese wedding decorations ideas

Lanterns in Chinese culture are used in events, festivals, and weddings to represent joy and wishes for a bright future. During Chinese New Year, people hang lanterns to scare off evil spirits and bring good luck. They are also popular during the Mid-Autumn Festival, where they’ll be released into the night skies.

Newlyweds also started to include these rituals in their ceremony. But before you do, check the regulations on fire hazards with your local community. If it’s not possible to do a full-on lantern festival for your wedding, you can always have a few of them as the backdrop of your big day. 

Modern Chinese Wedding Decorations

If you’re planning a Chinese-Western wedding fusion, we’ve also listed many decorations that will blend both cultures nicely. Here are some of our ideas for modern Chinese wedding decor.

1. Include Gold Colors

Besides adding red, you should also consider adding gold to your Chinese wedding decorations. In China, gold symbolizes future wealth and prosperity, making it a popular color that perfectly matches modern wedding designs. Incorporate double happiness signs in gold for the perfect ceremony backdrops!

2. Decorate Non-Traditional Places with Traditional Chinese Elements

You can be creative with your Chinese wedding decorations. Try adding traditional elements to nontraditional places, this includes table numbers, table cards, and get unique wedding favors. We love finding the double happiness sign on the tables or offering lanterns to the guests to send off into the night sky.

You can also have custom chopsticks for each guest engraved with their names. This way, you can combine favors and place cards for every guest.

3. Add Desserts as Wedding Decor

We all love to eat our cakes. Turn your dessert table into something to show off your Chinese wedding decorations like double happiness cookies and other popular Chinese sweets. You can also display a Chinese-themed wedding cake. 

Budget-Friendly Decoration Options

We know that some of these Chinese wedding decorations can be expensive. If you’re looking for ways to add Chinese decor to your wedding without breaking the bank, we’ve listed some budget-friendly options for you to consider below.

1. Add Something Red

Red is one of the defining features of a classic Chinese wedding, which is why you should add pops of red to your event. You can do this by simply getting two red chairs for your tea ceremony, or hang red lanterns on the ceiling. 

2. Add Something Happy

You can easily buy the iconic double happiness symbol on sites like Amazon or Etsy. There are usually paper ones that you can easily mount on walls. If you want to splurge on one item, you can invest in a gorgeous double-happiness backdrop for your ceremony that will be the center of attention during your special day. 

3. Add Chinese Elements into Existing Decors

You can get creative with ways to include Chinese wedding themes in what you already have, whether adding some red to your color scheme, wedding guest favors, or floral bouquets. 

Where Can You Buy Chinese Wedding Decorations?

So, you have plenty of ideas and a shopping list, but where to actually buy these Chinese decorations for your wedding? Here are some of the best places to find your Chinese wedding decorations.

  • If you’re looking for standard and budget-friendly items such as lanterns and double happiness wall signs, we recommend searching on Amazon.
  • For custom and unique items, we recommend Etsy. This platform offers sellers that can turn your decoration idea to life, which is best for those with a specific creative idea.
  • You can also discuss with your wedding planner or venue and find out if you can rent items from them (especially if you are doing a Chinese banquet). This can help cut necessary costs if you’re on a tight budget, especially for big decorations like a backdrop for your ceremony. 

Looking for more tips on planning a Chinese wedding or planning a wedding in general? Make sure to visit our blog page on Bali Wedding!

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