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Top 20 Wedding Makeup Ideas for Stylish Brides

wedding makeup ideas

You have decided on the venue for your wedding and found the perfect wedding dress and shoes and spent hours browsing through your social media feeds for the right wedding hairstyle. So, with nearly all the aspects of your wedding that must have been checked off your list, what else is left? One more thing to consider is to find the makeup inspiration that brings it all together. Luckily, you won’t have to look elsewhere, as, in this article, we’ve rounded up the gorgeous list of wedding makeup for any bride.

Best Makeup Ideas for Your Wedding Day

So, where should you start looking for the components of a pretty wedding day makeup? The professional makeup artist Christina Chen suggests starting off by sending photos of makeup you like to your makeup artist. This way, your makeup artist can assess your features and see if the makeup you’re attracted to suits your overall look, including the makeup trends, wedding theme, hairstyle, and dress.

Whether you want lush lashes, cat eyes that stand out, colored cheeks that transform you into a blushing bride, or even a combination of the three, you deserve to look as pretty as you want to on your wedding day. Let’s get into the top wedding makeup ideas to make you a stunning bride.

1. Thin Eyeliner with A Sheer Face

The barely-makeup face with thinly lined eyes topped with long lashes, suitable for an outdoor wedding during cooler times. Top it off with a natural shade of lipstick to enhance the natural and effortless look.

2. Ombre Eyeshadow on Gradient Look

The Ombre eyeshadow and the lush lashes offer a stunning flirtatious vibe for the bride. This makeup style perfectly suits a daytime wedding on the tropical Bali beach.

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3. Contoured Look

The alluring combination of the mauve lip, contoured complexion and glam eye offers a stunning appeal for a bride, suitable for an early-afternoon wedding.

4. Red Lipstick and Bronze Lids

Red lipsticks express a romantic feel combined with defined eyes and a pretty glow, creating a stunning bride’s look. This suits an evening wedding, saying “I do” as the sun sets for the night.

5. Vibrant Eyes and Brows

Also great for a beachside Bali wedding, the strong brows, nude lips and rich eyeliner will make you stand out amongst the beach due to the gorgeously defined features.

6. The Timeless Neutrals

Bring out a light smoky eye combined with nude lips for a classic, beaming aesthetic for any bride looking for a neutral but pretty look.

7. Gilded Eyes

Add some gilding for a modern-boho flair and party-ready metallic on the sides accompanied by some vibrant ruby lipstick to ensure you’ll be the star of the show.

8. The Retro Look and Golden Eye Shadows

This is a favorite soft glam with a touch of shimmer. Accompanied by gold-colored eyeshadow and graphic liner, harken to take you back in the golden glamour ages.

9. Bold Lips and Bronze Eyes

The seducing bronze eyes meet a scarlet pout for a vixen-like vibe. It’s an enchanting combo that expresses exquisite vintage looks.

10. Mauve Shades with Subtle Glows

Go for this makeup style if you want something that suits any occasion and time of the day. This timeless classic comes with softly defined features combined with a subtle glow that presents a perfect pair for dusty mauve shades.

11. Simple and Sophisticated

This stunning makeup style is clean and classic, consisting of subtly lined eyes and light-colored pink lips, presenting a complete sophistication within a bride’s style.

12. A nude Lip and Shimmery Eyes

For an enchanting rice terrace or a tropical garden, a wedding calls for a heavenly aesthetic. This includes shimmery eyes, clean mascara with a nude lip color, which all come together perfectly.

13. Bold Red Lips

There’s always something that suits the bold red lipstick, especially when paired. This can be from the vibrant red dress or how the bold red lip color matches the red roses in a bouquet.

14. Bright Pink Lips

A bright pop of pink adds a fun vibe for a bride. Try blending it with defined eyes to go for that glam princess look.

15. Gilded Radiance

To get that glowing skin with captivating gold radiance, this makeup style expresses a gold eye and a strong brow that will leave a bride shining throughout the day – quite literally.

16. Pink Lips and Winged Eyeliner

We really can’t get enough of the winged liner, pale pink lipstick, and eye-catching highlight composition. It’s the perfect combo for a bride with a bouquet full of color.

17. Smoky Eyes with A Neutral Palette

Keep your face natural with just a little additional drama of smoked shadow, a charcoal-lined eye that will steal the show as the rest of the makeup remains neutral.

18. Glossy Lips and A Glowing Look

An evening wedding party calls for the stunning right looks! Get your skin glowing and your eyes to stand out, with the satiny lip gloss to top off this bride style.

19. Nude Lip and Natural Tone

The nude lip and soft browns make a natural sunkissed look. It’s an excellent style for a nature-based celebration.

20. Subtle Pink Lippy with Winged Liner

The winged liner adds some weight to this look, perfected by the muted tones and subtle lips paired perfectly without any vibrant addition.

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