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Wedding Suits as the New Wedding Dress Styles

wedding suits for new wedding dress style

There’s been a shift in the bridal fashion landscape in recent years. Brides nowadays rarely find and wear suits on their wedding day to follow a trend, as they do it to express their individual style and identity.

In recent seasons, multiple design houses like Savannah Miller, Galia Lava, and many others have introduced suiting options for weddings. The options are just as infinite and endless as wedding dress styles, from tailored tuxedos to cropped wide-leg pants with feathery accents and colorful fabrics. There’s something for everyone, as a bridal suit is supposed to reflect your inner style and personality. 

Whether it’s a suit full of polka dots and neon or a classic ball gown, there’s no going wrong for your bridal moment! A wedding outfit should be something that represents you.

Even though there’s no right or wrong in approaching the look, we’ve listed some starting points you can follow to help you choose the right wedding suit. 

The Straightforward Suit 

Men’s and women’s materials have traditionally been different for various reasons. More neutral colors and structures are usually made for men, while draped and flowy materials with bright colors and prints are more suitable for women. Nowadays, both men and women can choose the same fabrics and materials for their suits.

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A straightforward suit offers you the chance to experiment with styling. Experts say that a suit or tux is the perfect chance for mixing both masculinity and femininity. We recommend a structured suit with a sweet element, such as a corset top. You can also embrace a plunging neckline or a button-up underneath for an edgier touch, like a chest chain. And as you’re moving away from the expected style, don’t limit yourself to only white.

The Flared Suit

Whether you want a suit that’s belted, draped, bedazzled or full of embellishment, there’s no end to how bridal suits can be personalized, and more brands are taking notes. A bride who wears a suit is confident, bold, and powerful, and they should show their true personality during their special day. You can find suits with details like pearl trim, sparkles, beaded lace, and even feather detailing. 

If you’re looking for a suit that has a strong yet feminine look, go for a double-layer peplum on a collar jacket or a tailored top with flared trousers. Ines Di Santo, a professional bridal designer, came up with a style that comes with classic dressmaking techniques like satin-covered boning in jackets, offering a new approach to the traditional tailoring technique. She also shared that her inspiration was from her mother, who used to wear a tailored suit with pink lipstick every day as she worked at a men’s atelier. 

The Mix-and-Match Suit 

The skirt suit is one of the many ways to mix and match tailored pieces, and high-end bridal labels are making it easier. Celebrities like Bianca Jagger and Carrie Bradshaw followed suit with the “label-less” style for their ceremony. Brands like AMSALE recently introduced an entire style of expertly tailored tuxedo jackets. These include a tulle overskirt in a tuxedo jacket with worn-over tailored pants or a cropped jacket over a White Dress. 

This combination can go a long way as individual pieces can be added to the outfit after the wedding day and may become wardrobe staples that will remind you of those special moments decades later. 

On the other hand, brides can opt for the suit jacket and pair it with beautifully matched trousers; you can find unique options such as a bodysuit or white top. Mixing and matching lets you easily transform your style as the wedding day goes on and piece together an “aisle to evening dance party look.”

Wedding Jumpsuit

It’s technically a wedding jumpsuit, so we’re breaking the rules a bit, but with the lapels and jackets, it’s still channeling that women’s suit for a wedding vibe!

There’s something special and original about a white bridal jumpsuit, and we’re obsessed! This style with draped back offers a hint of the dress style while maintaining the general shape of the suit, making it feel classic yet fresh all at once. 

If you’re looking for the best deal for your bucks, a women’s bridal jumpsuit will give you just that. A jumpsuit has a camisole top and a caped jacket as a separate piece. You can keep the jacket on for your ceremony and formal pictures and take it off during the reception or dance floor so that you can wiggle in all night. 

Strapless Peplum Wedding Suit 

Are you looking for a strapless wedding look but want something less traditional? Then consider a women’s trouser suit that offers a more unique style for brides. Combine this two-piece set for the elegance of a strapless wedding dress with a cool layer of a trouser suit. 

In addition, the rippled peplum offers a natural curved silhouette to any bride with the embroidery that elevates the design’s elegance. Another benefit of wearing these suits is that they have wedding dress elements. This includes a strapless neckline and long train, making it feel bridal while letting newlyweds rock stylish wide-leg trousers. It looks like a gown from the back, but from the front, it’s a super trendy wedding suit for women. 

Final Thoughts 

The evolving landscape of bridal fashion has embraced a significant shift in recent years, with more brides opting for suits to express their unique style and identity on their special day. From tailored tuxedos to cropped wide-leg pants with feathery accents and colorful fabrics, the choices are as diverse as the individual personalities they seek to embody.

In the end, the beauty of the modern bridal suit lies in its ability to transcend norms, allowing brides to curate a look that represents their individuality, making their wedding day truly memorable and uniquely their own.

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