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Wedding Jewelry That Every Groom Needs

Wedding jewelry for the groom

It’s time for grooms to have a higher standard for their fashion as he deserves to flaunt some dazzling jewelry and make a statement. To ensure grooms look as classy as ever, we’ve listed some classic accessories grooms should wear for their wedding. 

Best Wedding Jewelry for Grooms

A wedding is one of the most memorable days in your life and will likely be remembered for decades. Everyone will look forward to the event, whether it’s the bride choosing the best jewelry and wedding dress or the groom’s excitement about looking his best. 

Most grooms, especially at Indian weddings, prefer the ethnic look and choose royal-like accessories for that impressive look. Guests will look forward to seeing the bride and groom’s appearance and how they’ll look together. 

Indeed, a man can choose many jewelry options to elevate his wedding day look, even if they’re not into it. Let’s look at the top ten jewelry options that will suit any groom.

Buttons and Cufflinks

Jeweled buttons and cufflinks can add the necessary sparkles to a groom’s outfit while giving a classy look. Nowadays, grooms adorn accessories with diamonds or gold. 

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Cufflinks are made of highly durable brass bullet back, which matches the formal wear or shirt—making it suitable for any occasion. The stone cufflink is white and round. And the gold-plated cufflinks are also excellent jewelry pieces you can wear for your big day. You can buy Men’s Crystal Gold Diamond Cufflinks with Gift Boxes online.

Men’s Bracelet

Many grooms like to wear bracelets to add a specific style or theme to their appearance. Men like to wear them for many reasons, but wearing a bracelet accentuates a man’s overall appearance. And a stainless steel bracelet can offer the promise of strength, durability and safety.

We recommended looking for a bracelet with a polished smooth surface and made with electroplates to avoid loss of color. A 2-tone jewelry (silver and gold) bracelet should perfectly suit any outfit. Choose a link chain with white braids for the chain type. 

Also, besides being a great wedding accessory for the groom, it’s an excellent gift for your brother, father, uncle, or any other important man in your life. 

Pearl String Necklace

A gorgeous pearl necklace is considered a perfect piece for weddings, especially in India. You can get this necklace with a stylish moti mala to match an Indo-Western Sherwani. You’ll cherish this set in any jewelry collection. The wedding season offers a joyous vibe similar to a festival, and you can find collections of necklaces and malls in your local store.

You can get these pearl string necklaces online that add elegance to your personality. A piece of advice: place them in an airtight pouch and keep them away from chemicals and water perfume. You should also use a soft cloth to clean it. Artificial pearls and stones may enhance this alloy-based layered malt’s charm. 

Stunning Emeralds

Everyone loves gorgeous and awe-aspiring emeralds due to their charm. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that fits as the perfect add-on for any groom.

You can find the emerald quartz that’s available in green. It also comes with an oval shape. With two strands, the perfect emerald necklace should be 27 cm in length down from the neck. The emerald necklace or jewelry carries Vermeil material. Put a small quantity in your hand and rub it gently on the beads of every strand to enhance its lifespan and shine. 

Lapel Pins as Your Final Touch 

These are the final decorative pieces for grooms. You can choose from subtle or overly loud lapel pins according to the pieces you like. Whichever you buy, this will be one of the best touches for adding style and elements to the husband-to-be’s outfit. 

Lapel pins are plated brass metal material with silver, gold and black colored plating with multi-colored options on the outside. The pins are excellent jewelry for a personalized touch to any wedding event. Besides weddings, the pins also work well for other events with friends or families, like bachelor parties. A butterfly clutch and safety pin lock is a safe and beautiful choice. 

Before you buy one, remember to consider the position of the lapel’s buttonhole to make the right choice. Finding the correct boutonniere pin is also a crucial aspect. If you’re wearing a light-shade suit, get a white one, but a black pin will work best if you’re wearing a dark suit. 

Cummerbunds for Grooms

Cummerbunds, also known as girdle ties with catches or chic crumbs, are generally available in free size. This jewelry for grooms usually has a total length of 31 inches and maximum width of 7.5 inches. Its main purpose is to cover your waist and make the groom appear slimmer and taller when wearing it. You can wear a cummerbund at your waist with pleats that face upwards. 

You can find a quality cummerbund with premium quality online, which works best with a classy tux. This means your trousers should be across the navel and half the cummerbund covering the groom’s shirt and pants. Match them with a bow tie to enhance your appearance further. 

We hope our guide to the most recommended jewelry for men has helped you decide which piece to buy and wear for your special day. If you’re looking for more tips on elevating your looks as a groom, such as the best groom’s hairstyle, best suits, or other articles, make sure to visit our blog section on Bali Wedding. 

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