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11 Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Rustic Wedding Style

rustic wedding cake

Whether your special day takes place outdoors, in the mountains, or within a destination wedding in Bali, adding a rustic touch to your wedding cake enhances your celebration vibe. These cakes are suitable even in luxurious venues and warm up any space. Its design draws inspiration from the natural outdoors, adding a welcoming, outdoor feel to a yummy dessert.

Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

You can find a rustic cake design in many ways. You can find a baker who will create rugged and nature-inspired styles with imperfect frosting on naked layers. With blooms, berries and other details inspired by nature, rustic wedding cakes are countrified desserts that will have your guests lining up for a slice. These simplified confections offer earthier feels, with woodland details, crawling vines, beautiful greens and twigs, faux-bois frosting designs and other natural aesthetics.

It’s perfect for couples who seek simplicity in wedding cakes yet are at the opposite end of the ‘traditional’ cake. And besides their chic country looks, they are also delicious. Here are 11 rustic wedding cake ideas that are perfect for your paradise wedding.

1. Buttercream White Wedding Cake with Flowers

Let’s start with something more traditional. The three-tiered wedding cake gets a rustic twist by adding large pink blooms, ferns and roses alongside the delicious sweet. The sugary delight is placed with a rugged tree stump that acts as a cake stand and provides the contrast and natural touch needed. 

2. Vine Wrapped Wedding Cake

A two or three-tiered wedding cake wrapped by woodland vines and blossoms screams nature unlike any other. A mixture of wildflowers twinkled around every layer, looking like it’s picked out of a forest fairy’s crown. If you’re looking for some ideas for a woodland-inspired cake, this freshly tangled and baked masterpiece is for you. 

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3. White Wedding Cake with Fruits and Caramel Toppings

It’s a mouthwatering cake idea that will leave your guests craving for more! This three-tiered white wedding cake is scattered with autumn blessings – caramel. Topped with rustic fruits and fired marshmallow fluff to fulfill the campfire vibes. 

4. Gold Foil On A Chocolate Wedding Cake

An utterly naked cake is charming and modest. This rustic chocolate wedding cake features different layers of unfinished cake and a classy section of smooth gold-leaf details. It’s a gorgeous mixture of homemade modesty and glamorous looks.

5. White Woody Wedding Cake Design

Have you ever stated your love by carving your initials into a tree trunk like they do in those romantic teen movies? This tree-trunk-inspired wedding cake is decorated with barky accents and represents your commitment within a dessert. It’s the best addition to any ceremony taking place in summer or fall.

6. Naked Wedding Cake with Flowers

The semi-naked wedding cake is a country-chic that positively blooms with a splash of pastel-hued flowers and greens. The minimal decorations on the cake with a homemade look are topped with a sweet floral addition. Heimster from Sprinkle & Dash stated that Rustic doesn’t always mean that it’s poorly made. The secret to making a gorgeous naked cake is to make it perfect at the sides, straight and the top. A naked cake exposes every corner of the cake.

7. Black Wedding Cake in Four Tiers

A black wedding cake is dramatic in addition to the four tiers, which will make some statements. Adorn the four-tiered wedding cake with lush fall foliage and sprinkles of brooding crimsons. It’s a masterpiece that radiates freshness atop the charming dark tones.

8. Four-Tiered Wedding Cake Decorated with Greens

The natural colors on a thinly-frosted white wedding cake are tempting—all combined with a mix of soft ivory and the sponge’s natural colors with warm browns. Add additional rich greeneries and a rustic wooden base to complete the beautiful aesthetic. It’s a perfect choice for any rustic-themed wedding, including a ‘shed’ wedding on a farm.

9. Wedding Cake Inspired by Birch

With strong arbors, chalkboards, and tree swings, paint to complete the pieces of a romantic childhood. This delightful and youthful cake design is inspired by a birch tree cake adorned with a chalkboard monogram. Add a realistic birch-bark texture in the fondant so that you’ll need to reassure your guests. Oh, and a wooden-swing cake stand might suit the cake, just to give you an idea.

10. Wedding Cake Covered in A Cloche

A cloche can come in handy for protecting the beautiful handmade treasure. A single-tiered white creamed wedding cake represents the essence of simplicity, and top it off with a laser-cut cake topper. Add a wood slice as the base to complete the rustic theme.

11. Succulent-Topped Wedding Cake

Colorful blooms and greeneries may offer the best decorations, but succulents work great for an arbor-inspired cake. A four-tiered, rustic wedding cake adorned with green succulents of all shapes and sizes is a refreshing addition to the traditional dessert we’re used to seeing. Also, add your initials carved into the “bark” of the cake to fulfill the tree-inspired cake theme.

Where Can We Find Rustic Wedding Cake in Bali?

Now that you know all the best cakes you should have for a rustic wedding, you might think, where can you find bakeries in Bali who can cook these cakes out of their ovens? Well, we recommend some of the top cake shops on the island, such as Butter Bali, located in the popular Canggu region, Caramel Patisserie in Bali’s cultural center of Ubud, Ixora Cakes in Jalan Kerobokan and Beecup Bakery in the town’s center of Jalan Imam Bonjol.

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