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5 Cake Shops to Find the Perfect Wedding Cake in Bali

Wedding Cake Shops

Whether you’re getting married in your hometown or destination, a wedding cake might be an essential part of a wedding for some couples, while others like to focus more on the decorations or the wedding menu. However, if you’re the kind of couple who prioritize wedding cakes, then choosing a cake can be overwhelming due to the different flavors and different prices at the various bakeries. This makes it difficult to remember which one you liked best in terms of its taste and price, along with scheduling a cake delivery. Therefore, we have organized a few tips to help you with what you should be looking for in a wedding cake with other famous bakeries in Bali for some yummy and beautiful desserts that will light up your big day. 

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, with different flavors and fillings, and are decorated with endless designs. Choosing a wedding cake style may be as challenging as picking the right wedding dress.

Finding the perfect wedding cake in bali

We recommend choosing your cake after you’ve styled your wedding and nailed down your wedding dress and venue. This will help you be clear about the style of your wedding cake and ensure it will fit your celebration, for example choosing a wedding cake for an Indian wedding.

Then, of course, you must pick a flavor YOU like. Don’t let friends or family talk about choosing the flavor they like. After all, it’s your wedding cake; it should reflect your loveliness. You should also consider allergies, match your cake with your guest numbers and taste the cake, especially if you haven’t used this cake baker before. Once you have all this in mind, make sure to visit Bali’s most recommended cake shops below.

Choosing a Bakery

You can start with checking out the social media pages and websites of the bakeries you’re considering to see if they have the decorating style you want. Some bakeries may prioritize ornate cakes, while others are experts in classic white vanilla cakes.

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Next, you can browse through their past work and photos to see if they have the style you’re looking for. It is crucial to find a bakery that can create the cake you have envisioned. 

Cake Tasting

Each bakery has different tasting procedures. Some let couples try their cupcakes displayed on the case, while others will offer some freshly baked cupcakes. You’ll find some bakeries in Bali that offer free tastings, but some will also ask you to pay up to $20 at most. Before going to any cake shop, prepare yourself with some wedding cake images that you would like. Some decorators will sketch you something while you’re tasing their cakes, while others will take a few days to make a more elaborate sketch. 

Have a sheet of paper ready with your estimated guest count, as bakeries may also charge per slice. Usually, you won’t need to pay the whole amount for the wedding cake upfront. Bakeries in Bali are generally flexible and ask for deposits, which can be around 10 to 50% of the total price. 

Pricing the Cake  

As wedding cakes are priced per serving, you can calculate the pricing by taking your guest count and subtracting it by 15%, as not all of your guests will have a slice of the cake. This simple formula can help you save up for some unnecessary costs.

For example, bakeries in Bali generally serve around 3-4 dollars a slice. So, if you’re looking for an economical alternative, a simple centerpiece cake with a sheet in the back may be the best option. This lets you serve more people while also lowering costs. 

Best Wedding Cakes in Bali

Now that you know what you should prepare before visiting any bakeries, here are the top shops for wedding cakes in Bali.

Butter Bali

Butter Bali offers delicate desserts for weddings and birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, buck parties, and other fun celebrations. The shop is owned by a passionate husband and wife who transferred their love of baking onto their coffee and cake shop in Canggu, Bali. Over time, their cakes become primarily famous and they’ve unexpectedly received many requests for cakes for special events. Therefore, they eventually focused on making gorgeous and tasty cakes and fulfilling their client’s needs. The owner loves to work closely with clients, giving them the dream cake that reflects their taste and style.

Caramel Ubud

Caramel Patisserie sits in Bali’s cultural center of Ubud. The café and bakery offer many kinds of dessert, from cakes suitable for weddings and birthdays to the traditional Balinese treats such as bubuh inding (black rice pudding) jaja butun bedil (glutinous rice flour dumplings) and much more. Visit their shop at Jalan Hanoman and request any custom cake that you want. Their motto at Caramel Patisserie is that ‘life is short and we should eat dessert first.”

Ixora Cakes

This cake shop located in Jalan Kerobokan offers more than 20 flavors to choose from with various fillings to fulfill your personal taste. Ixora cakes ensure you’ll have the most delicious cake for your wedding or any event. They have tons of experience in everything from classic wedding cakes to colorful cupcake towers. Ixora also does printable icing in case you want your Bali wedding cake to stand out! In addition, you can have an edible picture of you and your partner on the cake. Visit their webpage and contact them for a tasting session. They even offer a gelato cart for hire in case you need one for the wedding reception. 

Pod Chocolate

Anyone today can make chocolate out of cocoa with the help of the internet. However, to properly create some quality chocolate requires passion, specific skills and experience. Pod Chocolate has all of these factors, resulting in some of the best chocolate flavors in Bali. So, if you’re looking for a chocolate-rich taste for your wedding cake, then Pod chocolate is the place for you!  Visit and try out some of Pod’s chocolate at one of their outlets in Bali. The Pod Chocolate factory is situated on Jalan Tukad Ayung and Pod Sanur is on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai.


If you’re looking for a more vibrant cupcake tower than the traditional chocolate or vanilla wedding cake, then look no further than Beecup bakery. This shop located in Jalan Imam Bonjol has been around since 2012. It has been popular with cupcakes and some colorful and tasty wedding cakes, cupcake towers and dessert tables for special occasions and events. You can choose from the numerous choices of cakes, including flower cakes, dripping cakes, to fondant cakes. We hope our top picks have helped you find the perfect wedding cake in Bali. It’s also not a bad idea to have a slice of cake for yourself while looking at more tips for a Bali wedding at Bali Wedding. Have a sweet day!

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