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What to Include in Your Bridal Shower Invitation?

bridal shower invitation

There are many things to consider when planning a bridal shower, one of them is making your invitations. Bridal shower invitations have etiquettes that are a little different than regular wedding invitations. For starters, you should give your guests as much notice as possible and send them the invitations a minimum of four to six weeks before the celebration.

Let’s look at how you should handle the wordings in a bridal shower invitation.

Examples of Bridal Shower Invitation Wordings

The design and the words you use in your invitation will determine the tone of the shower. Whether it’s traditional or modern, formal or casual, it all depends on how you present the invitation. 

The traditional gatherings may offer bridal shower invitation wording such as:

  • “Please join our bridal shower honoring (bride).”
  • “Join us to shower (bride) with love and blessings.”
  • “Come and celebrate with (the bride) before she says I do.”

For more casual wording, you can try out some playful styles like:

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  • “Let’s put our bottles up for the soon-to-be Mrs.”
  • “Cheers for this Miss to become Mrs.”
  • “Pop and Twirl! Join the party and celebrate our best girl!”

Five Things You Should Include in A Bridal Shower Invitation

Now, let’s get into the details. Make sure you have all this essential information in your bridal shower invitation:

1. The Guest of Honor’s Name

For you who’s hosting the shower, make sure to include the bride’s husband to be on the invitation, so people know that it’s not only about the gals. However, if the party is exclusively for the bride, keep their name out of the invitation. It’s great that you mention both of their names as a way to celebrate their love, but doing so might confuse your guests.

2. The Celebration’s Time, Date and Place

Make sure to choose an attractive font that people can read easily. Make a date bold and clear and spell out the month instead of using numbers. For example, write out February 12, 2022, instead of writing 02-12-22. And while you can add the address of the event, in today’s tech of looking up location in maps, you can save a space for the restaurant’s name. However, if the hostess is throwing the shower at home, the guests will still need the address on the invitation or you can add a QR code on your invitation to show the exact location. 

3. A Way to RSVP

Surprisingly, many people still forget to include this crucial detail. Make sure to add the name of the person your guests need to contact complete with their phone number and email. We suggest you include an RSVP-by date, so you’ll get a head start in the planning process. This is especially handy if you want to know how much food and beverages you wish to order.

4. The Name of The Host(s)

Even though it’s not required, including the name of the person who’s throwing the party is always nice, especially if it involves multiple people. This way, your guests thank the right person and have more than only the RSVP contact to reach out if they have any questions. You don’t need to provide the contact details for every host, but if the hosts are your relatives or close friends, then adding their name is a nice thing to do. For example, “Hosted by Aunt Mary, Aunt Tracy or My best friend, Lucy.” If all of your bridesmaids are taking over to host the shower, don’t list all the names as your guests won’t be reading them. Instead, you can add a line at the bottom of the invitation that says, “Hosted by her lovely bridesmaids.”

5. The Information for The Registry

There are two ways to handle the bride’s registry information for the invitation. The first way is by guiding them to visit the couple’s wedding site. For example, you can write: “Visit (insert website) for the registry information.” The second option is to name the stores where the couples are registered. For example: “(Name) is registered at IKEA, World Market and Target.” Whatever you choose, it gets everything done.

Is It Okay to Send Invitations via Email?

This depends on what kind of bridal shower you’re throwing and who’s hosting it. Suppose it’s going to be a celebration hosted by the bridesmaid and for the bride’s closest friends only (family members are not included). In that case, there’s no problem in using email invitations. However, remember that all aspects of the wedding experience mean a lot to the bride. A printed bridal shower invitation is an expression that goes a long way, and your guests will likely remember them better than online messaging. If family members join the bridal shower, such as grandmothers, older family and older family friends, then printed invitations are the better option. You’ll never know if these invites will get lost online. For more tips and tricks in handling and preparing a bridal shower and other things related to a destination wedding, visit Bali Wedding Prices for all the information you need for a successful wedding.

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