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Tips for Beautiful Monolid Eyes Wedding Makeup

monolid eyes wedding makeup

As the wedding day draws closer, preparation is starting to shape up. You have everything from your skin routine to hair, pedicure, and manicure on your to-do list. One thing left is makeup for your eyes, which often puts brides in a dilemma. 

With so many eye makeup styles you can find on social media, it can be overwhelming. They say the eyes are the windows to your soul, and you want everyone to see the love and joy in them, so they must be flawless. Whether you’re a minimalist bride who loves the natural look or a free-spirited bride who wants to go all out, there are endless options. 

6 Tips for Monolid Eye Wedding Makeup

Every eye shape offers its own radiant and unique beauty. Indeed, it’s no secret that different eye shapes will need their own makeup techniques to bring out the best in them. For ladies with monolid eyes, we know that it can be challenging to find the right eye makeup for you. As there’s no crease to work with, it all depends on the right makeup application to create the illusion of one or emphasize the lack of it. 

However, if you’re looking for the perfect monolid makeup for your wedding, you’ve come to the right place, as we’re sharing essential tips for scoring the monolid makeup look for your special day. 

Start with Primer

Just like any other makeup look, you or your makeup artist should start with using an eye makeup primer. Besides increasing the lifespan of your eyeshadow, a makeup primer will also help the pigments of your shades look brighter and bolder. If you don’t have an eye primer, a pinch of foundation or concealer should do the trick!

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An eyelash primer is a must-have for pulling off monolid makeup, as it comes in handy for increasing your lashes’ length and volume. Before applying mascara, sweep on a lash primer to amplify your look. 

Blend Your Eyeshadow Vertically 

You may have seen tons of makeup tutorials where the light eyeshadow shades blend onto the inner corners, and dark hues are applied on the outer “V” of the eyes. This helps enhance the shape of the crease. However, things are a bit different when it comes to monolid eye makeup, and you’ll need to switch things up. 

Monolids are usually flatter, so applying the eyeshadow vertically is best for a flattering look. This means stacking your shades one on top of the other instead of applying them across the lids. 

Fake a Crease Properly 

If you haven’t got a crease to work with, you can still create the illusion of one if you want to! Even though it is possible to play up your monolid eyes, you can also create a faux crease with the right tools and a beautiful set of eyeshadow palettes. You can start by sweeping a light brown shade over your lid with a flat eyeshadow brush. 

Then, it’s time to create a faux crease! Pick up a crease blending brush and apply a medium brown shade above where you think a crease should be if you had one by using a windshield wiper motion to blend. That’s really all it takes to do it!

Complete Your Eye Makeup and Apply Colored Eyeliner

As it can be a little tricky to create the perfect monolid eye for your big day, we recommend starting with your eyes first. This will make it super easy to clean up any mistakes you’ve made without ruining the rest of your makeup. Just make sure to use a gentle makeup remover to clean everything up for a flawless finish. 

You can never go wrong with adding a bright and wide-awake gaze to your eyes; eyeliner can do just that. If you’re looking to express yourself on your big day, consider opting for a colored monolid eyeliner! Whether you want to rock a neutral white hue or turn up the intensity with a bolder color, the right eyeliner shade will pull together your makeup look. 

Amp Up Your Lashes

The key to working with monolid eyes is to bring on the definition, and you can do it by elongating your lashes. To bring out the curled and lifted look, shake things up by heating up your lash curler to give your lashes a beautiful pop. Then, run the eyelash curler under hot water and dry it off or blast it with your blow-dryer. Just don’t let it get too hot. 

Looking to bring in more volume? The quick solution is to apply false eyelashes. For monolid eyes, use individual lashes and focus on adding them at the outer corner. You can also get a mascara that covers all the bases, like washable mascara, for those gorgeous curls and defined lashes. 

Build Your Eyeliner

Slow and steady will win the race. This saying works when trying to apply a monolid eyeliner. Don’t try to apply your eyeliner in one pass; take your time for a crisp finish. Start by tight-lining your eye with a pencil eyeliner in black to create the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes. 

Then, use a liquid eyeliner in black to build your line with small strokes. Begin with a line at the inner corner and make it gradually thicker throughout the outer corner. You can slightly flick the ends to create a winged effect for a dramatic finish. 

Final Thoughts 

Achieving the perfect wedding makeup for monolid eyes needs a thoughtful and tailored approach. By following our essential tips into your beauty routine, you can enhance the inherent charm of your unique eye shape and ensure a stunning look for your special day!

Remember, the key to perfect monolid wedding makeup is embracing your eye shape and using makeup techniques that enhance its unique beauty. With these tips, you can confidently showcase your radiant, monolid eyes on your wedding day, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. 

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