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How to Make Your Own Custom Wedding Dress

custom wedding dress

Every bride will visit as many bridal salons as they can to find their dream wedding dress, but even after trying out every design available, you may still be searching for “the one” dress. Some brides may find exactly what they want, others may have trouble finding the dress they’ve envisioned in their heads in real life. Or, you may have no idea what dress you’re looking for and need some guidance on defining your style and conceptualizing your dream gown. 

Consider a Custom Wedding Dress

If you’re a bride still struggling to find the perfect gown, a custom wedding dress might be the answer to your problems. The reason is when creating a bespoke ensemble, brides can work with a designer to personalize the style, cut, and other additional details. And as it’s inspired by your vision and personalized just for you, a custom wedding dress is a beautiful process, resulting in a one-of-a-kind wedding dress you’ve dreamed of. 

In this article, we’ll list down everything you need to know about creating the perfect custom wedding dress with the help of wedding dress designer experts. So read along and find your masterpiece. 

How do Designers Create a Custom Wedding Dress?

The first step to creating your dream gown is to look for the designer you like and schedule a consultant. You can find a designer by asking your wedding planner or friends for their recommendations or by looking online and finding someone who looks like they have the right style. 

During the first consultation stage, the designer must gather all the information on your wedding. This includes things like theme, venue, color palette, and the season you’re getting married in. “We usually discuss all the elements a bride wants in their dress, and the things that she doesn’t want are just as important.” Says Linda Asaf, a professional custom wedding dress designer in Austin, Texas. “A picture is worth a thousand words, so a Pinterest inspiration board is also a great idea, as sometimes brides have trouble explaining the technical elements they want in a gown.”

Looking for the Perfect Wedding Dress?

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After the consultation, your designer will create a fashion illustration of the design options to choose from. Your designer should be able to modify the designs if necessary, so the final look resembles her vision for her wedding. Once you’ve finalized the final look, the designer will do multiple body measurements to create patterns with the right fit, create a mockup to fine-tune the fit, and let the bride see how it will look on her. 

It is an excellent opportunity to make any final adjustments before producing the dress. Then, after the designer has collected enough details, including the design, measurements, embroidery, and fabric selections, they will get to work. 

Is Creating a Custom Wedding Dress More Expensive?

Just like any wedding gown, the cost depends on how complex the design is and the price of the materials used, so there isn’t a price set specifically for a custom bridal dress. Therefore, you should know the budget before considering the look you want. If you have a specific price range in mind, make sure to let the designer know as they may offer recommendations based on what you’re willing to spend. 

Asaf shares that brides often think a custom wedding dress may be a costly option compared to buying a dress on display, but a good designer should be able to help you choose a design based on your budget. 

Besides that, custom wedding dresses usually include the cost of alterations, which can sometimes make these dresses more affordable than off-the-rack wedding gowns that require major changes. One large advantage of a custom wedding dress is that your design is only for you and never to be reproduced for any other brides. It’s an expression of their personal style and another level of keepsake memory. 

How Long Does It Take to Create a Custom Wedding Dress?

The timeline for creating a custom wedding gown entirely depends on the designer’s current workload. The busier the designer, the longer you may need to wait. However, it usually takes three to six months on average to create the look you want, but designers should tell you the timing after a few meeting sessions. 

However, you can also find designers who have the flexibility to create a custom dress at a moment’s notice. We know designers who can create a dress from scratch to finish in only three weeks! If time isn’t on your side, working with a designer directly can save the day and give you the desired dress. 

Other Tips You Should Know

The options are endless when creating a custom wedding gown. Professional designers who have been creating custom gowns for years are usually closely connected to couture lace houses and top fabric mills. So, working closely with your designer to create your desired look is important. Remember to do your research, ask the right questions, and try out different colors, cuts, and fabrics. 

Keep Experimenting

Anything is possible when it comes to creating a custom bridal gown, so it’s okay to go out of your comfort zone. You might even fall in love with a style or silhouette you never considered. 

Have Faith in Your Designer

Custom wedding gown designers should manage the bride’s expectations, and the entire process should be enjoyable and memorable. Trust your designer to create your vision of the perfect wedding dress and make it a reality.

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