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6 Tips for Hiring the Right Wedding DJ

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The entertainment you bring to your wedding is one of the ways to make sure your guests are having the time of their lives. It’s also another way to add your personal touch to your show. It is not called your wedding party for nothing! You should celebrate your wedding with a kick-ass party and leave your guests with one of the best nights of their lives. Whether you want the best beats on the dance floor to some awesome music for the reception, then hiring a wedding DJ is an essential part of your wedding.

When hiring a live band, your guests won’t know every song that is played. On the other hand, a live band can play the recordings that your guests know and love, so there won’t be any awkward silence between the wedding songs. The DJ you choose to hire depends on your music taste and what you think your guests will love to hear. If you’re planning a dance party, hire a DJ with some of the hottest dance beats. You can also find a DJ who can customize your own playlist. Below are some of the things to consider when hiring a DJ for your wedding.

Know What You Are Looking For

A common option is to hire a DJ that specializes in wedding events. Indeed, these DJs have experience in wedding receptions and know all the ins and out in between them. They may also be great at serving as the emcee for the wedding. You can find one of these DJs from browsing the web or looking and asking for referrals from other vendors.

If you want a DJ who brings excellent dance music, consider a DJ from the clubhouse scene. These DJs may cost less but may not be experienced with weddings. If you’re having a destination wedding in Bali, you can try looking at the local Bali beach clubs that usually throw some heart-pumping and fantastic beats during the weekends.

However, if you really want to bring out all the music and go full-on party mode, you can find a wedding DJ known to bring some great music or a club DJ who has also worked with weddings before. These are indeed some great options but may come with a higher price. These DJs will most likely be known in your area so that you can ask your vendors.

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Ask and Hear the Wedding DJ’s Sample Work

Once you’ve started looking for a DJ and found one or two that seem to fit in your wedding, try asking for their work samples. This can be in the form of a live performance video, a mixtape, or some sample playlists. If the quality of music is important to you, then you should see and hear more of their work before you hire them.

Let Them Know What You Want and Don’t Want

If you are already set on a playlist, discuss it with your potential DJ and make sure they can follow it and make it happen. If you’re unsure of what music to play at your wedding, make sure it’s something that doesn’t only set the dance floor but also celebrates the commitment you and your partner are making together. You may also want to let them know about the music you don’t want them to play as it does not suit you or your guest’s music taste or doesn’t go with the wedding theme overall.

Ask How They Entertain the Crowd

You want to make sure the DJ will bring the right entertainment to your wedding dance floor. So, if you want the DJ to get all the fun, make sure to ask how they can engage a crowd. You can ask some of these important questions:

  • Will they accept song requests from guests?
  • How does the DJ get the guests to dance when they seem reluctant?
  • Will the DJ also be willing to act as an emcee and make announcements?

Make Sure You Get a Contract

Just like all vendors, you should also have a contract from DJs. Don’t work with anyone who won’t provide one. Make sure you know the proper way of hiring a wedding vendor, including finding and reviewing their contracts.

You Can DIY but Also Get Some Help

Indeed, you don’t need to hire a professional DJ if you don’t want to. You can set up your sound equipment and get your playlist ready for your big day. Keep in mind to crossfade the songs to avoid any unnecessary pauses. You’ll also need someone else in charge to watch over the music in case you need it. This person can take care of any issues that may occur and keep unwanted guests away (if there are any). This ensures the safeguard of the music, leaving you and your guests to dance like crazy without any worry and celebrate your wedding in the best way possible.

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