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9 Unique Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas for Every Couple

Pre-wedding photography unique ideas

First of all, congratulations! If you’re reading our blog, then you must be in the middle of planning your special day.

A pre-wedding photoshoot is a great addition to your preparation so that your guests can admire it during your reception or on-screen during the wedding dinner.

Unique Wedding Photography Themes for Newlyweds

extraordinary pre wedding photoshoot ideas

If you’re still unsure of what kind of pre-wedding shoots you should be taking, it’s all good. We’ll be looking at an extensive list for your inspiration in this blog. Pick one or two themes for our list that will likely become a stand out for your wedding memories.

Fairytale or Storybook

Every little girl’s dream is to fall in love with their prince charming and live happily ever after in a land far, far away. Brides can still partially have this dream by going for a fairytale themed pre-wedding photoshoot. You can go even further by making them based on your favorite Disney princess, whether it’s Mulan, Jasmine from Aladdin or Cinderella.


Traditional wear will never go out of style. If you’re genuinely embracing a unique pre-wedding experience, choosing traditional wear is something you won’t regret. Especially if you’re having a paradise wedding in Bali, why not go for their traditional attire? We guarantee your guests will give you the thumbs up if you decide to place these pictures for your reception.

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This is also for you if you’re currently on a destination wedding. Look for simple yet elegant natural landscapes that aren’t too over the top yet still expresses a romantic vibe. Wedding photographers in Bali love to swarm in places like the Tegallalang Rice Fields, Savannah from Karangasem, and many other natural sceneries you can find on the island.


The vintage items and themes have currently been on the rise due to the increasing popularity of film cameras and thrift stores. Millennials are starting to look at brands and designs they remember their parents wearing in the late 80s or 90s. Besides that, a classy 80s themed pre-wedding shoot will present a unique. You can try out places like the town’s center or traditional markets, which express your pictures’ unique and vintage look.


A wedding in Bali is usually synonymous with popular beachside venues. Choose from the endless shoreline available on the island, which offers their unique colored sands and fantastic view, from the famous Kuta beach to the more relaxing and untouched regions like Tulamben or Amed beach. If you’re planning to go to these enclosed beaches, prepare for the terrain and pick a time where the tide won’t be coming in as much, as you don’t want your gown to be soaking wet or the waves to sweep away your props.  


The minimalist theme is also a popular pick among couples who don’t want anything too flashy and spend a lot of time coordinating and planning. You can choose something as a plain white background, which in the hands of an experienced photographer, can turn into something elegant and classy yet simple.


For the cheeky couples out there, the fun pre-wedding photoshoot ideas offer you hilarious moments for you to look back on. You can have them in any location imaginable, from public places to supermarkets.

These themes require a little more planning for the props and facial expressions you’ll be using. Book a photographer who will likely understand how to capture these moments perfectly.


If you and your partner share the same love for a four-legged friend, why not let them take part in the picture? They’re an excellent addition to your photos and act as fantastic props. You can also consider dressing them up in a dress or a tux that looks adorable in your pictures.


If you and your soulmate share the same love for a music genre such as rock, why not embrace the theme for your pre-wedding photo? Dress up as one of your favorite rock bands such as Guns’ N’ Roses, AC/DC or Paramore and top it off by grabbing an electric guitar and microphone.

Why Should You Consider Having a Pre-Wedding Shoot?

Pre-wedding pictures ideas

Pre-wedding photography is part of the photography niche focusing on capturing your moment together before the big day.

There are a couple of reasons why you should consider having a pre-wedding shoot:

  • It’s good practice lets you practice posing and have a better feel in front of the camera. You’ll know how to look good and become photogenic.
  • It’s a great time with your other half – it’s a great addition before your wedding day. You’ll have plenty of time to hug, laugh, and kiss during the photo shoot. It’s the anti-stress day you need before your special day.

You’ll be happy to have them – a pre-wedding photoshoot is a lot of fun and you’ll be looking forward to your special day more than ever. The pictures also present everlasting memories and are an excellent addition for you to keep.

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