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The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Perfect Bridal Salon

choosing bridal salon

Preparation for a wedding can leave brides blinded by the thing they are most looking forward to. For example, when she thinks of getting the dress of her dreams so much that she doesn’t spare any thought or anything else, or perhaps if she is more concerned about how the wedding cake will look and taste so much that she only has spent her time in every bakery in town.

This is where bridal salons come in, which is now the first thing brides should think of after a proposal. In this article, we’ll cover up the dos and don’ts of picking a bridal salon. But before we go on the list, let’s look at what a bridal salon is.

What is a Bridal Salon?

A bridal salon actually consists of two different businesses: a store that sells and rents wedding apparel and its works or a beauty salon specializing in offering beauty services for the bride-to-be and other members in a wedding such as a bridesmaid, flower girl, and others. Before we go into details about the discussion, let’s look at the prior type of business first to avoid any confusion.

Services Offered in A Bridal Salon

There is more going on in the bridal salon business than only renting and buying services in the wedding industry. They also offer services for bridal makeup, bridesmaid dress and even photography services. Some bridal salons take it even further and provide wedding cake services and car rentals for their clients. Their main goal is to be an all-in-one wedding service and solutions for brides so that they don’t need to go elsewhere and provide total convenience.

Now that you know what a bridal salon is and what they offer, you can start picking the vendors to determine the ones that will cater to you on the wedding day. This is never an easy task, but there is no need to worry, as we have simplified the process of picking a bridal salon with a list of dos and don’ts you can follow below.

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DO Your Own Research

First things first, do your own research. It may take a lot of your time and seem tedious, but research is essential to the whole process. You can start by determining your budget and narrow down your list of vendors. Next, look at what you want for your wedding. If you want a specific style and look of a wedding dress, then look for a bridal salon that offers this dress style and base your vendor choice on that. Then, research more on the particular vendor. Find out their price range, the kind of service they offer, if they are located strategically and other factors.

DON’T Aim Too High

Still in the process of doing your research, don’t take your budget limit too far. All the research you’ve done will be pointless if you keep compromising your budget. For example, if you want a classy vanilla wedding cake, it’s way above your expected budget. Then, you decide to adjust your budget to ensure the cake will be on your wedding day. When you compromise your budget like this, then there’s a good chance you will keep on doing it. It is not that adjusting your budget to something better is not allowed, but keep in mind to control the act of compromising as it will only lead to more disadvantages down the road.

DO Check the Background of Your Chosen Vendor

Don’t fall for the seemingly low prices offered by a bridal salon before you decide on anything, it’s best to do a background check of your choice of vendors. Look at their reviews online and study their policies. Also, look at how their business is going. If they are giving lower prices, make sure it is not because of an impending business closure. According to wedding experts, the best and most reliable method is word-of-mouth. So you can try asking your friend or relative if they know any recommended vendors and what they think of your chosen vendor.

DON’T Forget Good Services

Remember that you should have a good relationship with your vendors. If you’re looking to have a great experience with your vendors, then you should take their hospitality into account, along with your chemistry level. Don’t pick a vendor merely because of their popularity, as their service might not be as great. Hiring a bridal salon depends greatly on the vendor you choose, so make sure you choose the right one for a smooth walk down the altar.

DO Ask for Samples First

Check out their previous work samples, so you know what to expect at your first bridal salon meeting. Not only the pictures but look at the whole process of their past project with other clients from start to finish. This can help you judge for yourself. Read also

DON’T Prioritize Brand Over Quality

Let’s say that you’ve dreamt of wearing a Hayley Paige dress and that you’ve found one available in-store for rent and at a discount. However, the dress has holes on it and the fabric looks like it’s been stretched a lot, looking like it may even be torn apart at any time. Asking to renovate the dress will likely cost you more than buying or renting a new one. In these conditions, it’s better to forget about the brand and look for a better-quality dress.

DO Shop at The Right Time

Bridal salons sometimes offer discounts at specific periods, so keep an eye out and book at the right time. You can try looking in wedding fairs where the discounts can go as much as 50% during the off-season.We hope this article has given some insights into picking a bridal salon. If you’re looking to plan a wedding in Bali, we recommend checking out Bali Wedding Prices for everything you need to prepare for the ultimate destination wedding.

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