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Best Places to Visit for a Bali Bachelorette Party

best places for bali bachelorette party

Bali’s natural beauty makes it a popular destination for weddings, honeymoons and any romantic trips for couples worldwide. Because of so many photogenic spots, such as the white sandy beaches and killer sunset locations, it’s not hard to see why.

Due to the island’s awesomeness, lovebirds can also visit the island and celebrate their last days of being single before committing to a lifetime.

Let us offer you, ladies, some inspiration who are thinking of visiting Bali for their bachelorette party with the girls. Whether you’re looking to go yoga-ing and meditating in the center of lush rice fields, bargain hunting for some Bali goods at the local market, or go party until the sun comes out. We’ve listed everything you can do in this article.

For the Foodie Lovers Who Don’t Mind About Her Waistline

If you’re a bride-to-be who equates food with happy moments and is not worried about your waistline being too big for your dress (lucky you), Bali is an excellent place to indulge in every kind of dish. There are endless options for the best foods on the island. Simply google “Bali’s top place for eating” will get you all kinds of recommendations, usually based on what’s best where you’re staying. One option is to stay in different areas and try out all the warungs and street stall outings with brunches and high-end fusion dining. Perhaps with a cooking class or two. Bali also has many cooking classes that include more than just Balinese and Indonesian food.

You may also want someone else to organize everything for you. There’s always the option of taking food or a culinary tour. Bali Culinary Tours has various packages for fine-dining lovers, while Spice Bazaar offers the entire culinary experience, from street food to top-tier restaurants. Bali Food Safari also provides a one-night “mystery dining” where you can begin at Seminyak, Jimbaran or Ubud. 

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For the Meditation Lovers and Fans of Eat Pray Love

Thanks to Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts, Ubud has turned into a tourist hotspot and the place for many digital nomads and bloggers alike. Even though the modern-day Ubud is a bit more developed than in the 70s, the town still manages to preserve the santai feel.

Ubud also hosts plenty of cool cafes that cater to raw-food lovers or the vegan/vegetarian bride who wants to undergo some detoxification before the big day. You can also find many wellness-related things to do that all your best girls will enjoy.

The Yoga Barn is one of Ubud’s most prominent wellness centers, which offers packages for a week full of cleansing detox retreats that include massage, yoga, meditation, Balinese healing ceremony and more. If a week sounds too long, there’s also a three-day foundation cleanse known as the “Jungle quickie.”

Besides retreats, the Yoga Barn also hosts various classes that start early morning and till night. The classes range from different yoga types, including meditation and ecstatic dance sessions on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings. Imagine what you and your buddies will do after some shots. Shots made from wheatgrass!

One freshly unique place is Samsara Living Museum, located far in the Karangasem regency but offers unique Bali experiences that you won’t find anywhere else on the island. This includes a water blessing ceremony, arak making (traditional alcoholic drink), dressing up with traditional Balinese wear, a photoshoot in their classic venue, and many more.

For You Who Love the Great Outdoors But Still Want Comfort

There’s no reason that sleeping in a tent has to be uncomfortable. This was the case for a long time until glamping was invented. Bali glamping is usually associated with Sandat Glamping tents located three kilometers from Ubud’s center. 

They offer eight luxurious tent types – five safari-style and the other three lumbung-style- that reign over rice fields. Even though the tents are set up in a way that lets you feel at one with Bali’s nature, they won’t force you and your BFFs to give up your feminine comforts. You’ll still get a bathroom with mirrors, fully running water and a comfy bed. However, for light sleepers, we recommend you bring earplugs if you don’t want to hear the bird and insect noises while sleeping.

You can try out the sunrise trek near Mt Batur for outdoor activities. But to do this, you will need to get up before 3 am, so go easy on the slumber party!

Bachelorette Party For the Shopaholic or Fashionista

Bali won’t disappoint the shopaholic-fashion-obsessed bride, from the night markets and Seminyak’s trendy designer boutiques to discounted goods at the island’s many factory outlets.

Beachwear livers can spend days at the endless surf wear outlets scattered around Bali to hunt for the best bikini. But the high-end fashionista chicks can also head down to Jalan Raya Seminyak and discover handmade treasures such as designer clothes, even with additional tailoring options available.

For the bride-to-be who is looking to make last-minute wedding purchases, make sure to visit The Wedding Shop Bali.

Bachelorette Party For the Artistic Chick

Bali’s picture-perfect landscape offers the ideal environment to grow one’s creative muscle. And because of this, Bali is home to numerous artists from not only Indonesia but all around the world.

Brides who adore art will love browsing through the Ubud market’s handmade crafts or visiting one of Bali’s art galleries and museums.

Bali also caters for those who want to unleash their inner artistic self. The Bali Center for Artistic Creativity provides courses, seminars and workshops on a range of visual art and also runs retreats that combine art lessons and meditation.

If brides want to learn to make jewelry, Sanur Jewellery Studio offers them the chance to do it! The place runs a workshop on how to make gorgeous silver jewelry.

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