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Should You Choose Chinese or Western Food for Your Wedding?

chinese or western food

There are numerous things to prepare for a wedding and what’s most important besides the venue, wedding dress and decorations? That’s right, food! When figuring out your wedding menu, make sure that it’s of good quality, tastes good and fits the budget as well! You can either choose the traditional food for wedding menus or something entirely different. It all depends on your preference; if you want to go for a safer menu that you know your guests will enjoy, the regular is the way. However, if you’re treating your guests to something different, why not add some delicious Chinese dishes to the table? In this article, we’ll be looking at the best of both world menus, whether you’ll be serving Western food or Chinese cuisine for your wedding reception.

The Most Popular Chinese Food for Weddings

Traditional foods served at Chinese weddings represent happiness, longevity and good fortune through the names, colors and flavors of the dishes. Here are the top 3 Chinese dishes you can serve for your special day.

Roast Duck

Ducks symbolize fidelity in Chinese culture as many of them mate for life. Roast Duck or Peking Duck are usually served whole to represent completeness and peace within the marriage. The duck’s crispy red skin also represents happiness. This menu is usually served with sweet plum sauce, thin streamed flour wraps and strands of spring onion.

Chicken and Lobster

This pairing symbolizes the dragon and phoenix in Chinese mythology, representing the male and female union, or yin and yang. The lobster represents the dragon and the chicken as the phoenix in Chinese cuisine. The chicken and lobster are usually served whole to symbolize happiness for the couple and for them to remain intact for eternity. The two dishes, when served together, represent the bride and groom’s blissful union.

Roast Pork

Roast pork symbolizes the bride’s purity or virginity. This dish tastes so good that you can always serve them and ditch the patriarchy!

Noodle or Rice

Noodles are usually served during New Year and other celebrations to celebrate longevity. Noodles and rice aren’t traditionally served in the count of Chinese wedding banquet dishes. They are usually brought out at the end of the event so that guests can have them at home.

Western Food for Your Wedding

As we’ve mentioned before, the Western menu is the dishes that you know and love and you know that your guests will love them too! Here is the must-have cuisine for your wedding. 


You can’t go wrong with pizza, whether it’s cheese, vegetarian, pepperoni, chicken or pineapples. You can also add the newer variations like thin dough, double layers of cheese, parmesan crust and others.


It’s a little costly, but a T-bone, filet or rib steak are the finest and most mouth-watering dishes for your guests. They offer excellent nutrition and you can go entirely western and serve them barbequed.

Buffalo Wings

Hot wings are a must! It’s the perfect addition to any wedding and great if you bring some booze for your celebration. As buffalo wings are eaten by hand, don’t forget to add the different sauces to make it more fun.


Whether it’s the classic burger or cheeseburger, both are much preferred and your guests won’t get enough of them! You can serve them with French fries and soda for a drink. If some of your guests are vegetarian, you can also add additional vegetarian hamburgers to the menu, which taste just as good.


Most westerners prefer salmon and codfish for a celebration menu or dinner time. And indeed, these fish menus are the ones generally served at any special events. Add mashed potato, green leaves or cube-shaped potato salad and add them to the menu.

Chinese Food vs Western Food

Chinese food is different from Western food in many ways. During preparation, the Chinese cut the ingredients into bite sizes (depending on the food) and stir and fry or steam them in a short time. On the other hand, Westerners tend to cook the ingredients in large chunks and cut them on their plates.

Many ingredients and seasonings in Chinese dishes aren’t generally used in Western cuisine. This includes shark fins, sea cucumber, fish maw, jellyfish, bird’s nest, thousand-year eggs, tofu, oyster sauce, black bean sauce, soy sauce, salty shrimp paste, etc.

We use herbs like dill, sage, rosemary, oregano, tarragon, and thyme in Western cuisine. These herbs aren’t commonly found in Chinese food. Instead, they add ginger, mint, spring onion, coriander and white pepper. You don’t usually find any traditional Chinese delight that adds butter, milk, cream or cheese.

Another big difference between the two cultures is their kitchen. Preparing food in Western culture seems peaceful where you buy the ingredients from the local supermarket where they’re already cut down or boiled. All you need to do is put them in the oven.

If you look at the Chinese kitchen, it seems over the top wild. The chicken and duck get cut down in the kitchen and the space is full of bloody kitchen knives – an actual battlefield!

So, which dishes will you be serving at your wedding? You can choose either one, but having the best of both worlds may also be an excellent option that your guest will also appreciate.

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