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11 Tasty Wedding Cake Flavors for Your Bali Wedding

Tasty wedding cakes

Are you having a hard time looking for your dream wedding cake? The vast flavors and gorgeous-looking cakes on Pinterest will likely cause you to struggle in making this vital dessert decision. Wedding cake flavor preferences are personal, and a couple may prefer the traditional while others are willing to try out new alluring tastes. In this article, we’ll guide you in making the right picks for a tantalizing cake for your big day with a few creative and yummy cake flavor ideas from experienced bakers in Bali.

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Before Picking A Cake Flavor

Before you consider any wedding cake in Bali, we first suggest you meet a cake baker in Bali who bakes not only superb-looking cakes but ones that also taste good.

Emily Lael Aumiller, an owner and chef of a New York cake shop, states to “pick a baker that you can genuinely trust and vibe with, and lets you get behind their design aesthetics and ingredients. Remember that a delicious cake is just as important as a pretty designed cake.”

It might be necessary to stop in a few bakeries around the island for the baker that suits your preferences. Look for a cake shop that offers tastings. You might find the delicious cake that sparkles your senses and meet the baker behind the apron. All you need to do then is to pick through their inspiration design and finally choose your beautifully crafted wedding cake.

Newest Bali Wedding Cake Flavor Ideas

What’s the newest and tastiest wedding cake flavor for this year? Below are some of the top flavors bakers and clients are loving.

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1.  Vanilla

Classic never goes out of style; this also applies to the classic vanilla cake! This iconic taste is guaranteed to please your guests and is the easiest choice for most brides and grooms. The favorite simple flavor suits perfectly in any filling and frosting. For an even more classic wedding cake taste, top it off with vanilla buttercream. It works with taste buds of all ages, from your youngest niece and nephews to your grandparents, who will surely enjoy this piece of dessert during your wedding day.

2.  Chocolate

Another favorite flavor-alternative to vanilla, the classic chocolate cake, is also a top-tier wedding cake flavor. This dessert is usually topped with raspberry or buttercream caramel. A popular bakery store in Vermont shows that one of the most requested delicacies is a chocolate cake with raspberry mousse. Other top alternatives for a chocolate cake include dark and German chocolate.

3.  Coffee Cream

For another addition to the chocolate cake, you can try topping it with a coffee buttercream for an irresistible dessert, combining coffee meringue buttercream, hazelnut mousse and espresso Kahlua ganache all topped on a classic chocolate cake.

4.  Almond

Due to its sweetness and versatility, almond is a must-have for dessert spreads in any event. An almond wedding cake suits perfectly with caramel buttercream and salted caramel and a filling of lemon and blueberry. You can also try an almond pear cake with small hints of cardamom for a unique and tasty dessert for your wedding.

5. Funfetti

Funfetti has recently been a popular flavor for desserts, according to bakery and dessert shops worldwide. It’s a colorful cake and known for its vibrant sprinkles mixed into a batter before the baking process. Famous bakeries in New York believe funfetti’s popularity is derived purely from the fun factor, as Betsy Thorleifson, owner of Nine Cakes, states “It’s a fun dish and always brings smiles around.”

6.  Banana Foster

Even though the Banana Foster originates from the French Quarter, you don’t need to be in New Orleans to experience this iconic dish. Combine this dessert with another butter cake, caramel and banana filling with rum and cinnamon for a unique wedding dessert.

7.  Peanut Buttercup

This delight is sweet, nutty and salty. It’s a decadent that ticks all the boxes for a delicious wedding dessert. Simply top a chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream with chocolate and peanut butter ganache, and finally topping it with Peanut Butter Cups for the finale. Also, an extra salted caramel and chocolate is the perfect combo for sweet dessert lovers.

8.  Spiked Red Velvet

The layers of cream cheese frosting and red velvet are always a crowd-pleaser, even if you don’t come from the Mason-Dixon line. Bring out the next level of icing on the cake by adding decadent amaretto. It’s an excellent way to step up your dessert flavor profile if you know how picky your guests can be.

9. Ginger Spice

The ginger spice cake is a punch of ginger with everything nice into one delight for all the ginger and spice lovers. The cake goes well with seasonal flavors such as maple frosting and vanilla bean icing for a delicate finish. Some flavors for the cake highly depend on the heat and weather, so consider the time of the year you’ll be flying to Bali and celebrate your wedding with this special cake!

10. Tea-Infused

Yes, we’re pouring the tea for this cake. An expert baker suggests pairing Osmanthus tea cake with roasted apricots and topped with Osmanthus tea icing. You’ll need at least two cake elements for the infusion due to the delicate Osmanthus tea. The tea works best with something more textured but still delicate, such as sliced almonds.

11. Lemon Cake

As a savory pastry, the lemon cake can steal the show, especially in warm-weathered, tropical weddings such as Bali. The refreshing flavor goes well with vanilla buttercream, raspberry filling, lemon frosting, or fresh berries. Experienced bakers also like to pair it with mousse fillings.

In the end, the wedding cake flavor should reflect you and your wedding. Don’t put too much stress into it and remember that you have the option to pick several flavors in various tiers. Have fun and remember that a cake is supposed to be enjoyed. Make sure to pick the yummiest Bali wedding cake flavor from our list.

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