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What to Expect at Your First Bridal Salon Meeting?

first bridal salon meeting

For many brides, one of the most exciting parts about getting married is the wedding dress. Most people don’t even get the chance to try out a fancy wedding dress before their big day. The best place to find a perfect gown is indeed at a bridal salon. To make sure you’re prepared for what to expect, here are our tips to help you make the most out of your appointment at your bridal salon meeting.

The Earlier, The Better

The ideal time you should be visiting your bridal salons is about nine to twelve months before your wedding, as salons don’t offer dresses on the spot. You first choose your preferred style, then the salon orders the dress. This is why it takes time to process, which includes the fitting and tailoring.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Bridal Salon

Scheduling an appointment with the bridal salon is recommended if you want the best experience. Some salons offer walk-in customers, but if they wish to receive full attention and service from the salon’s employees, it is best to make an appointment.

Remember that every salon offers different prices, and the difference can be pretty significant. Some salons offer wedding dresses under a $1,000 price tag, while others may offer gowns starting at $3,000 or even more. Therefore, it’s best to make sure the salon offers dresses that are within your wedding budget before you make an appointment.

Try Visiting Trunk Shows and Sample Sales

If you instead look for sales and major bargains, then try checking the sample sales usually offered by most bridal salons. These sales typically offer discount wedding dresses such as the gowns that they have used to let brides try on in their shops. These dresses tend to range in size from about four to eight but also depend on the shop.

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Trunk shows feature a few designers who bring all of their current wedding gown products. A trunk show also offers a great chance to catch some bargains. However, the great thing about these events is that it lets you see various dresses that aren’t usually shown in salons.

Be Prepared and Don’t Expect Champagne

You might see in many reality shows when they go shopping for a wedding dress, and the brides will usually get a glass of champagne while looking for the perfect dress. These champagnes are indeed available at bridal salon salons and you might be offered them during your appointment. Still, not all salons have that option. have some light bites before going to your appointment, as discussing the essential matters may take longer than you think.

Try Out Every Style Available

Most brides likely already have an idea of the dress they want. If you don’t know what dress to wear, then it is best to spend your time looking at different types of dresses and get a good sense of the style that fits you best. However, you don’t need to hyper-focus on a kind of gown. It would be best to consider the things you might not like on the shelf as you might like them once you try them on.

These personal consultants at the salons work with brides every day, so they have experience finding the best style for different body types. Let them do what they do best and try out the other options as you might be surprised with the result (in a good way).

Your Size Might Not be There to Try Out

Keep in mind that bridal gowns are expensive and as we’ve mentioned above, salons don’t offer off-the-rack wedding dresses. Instead, they have few dresses in stock for you to try on. This means that you may not be trying out the dress in your size. The bridal gown consultant will have clips and other items to help suit the dress to your body so you can see if it’s the right dress for you or not. Then, they will have a special ordered dress for your final selection.

Pick Your Undergarments Carefully

It is essential to choose the right underwear to ensure your undergarment won’t get in the way when you’re changing in and out of the gowns. It may be better to go for a strapless bra and a light-colored undergarment so that it won’t show through your white or ivory dress.

Don’t Invite Everyone You Know

Brides usually bring their friends and families along when shopping in a bridal salon. Choose your guests carefully, as ideally, you want to ask out those who make you feel comfortable. Bringing the ones who you know will bring out your best during the dress selection process and who have a great taste in fashion might also help.

Take Notes

You might end up trying out many dresses before you find the right one. Take notes on the dresses you’ve tried on and write down the features you like and don’t like about the dress. This way, you can quickly return to a particular dress or go into the next appointment based on what you want. You can also delegate this task to your bridesmaid.  Your wedding will be one of the biggest events of your life. Besides looking great, you should also have the right wedding venue for our big day. If you’re planning for a destination wedding in Bali, check out Bali Wedding Prices for tips and information on preparing your big day on the island of the Gods.

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