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7 Tips to Choose the Best Bali Wedding Menu

Wedding Menu

Planning a wedding can be extremely exciting but stressful at the same time. There are so many things to consider and organize for the day. Keeping everything on the top of your head can be a real challenge. This includes choosing your wedding menu, as it’s probably one of the most challenging decisions to make. You need some time to consider what you’ll be serving, as you want to offer delicious and hygienic food for your guests while creating a personalized menu that’s appealing for everyone. You’ll also want to ensure to fulfill everyone’s personal needs and preferred tastes.

Consider Your Budget

Before even considering what menu you want and meeting your chef, you’ll need to figure out your budget and be honest about it when talking to your caterer. An experienced chef can come up with some plans on how to work with your planned budget while still coming up with an excellent menu.

An expert states that it always saves up a lot of time when a bride and groom are upfront about their budget. When they feel like they don’t have enough, it’s best to look at the available package and take out any unnecessary menu. For example, you can save money by having wedding cakes plated as a dessert meal instead of having an entire dessert course.

Attention to Detail

It is one of the essential aspects of a perfect wedding menu. Attention to detail is something you want to have on your wedding day and is the key to a great dining experience. Have a menu that is exclusive to your wedding day and offers something for all of your guests. We recommend getting your catering team in charge of cooking up the best menu so you can focus on other essential things for your big day.

Personalize It with a Theme

It’s a special day to celebrate you and your partner. Therefore you want to personalize everything and translate throughout all the elements of the day. Setting a theme is excellent for weddings, as it shows your creativity and your guests will notice the extra effort you’ve put in throughout the day. A theme can be a color scheme to have a seasonal theming throughout every decoration and menu. A theme helps in enhancing every detail and making your day more exciting.

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You can also pick a theme to make an exciting wedding day. For example, suppose you’re planning for a Bali destination wedding. In that case, you can set up a tropical menu with cocktails and coconut water served as a welcome drink with traditional Balinese dishes or seafood to translate a Bali beach theme. You can set up your menu in all kinds of different themes; it all depends on your creativity and ideas!

Have Something for Everyone

Picking the right menu for your big day can be a little tricky, as you need to make sure that there is something for everyone and fulfill all of your guests’ individual needs. For example, if you know you’re inviting guests with food allergies or any specific dietary requirements, then you should consider all of these things and come up with a suitable menu during your wedding day.

Besides some specific dietary requirements, you also need to ensure that everyone will enjoy the appeal of your menu. We know that we’ve mentioned having a particular menu theme in our previous point, but keep in mind that not everyone will enjoy the same exact menu. Make sure to have various appealing and tasty dishes to keep everyone happy while also ensuring it’s something you and your partner know is delicious.

Have Some Time for Wedding Menu Tasting

In some cases, brides and grooms are so busy on other things that they did not consider tasting their menu. Then during the reception, they end up being disappointed by what they see and taste on their plate. Menu testing is crucial so you and your partner can decide on what you want and don’t want to present in the venue. Maybe you want to choose between chinese food or western food? Then you should try them first and see which one is good for both of you.

Experts say that if you want a specific menu, what you want and what the chef cooks up could be entirely different. That is why sparing some time for tasting is essential for expectations and lets you make some necessary changes to your menu. This includes trying out the venue’s beverage packages if they offer any, and if you dislike a flavor they offer, they likely have other options available for you.

Don’t Worry about Everyone’s Dietary Requirements

It can be overwhelming to prepare a menu while dealing with everyone’s dietary requirements, whether your guests can eat gluten or dairy and end up suffering from an allergy.

However, there are still many ways to manage your guests’ intolerances while still offering the dishes you want to serve for the day. An experienced chef should provide various menus for all dietary requirements, whether your brother is allergic to prawns or if your best buddy is a vegan. Some couples also attach their menu to their invitations, so your guests can then contact you personally if they have any allergies that you should know, and you can take care of these in advance.

Believe in Your Chef

It is crucial to use the expertise of the professionals you’ve engaged with to organize your event. Weddings can be too stressful if you do everything yourself. But once you have the right team, all your reception planning will seem a lot easier.

When you’re considering a venue, but you’ve noticed that they’re not willing to create the reception you want, then it’s best to walk away. Take things slowly when it comes to picking your food and drink menus, and if you meet the chef or organizer, ask them everything you need about your menu; Will the food be already prepared, or will it be cooked on-site? Is it possible to make some last-minute changes?

We hope that this article gave you enough insights into organizing the perfect menu for your Bali wedding. Make sure to plan your wedding catering carefully to make your event successful.

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