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2023’s Top Makeup Trends for Every Bride

Wedding Make Up Trends 2023

From the runaways to our favorite recommendations from professional makeup artists, we’ve been anticipating the beauty and makeup trends that will drop in the upcoming year. Will makeup get even bolder? And will bleached brows return to the trend? (yes, they will) Also, will they be suitable for the bride-to-be? 

If you’re just as excited as us for 2023’s beauty forecast for every bride, you’re in the right place. We’ve researched all the upcoming makeup trends and how to remake them for your special day. 

So, what’s changing this year? And what will stay? Experts say that feathered brows will still be in the trend and the bleach brow look seems to be returning. And as we’re no longer restricted to wearing masks for the pandemic, lips are also taking the lead with bold reds and plenty of shiny gloss toppers. Statements eyes will also be staying! Blues, greens and adornments will continue into 2023. As for the skin, the barely-there foundation and skin tints will be on everyone’s radar. Ready to find out about 2023’s make trends for brides? Let’s look at our top 7 trends for the upcoming year!

1. Glazed Temple Highlight

You’ve probably seen the glazed donut trend or the dewy, glazed skin trending all over Social media. This is all about getting that glossy look with fresh hydrating skincare and glowing makeup. Experts say 2023 will push the limits of highlight and glass skin to an entirely new level. And will focus on placement on the orbital bone versus the cheek. 

The glazed temple trend is an eye-catching and light-reflecting highlight on the temples. In essence, all the cheek highlights will shift to the temple and orbital bone. This way, the light will reflect with a flash when you angle your face or walk down the aisle. 

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To create it, add a drop of liquid highlighter to the part of your palm between the thumb and wrist. Press this part of the palms together to distribute evenly between the two. Finally, stamp them gently outside of your eyes and closer to the hairline. 

2. Bleached Brows

For brows, feathered brows will be here to stay and bleached brows are likely to come back. This time, bleached brows will soften the area of your eye’s frame, so the attention will be on the lashes and lids. 

Instead of entirely committing to the bleached effect, we love to employ a “faux bleach brow” that’s easy and highly effective. First of all, choose a skin enhancer that is closest to your skin tone. Then, apply it against your brow’s hair growth pattern with a bow brush. Use the same brow brush to style the brow hairs in the direction of growth. Repeat this process until your brows fade into your skin tone. 

3. Minimalist Blush

As the skinimalism trend is still going strong, it also focuses on letting your true beauty shine with a few simple adjustments to your beauty routine. Instead of layering products in the right order, we should focus on building up your natural glow. There’s currently a shift from a bolder blush application to a lighter, low-key blush-from-within look. 

Lipsticks or Cream Blush are the best products to work with for this method. After getting your skin prepped and primed up, get your makeup artist to apply a sheer layer of skin tint or foundation around your skin. Then, use a blush brush to pick up the cream pigments and try it out on the back of your hand before applying it to your cheek. After applying the blush, stipple another layer of skin tint on top for that “blushed from within” effect. 

4. Colored Lashes

We’ve hoped to see colored lashes come beach into the trend as colors are making a great comeback, and colored lashes are a great way to switch it up. Colored lashes are a big part of the 90s and with many 90s trends returning, we’re surprised we haven’t seen this trend dominate the scene yet. But don’t worry, you don’t need to browse the internet for false ones as you can get colored lashes with an instant mascara swipe. 

Find a mascara that will easily get the colored lashes you’re looking for. They may come in many vibrant colors, including green, blue & purple, and black shades if you love the formula as much as we do. 

5. Graceful Gemstones

Sparkles and shimmers are back in the game! Playing with sparkle, texture, and embellishment is a big trend on the rise and will continue to appear on and off the red carpet in 2023 and beyond. 

Experts say gemstones are a beautiful way to add a gentle touch of sparkle to any look. Gemstones embody a speck sense of individuality and are the ideal tool to enhance your look and stand out on any occasion. In this case, any wedding theme. 

Use them as you desire, and let your makeup artists know how you want to apply them. You can add them around your eyes as embellished freckles or to add a splashy effect on your lips. You can also pair them with bold black eyeliner to get that stardust-like feel while still remaining elegant and classy. 

6. Blurred Lips

The lip mud trend that’s been trending in Korea has also made the blurred lip trend popular. It’s a lazy, slept-in look that’s absolutely chic and can be applied in various ways. Get a fluffy brush or even use your fingers to get that ‘barely there’ look. You can use a lipstick that offers a matte look or a lip strain. 

We recommend using a tinted lip balm or blotted lipstick for this look. Add a little to your fingers and apply them to your lips. If you want to, add a little more sparkles and a small amount of clear gloss. This will make the blurred effect stand out further. Remember that the perfect application doesn’t exist with this trend! 

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