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Become a Fabulous Disney Princess on Your Romantic Photoshoot

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For all the Disney enthusiasts and soon-to-be-married couples! If you’ve ever dreamed of feeling like a real-life Disney princess or prince on your special day, then you’re in for a treat. Imagine twirling in a ballroom like Cinderella or getting on a magic carpet like Princess Jasmine. Well, folks, it’s time to turn those dreams into reality with a Disney-themed pre-wedding photoshoot

The Magic of Disney Princesses for Your Pre-Wedding 

There’s something downright magical about Disney princesses. They’re like the OG squad of fabulousness, each with their unique charm, style, and that extra sprinkle of pixie dust. When you channel your inner Disney princess for your pre-wedding shoot, you’re tapping into a world where dreams really do come true. 

Disney movies are all about creating those iconic, heart-fluttering moments. Remember that “Kiss the Girl” scene with Ariel and Eric? Or the magical ballroom dance with Belle and Beast? These moments make us believe in love and happily ever after. With a Disney-themed photoshoot, you get to create your very own iconic moments with your partner.

Now, it’s your turn to relive your childhood dreams and become your favorite Disney princess! Here are our picks that we think are suitable for a pre-wedding shoot. 

Cinderella: The Classic Choice for a Fairy-Tale Romance 

If you’ve always dreamt of that classic fairy-tale romance, look no further than Cinderella. Why, you ask? Well, let’s dive right into why Cinderella is the ultimate choice for your pre-wedding shoot. 

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Cinderella is the OG when it comes to timeless elegance. Her iconic blue ball gown is the stuff of dreams. Imagine you and your partner dressed to the nines in regal attire, strolling through a garden, or dancing under the stars. Cinderella’s look is the epitome of classic romance. 

Transform into Cinderella 

Luckily, you won’t need a wave of a magic wand to turn into Cinderella! With the right dress, hairstyle, and accessories, any bride can become the classic Disney princess. 

Cinderella’s Dress 

The heart of your Cinderella look is that iconic blue ball gown. It’s the stuff dreams are made of! To achieve this look, consider finding or renting a gown that closely resembles Cinderella’s dress. Look for something with a fitted bodice, puffed sleeves, and a voluminous, flowing skirt. Remember the magical touch of sparkling rhinestones or crystals to mimic the enchanting appearance of her gown. 

Glass Slippers 

You can’t be Cinderella without her legendary glass slippers. While real glass slippers might be a tad uncomfortable (and fragile), you can opt for sparkling, clear heels or flats that capture the spirit of those magical shoes. They’ll not only look fantastic but also save you from any Cinderella shoe mishaps. 

Tiara or Headband 

Every princess needs a tiara, right? Look for a tiara or a headband adorned with crystals or pearls to complete your Cinderella look. These little accessories can make you feel like true royalty.

Belle: Timeless Enchanting Beauty

Beauty and the Beast is a story for the ages, and Belle embodies grace and inner beauty. Choosing Belle for your pre-wedding shoot lets you step into a fairy tale that’s as old as time, symbolizing love’s enduring nature. 

One of the most magical moments in Beauty and the Beast is when the Beast transforms into a prince. Similarly, your pre-wedding shoot can capture the transformative journey you and your partner have taken in your relationship, from the first date to the impending “happily ever after.”

Embracing the Beauty and the Beastly Charm

Belle is not your average princess. She’s bookish, independent, and yearns for adventure. If you and your partner share a love for reading or exploring, Belle’s character allows you to incorporate your unique interests into your pre-wedding shoot. 

Belle’s Dress 

The highlight of your Belle transformation is her iconic golden ball gown. Think about finding a golden, elegant gown that flows beautifully. You want it to capture that essence of timeless beauty. Pay attention to details like off-the-shoulder sleeves and a full skirt.

The Rose 

You know that enchanted rose that played a big role in Belle’s story? Well, it can also play a part in your photoshoot. Bringing along a replica of the enchanted rose or even a single red rose can add a touch of magic to your photos. 


Belle is all about understated elegance. To achieve her look, consider delicate gold or pearl jewelry. A simple necklace and earrings can go a long way in adding that Belle charm.

Princess Jasmine: Ready for a Magic Carpet Ride? 

If you’re searching for a pre-wedding photoshoot idea that’s exotic, adventurous, and downright magical, consider stepping into Princess Jasmine’s world. 

Jasmine’s story is about breaking free from tradition and exploring a new world together. Your pre-wedding shoot can capture that spirit of adventure and the excitement of embarking on a new journey together as a couple.

A Whole New World with Jasmine 

Jasmine’s fashion sense is on point. Her harem pants, crop top, and flowing cape make for a striking and fashionable look. If you’re looking to make a bold style statement, this is your chance to shine. 

The Outfit 

First things first, you’ve got to nail that iconic Jasmine outfit. You know, the teal harem pants, the midriff-baring top, and the flowing cape. Look for something similar that captures that Arabian Nights vibe. It should be comfy enough for your adventure! 

The Hair 

Jasmine’s hair is long and luscious, often adorned with a headband or a tiara. If your hair isn’t naturally long, don’t sweat it. You can use hair extensions to achieve that voluminous look and add a sparkly headband or tiara to complete the style. 


Jasmine’s style is all about the bling! Think chunky gold bracelets, statement earrings, and a necklace with a touch of Arabian flair. Layer them up for that princess-worthy shine.


Disney tales have this incredible ability to transcend time and culture. They’re universal stories of love, courage, and adventure. When you incorporate these themes into your pre-wedding photos, you’re not just capturing a moment in time; you’re capturing a timeless love story. 

Disney princesses bring a touch of magic, nostalgia, and timeless romance to your pre-wedding photoshoot. Whether you’re dreaming of a Cinderella-esque ballroom dance or an adventurous journey to a whole new world like Princess Jasmine, the magic of Disney is ready to make your pre-wedding experience truly royal. Get ready to feel like the prince and princess you were born to be!

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