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Choosing the Right Shade of Lipstick for a Wedding Photoshoot

lipstick for a wedding photoshoot

Your pre-wedding photoshoot will be incomplete or look less flawless without applying the right lipsticks and makeup. A lipstick shade is part of a bride’s makeup essential that glows up a bride in no time. Even though there are plenty of formulas and a gazillion shades to choose from, you’ll always wonder if it actually suits your face and overall features. 

But don’t worry; we’re here and have done all the research to ensure you’ll have thought shades for your perfect pre-wedding pictures!

Importance of Lipstick in a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 

Lipsticks can be a total game-changer for your pre-wedding photoshoot as they can make you look and feel like a million bucks. 

Pre-wedding photoshoots are about capturing those sweet, intimate moments before you say “I do.” You’ll be in front of the camera, smiling, laughing, and probably stealing a kiss or two. Your lips will be a focal point, so why not make them pop? 

Also, lipstick isn’t just about the color; it’s about how it makes you feel. You’ll radiate confidence when you choose the shade that best compliments your skin tone and suits your style.

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So, let’s get started and look for the perfect lipstick shade to make you look fab on your pre-wedding shoot. 

Understand Your Skin Tone 

Choosing the right lipstick color isn’t just about picking a shade that looks pretty; it’s about picking one that makes you look like an absolute stunner. 

For those with fair skin, cool undertones usually mean you’ll rock shades like soft pinks, rosy nudes, and even those fun berry hues.

Medium skin tones are a bit of a lucky draw because you can pull off a wide range of shades. However, those deep berries, spicy browns, and brick reds will look extra fab on you. So, embrace those bold hues! 

Now, if you’ve got a deep skin tone, you’re in for a treat. Rich and vibrant shades like plums, deep burgundies, and intense reds will make you look like an absolute queen. These colors pop against your skin and create some gorgeous contrast. 

But remember, these are just guidelines. If you have fair skin and feel fierce in a bold, deep shade, go for it! Confidence is your secret weapon, after all.

The Classic Bridal Lipstick Shades

You know what they say: the classics never go out of style! Let’s talk about the classic lipstick shades for your pre-wedding shoot, as these options are truly timeless. 

Nude Lipstick

The timeless nude. It’s like the little black dress of lipstick shades. Nudes are perfect if you want a subtle, natural look that enhances your lips without stealing the show. They’re versatile and work well with almost any pre-wedding outfit or theme. 

Soft Pinks and Peaches

These shades are like a breath of fresh air. Soft pinks and peaches bring a lovely, feminine touch to your pre-wedding photos. They’re perfect for creating a romantic, dreamy vibe that suits a lot of pre-wedding settings. 

Red Lipstick

If you want to make a statement, red is your shade. It’s bold, it’s classic, and it’s oh-so-romantic. Red lipstick can add a touch of old Hollywood glamor to your pre-wedding photos. Plus, it looks fantastic against a white wedding dress! 


Want to bring some sunshine to your pre-wedding shoot? Coral is your best friend. It’s vibrant, fun, and perfect for a beachy or tropical-themed photoshoot. Coral shades add a pop of color that screams happiness. 

Consider Your Makeup

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect lipstick shade for your pre-wedding shoot, remember to factor in your makeup. It’s all about creating a well-balanced, beautiful canvas that makes you feel like the radiant bride-to-be you are. 

If you’ve gone for a bold, smoky eye, try to balance it out with a more subtle lip color. This ensures your eyes and lips don’t compete for attention in your photos. On the flip side, if you’ve chosen a soft, natural makeup look, you can play up your lips with a bolder shade. 

Blush plays a sneaky role too. It’s like the mediator between your eyes and lips. Coordinating your blush with your lipstick can create a harmonious balance. For instance, if you’re rocking a pink lipstick, a hint of pink blush on your cheeks ties the whole look together. 

And remember lip liner, as it helps define your lips and prevents feathering or bleeding. Choosing a lip liner that matches your lipstick shade or is slightly darker can make your lips look more prominent in photos.

Lip Care and Prep 

Taking care of your lips may sound like a minor detail, but it’s the secret to rocking your lipstick throughout the pre-wedding photos. Let’s keep it casual and dive into some tips. 


First things first, exfoliate those lips. It’s like a mini spa day for your pout. Gently scrub away dry skin using a lip scrub or a homemade sugar and honey mix. Soft, smooth lips provide the perfect canvas for your lipstick. 


Hydration is essential, so apply a good lip balm or moisturizer regularly in the days leading up to your shoot. Dry, chapped lips are not your photo shoot pals. Keep those lips supple and ready to rock that lipstick. 

Prime Time 

Ever heard of lip primer? It’s like a magic potion that helps your lipstick stay put. Apply a thin layer before your lipstick, creating a smooth base that allows the color to last longer and prevents feathering. 


So, there you have it—your complete guide to choosing the right lipstick shade for your pre-wedding shoot. Your pre-wedding photoshoot is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture those beautiful moments before you walk down the aisle, and your lipstick plays a crucial role in making those moments unforgettable. 

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