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How Much is the Cost for Wedding DJs in Bali?

wedding djs cost in bali

Whether it’s a corporate event, birthday party, wedding, or any intimate gathering event, a private DJ can make a big difference for any of these events and can help elevate the atmosphere. They can help create a memorable experience that will leave your guests talking about your party long after the celebration is over. 

Why Book A Private DJ for Your Bali Wedding?

You’ll likely have your hands full during your wedding preparation as several tasks need to go smoothly and you might not have time to think about the music and playlists. Hiring a professional DJ can lift this burden as they are in charge of setting the tone and mood for the evening, while you can focus on greeting your fellow guests.

The process of hiring a wedding DJ for your wedding might be more complicated than you expect, as Bali is full of DJs of all experiences from all over the world. This includes underground DJs from Europe who specialize in House and Techno to the local Indonesian DJs who bring their local music with a mix of electronic beats to the scene. It’s best to hire a private DJ who can adapt to any occasion and can bring all your guests off their feet. In this article, we will mainly be focusing on the pricing of a wedding DJ. If you’re ever wondering how much does a wedding DJ cost?

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for A Wedding DJ?

Most couples and hosts will ignore any music entertainment, assuming it will add too much extra burden to their pockets. This is definitely not the case, as it might not be as costly as you think. According to the Modern Bride Magazine, entertainment only takes up 5% of your overall budget but will likely be remembered 7x by your guests.

So, it’s not only about your ring and party décor, and not even all the delicious food you’re serving, but the entertainment of your wedding. In fact, DJs are responsible for 80% of your party’s success at a wedding reception. Therefore, a DJ is an investment to consider.

Looking for a Wedding DJ for Your Big Day?

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There are a few factors that determine the cost of a DJ:

  • Length set of the DJ
  • Number of guests they will entertain
  • Party type
  • Equipment

 You’ll find tons of different wedding DJs with various price tags. With this info, the DJ can provide an accurate rate for you, like a wedding event in a villa in Seminyak is not the same as having a wedding reception at a luxury resort in Uluwatu. Check out the points below and you’ll find the best DJ for your special day.

Low-End Wedding DJ Prices

Private DJs at these prices are usually in the US$100 an hour price range. These wedding DJs mostly spin their tunes as a part-time hobby and they might have little to no experience in delivering what music you want at your wedding. Obviously, don’t expect any good customer service from these DJs and they might show up with some low-end equipment. Hiring a private wedding DJ for a low-price tag is overall a risky deal, so you should understand what you pay for when hiring them.

Average Priced Wedding DJ

As we have mentioned earlier, there is a difference between a full-time DJ and a part-time DJ who plays it as a hobby. The mid-tier DJs fall right in between the two where they depend on the referrals of their past clients for their names to show up for future leads and businesses, but they don’t take the DJ life as their main priority. However, their skills may significantly be better than those of the cheaper DJs as they have few experiences spinning their tunes during a wedding reception. Their price range can start from US$500 to $1000.

High-End Wedding DJ Prices

The top-tier wedding DJs may charge anywhere between US$1500 up to $4500 with added value included, such as an additional DJ or wedding coordinator, staging, dancers, additional lighting and other props. When a wedding DJ cost seems expensive, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are credible or popular as their price might be marked up due to the lack of word of mouth and referrals. At times, the higher price might be due to the owner’s pure ego. This is why a meet-up with your potential DJs is essential, where you can ask for their portfolio that includes their past performances.

Final Thoughts

So how much does a wedding DJ in Bali cost? This highly depends on how comfortable you are with the DJ’s music, style and how they turn on the crowd and atmosphere. You list down all the DJs with different price ranges and see the differences in person. Even though we recommend having a DJ for your wedding, this doesn’t mean that you should break the bank to hire the most popular DJ in town, but look at the best options and see what is really worth the cost. Hiring a wedding DJ may seem to put a hole in your wallet in the short term, but once your guests have a great time on the dance floor due to the DJ’s best beats, you’ll be glad for the choice you made for a successful and fun wedding in Bali.

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