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Top Hairstyle Ideas for Grooms and How to Take Care of It

grooms hairstyle ideas

From choosing the right shoes to a tie, grooms usually care most about their style for their weddings. However, style doesn’t only consist of one slide thing, but a combination of multiple appearance details, including the groom’s haircut style.

Picking a sophisticated wedding hairstyle for men will set the final piece in creating the perfect look. Your hairstyle alone can define your personality and it’s the business card for every man.

9 Hairstyle Ideas for Grooms

Wedding groom hairstyles

Are you willing to try out different hairstyles? Or perhaps you’re okay with the hairstyle you have? Let’s look at these hairstyle options for grooms.

1. The Classic

They say classic never goes out of style; this also applies to the groom’s hairstyles. The length of this cut never exceeds 5-8 centimeters. It has a simple style that lets you slick your hair left or right and is suitable for any face shape. This hairstyle defines an image of restraint, masculine and a successful man.

2. Retro Style

For a retro haircut to work, you’ll need a medium hair length. This hairstyle suits bright details within your attributes, including varnished shoes, a bright tie and a special wedding suit accent as an addition to the image. If you have a wedding theme for a 20th-century style, go for the Elvis Presley look that’s perfect for this cut style.

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3. Go for Extravagance

An eccentric and fancy hairstyle is an excellent choice for you who love to experiment and express yourself. This groom’s hairstyle is what brides love most, according to planetofbrides. It’s a combination of different lengths, resulting in a highly enchanting hairstyle. Try out short-cropped hair at the back with elongated bangs at the front.

4. Take The Short and Simple Cut

This hairstyle is for you who’s conservative and not willing to make drastic changes to your image. This is the haircut that’s perfect for a wedding suit. It’s the typical groom image that’s universal and sensible.

5. Dare to Try The Asymmetric Look?

An asymmetrical trimmed hair on a classic haircut base is a fantastic choice for you who’s self-sufficient and confident. This style works best on thick dark-shaded hair.

6. The Military Cut

The military cut is something that won’t leave the fashion wave. This style suits a neatly shaved beard that will add to your face overall. The style consists of medium-length hair on top usually styled by an experienced hairstylist, as making carelessly protruding hair is essential. However, if you want to be your stylist, try using a special gel, lift the hair from the roots and fix it up.

7. Englishman Cut

This hairstyle is currently popular for dangerous seducers. It’s suitable for men of any age and hair type. This hairstyle especially looks great on wavy strands. If you have some curly flocks, try slicking them back and surprise everyone with your new killer style.

8. The Glamor Cut

This is also a haircut that hasn’t lost its popularity. It’s the perfect choice if your hair doesn’t stick out, with the top of the head raised slightly and full of volume and combined with shaved temples. It’s a style that expresses confidence in any man.

9. Undercut

Hairstyles with shaved temples with nape and long hair on top have become increasingly popular every day. It’s an all-new and innovative hairstyle for grooms for 2022, which implies a slight free spirit and genuineness.

Keep in mind that if you’re considering this hairstyle, try it out about two months before your wedding, as it isn’t for everyone. More mature men shouldn’t need to shave off temples and the back of the head. On the other hand, the younger grooms may be more suitable for the asymmetry on the shaved areas. It’s an excellent option for an informal youth wedding.

Tips to Take Care of Your Hair

Grooms haircut

Grooming and taking Care of your hair is not only a woman-only department. As a man who’s about to get married, you want to look your very best during your special day, so you’ll need some proper grooming and your hair is a part of your body that needs regular maintenance.

One of the ways to take care of your hair is not to wash your hair every day. It’s best to only wash it once or twice per week. This is because the shampoo removes the natural oil from your hair, which causes it to dry up and end up with an itchy head.

Another tip is to be gentle with your hair and not rub it too hard after a shower. You should instead pat your hair to keep it intact. It’s the basic hair care for every man, as wet hair is most delicate.  

Lastly, we recommend not using too many different products on your hair. The overuse of chemicals will eventually lead to dull-looking hair and cause it to lose its natural shine. It will cause it to be too brittle and go rough, so stick with the natural products. Don’t color your hair or straighten your hair too often, and too many chemicals may even cause permanent damage to your hair.

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