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4 Romantic Glamping Locations for Your Bali Honeymoon

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After all of your efforts in pulling off your wedding day, you can finally embark on the destination honeymoon you’ve been waiting for. Honeymoon in Bali lets you connect to the island’s enchanting beauty. And we’re not only talking about its sandy beaches, emerald green rice fields, majestic mountains, and rainforests. No matter what you plan to do during your honeymoon in Bali, your experience will likely last a lifetime.

The island was known as a haven for backpackers and those who love the laid-back holiday vibes. Today, Bali has really stepped up its game on the luxurious side of the spectrum. Luxury tents, also known as “glamping tents,” have recently become a worldwide trend as it’s a kind of camping that comes with high-end comfort, thus the origin of the name “glamorous camping.”

You won’t need to worry about setting up small nylon tents and suffering in tiny sleeping bags. As the newest way to travel, glamping lets you in touch with Bali’s tropical nature while experiencing a 5-star hotel experience.

Here are our top glamping locations in Bali for a romantic and luxury honeymoon:

Glamping in The Romantic Rainforest – Sebatu Sanctuary

Sebatu Sanctuary kicks off our list of Glamorous Camping in Bali! Suppose you’ve always dreamt of an epic Jungle escape. In that case, this luxurious tent located in the heart of the Gianyar offers the romantic camping under-the-stars experience while being in absolute comfort.

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Even the bathrooms are located semi-outdoors with a bathtub allowing romantic bathing under Bali’s stars. The resort’s pool is also surrounded by magnificent rainforest views! Sebatu Sanctuary really defines the real ‘back to nature’ experience without sacrificing any of the luxuries.

The tents are air-conditioned and are equipped with insulation. The property also comes with a separate kitchen out of bamboo if you feel like cooking your own meal. The kitchen also includes a microwave, stove, and refrigerator.

The onsite Evicurious Restaurant offers quality organic eats along with their juice and espresso bar. They even grow their own Arabica coffee and roast them onsite for you to enjoy instantly. You’ll also receive proper beds, Wi-Fi, a shower, TV and much more. You may not want to camp in your regular tent again after a night or two at Sebatu Nature Reserve!

A Bubblicious Camping Alternative – Bubble Hotel

The bubble tent is gaining popularity in a few countries nowadays, where you’ll be spending your nights in a real bubble by the beach! Imagine waking up in Bali’s stretches of white sandy beach with the waves crashing meters below you.

The tent is a fully transparent bubble with a king-sized bed placed 10 meters from the sea. Therefore, air-conditioning is not included.

Every bubble has enough room for two people. You can request breakfast sandwiches, refreshing drinks, candlelight dinners and even campfires to be prepared for the night! If you’re wondering where to keep your belongings and where the bathroom is, a secure storage area is available to stash your bags, along with a private shower and toilet area.

You’ll have an unobscured view of the ocean, the refreshing Bali greenery and a star-studded sky if it happens to be a clear night. You can also request a BBQ if you feel like cooking on the beach!

A Luxury Beachfront Glamping Experience –  Menjangan Dynasty Resort

Surrounding the West Bali National Park borders is this luxury beach glamping resort with views of a lush jungle and mangrove forests that will undoubtedly make a romantic Bali honeymoon night! Time to forget about the busy party corners of the island. It might be a 3-hour drive from the airport to get there, but trust us, it’s totally worth it!

The luxury tents at Menjangan Dynasty are packed with the highest standards and comforts (beds with linens, hot showers and much more) while still being in the center of Bali’s nature.

Their high-end tents right beside the beachfront will make you feel like being in a luxe summer camp! If that isn’t enough, a world-class snorkeling site lies right in front of your doors (or should we say tent flap)! If you feel the need for some extra luxury, then the Cliff Tent Villa is the way to go, which comes with its own private plunge pool!

The surrounding environment is kept naturally while making you feel 100% comfortable. You’ll wake up to the sounds of chirping birds and fall asleep with the noise of the bugs at night and not to mention the fantastic underwater world you can discover in just a few steps.

Menjangan Dynasty Resort is where you’ll sleep on a queen-sized bed while being in the middle of Bali’s tropical nature. It’s a fantastic choice for a romantic honeymoon. All you need is your fanciest clothes, your hottest bikinis and boots are also fine!

An Exotic Haven in The Rice Fields – Sandat Glamping Tents

In the heart of Bali’s cultural center, Ubud, you can find this incredible gem known as the Sandat Glamping Tents. It is one of the island’s well-known glamping sites located in Ubud’s rice fields, offering 5 safari-style tents, each with its own private infinity-edge plunge pool and 3 lumbung cottages.

Each tent presents a theme that lets you get in touch with Bali’s nature and is decorated with exquisite attention to detail. From coffee plants to pearl chandeliers, white shells and vintage furniture, you will ultimately feel at peace in Bali’s nature.

Every tent comes with its own mosquito nets, Wi-Fi and in-room dining, which means you don’t need to give up on the modern comforts. However, if you choose to book these glam tents, then you’ll still feel like you’re in a traditional tent as nature is all around you!

Italian designer touches fill in the tent’s interior, yet mesh windows complement its corners and canvas walls to enhance the ‘camping’ feel. As a town of local crafts, all materials used here are local and natural with their own vintage style. These are our picks for a romantic glamping experience in Bali for your honeymoon. Visit Bali Wedding Prices to look for more luxurious camping spots under the tropical stars and natural surroundings.

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