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Things Grooms Should Do Before the Wedding

grooms prepare the wedding

Nowadays, it’s not only the bride that takes care of the wedding planning. Today, grooms are way more involved in every aspect of the wedding day – from helping with the DIY to picking the perfect wedding cake. If your husband-to-be isn’t all enthusiastic about planning the essential elements for the day, we’ve got a list of all the things he can do.

10 Things Grooms Can Prepare before a Wedding

Being a groom means they need to keep all the plans organized and stay on track. Here’s an in-depth look at the groom’s duties in preparing your big day and how to ensure everything goes off without a hassle.

1. Help Set the Wedding Budget

Budgeting is a crucial aspect of any wedding, and you’ll undoubtedly need some help setting the budget. Make sure the two of you discuss everything from budgeting to saving and allocating a specific proportion of your fund for the wedding. You can try asking him to manage the Excel spreadsheet as he’ll probably prefer that to do any wedding styling.

2. Pick the Best Man

Even though you’d like to have some input here, it’s his best man. So, allowing your husband-to-be to take care of picking and looking after his own groom’s party is an excellent way to show your trust and respect for his decisions.

3. Choose the Attire

Your groom should ultimately choose his own attire. You can join him on a shopping spree and give him advice on the color and fabrics that would match the theme and style of your special day. This would be great, but don’t make him choose something that’s not his style.

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4. Look after the Rings

When planning for the wedding, your home will likely become a wedding emporium – you’ll have your hands full with the dress, the wedding décor and so much more. On the other hand, your husband-to-be can have one big responsibility to look after the wedding rings.

5. Write a Speech

Grooms can leave this as the last thing to prepare, but a wedding speech from the groom is considered an important checklist for a wedding. Advise him to prepare the speech a few weeks before the big day and hope that he won’t be scribbling down the note on the day!

6. Support You during Hard Times

One big rule for the groom-to-be is to wholeheartedly support his bride, no matter how much the wedding planning process tears her down. Whether there are budgetary burdens, disagreement in the bridal party or dress dilemmas, a groom should always be there for her.

7. Book the Honeymoon

If your man finds a few more tasks to do by himself, why not let him book the honeymoon? It can be stressful to plan a wedding while choosing a holiday at the same time, so it’s better if he can minimize the strain. You can either discuss your preferences for a holiday or let him take full responsibility for booking the getaway.

8. Get You a Present

If your man doesn’t already know, grooms traditionally buy a gift for the bride for the morning of the wedding day. Remind him to add this to the wedding checklist and it’s okay to drop a few hints along the way!

9. Set Up the Perfect ‘Man Cave.’

A wedding can indeed be a little girly, especially for the groom and his mates. So, why not let him set up and design his own ‘man cave’? This can be in the form of a male-dominated reception area which is the ideal place for the boys to retreat during the celebration. Get some whiskey ready or some wine and cigars to complete the design.

10. Be the Best Host

Even though it’s both of your responsibilities to welcome guests, the man and his party will host the day. We’re hoping to hear some compliments from the bridal party and the bride’s mother and welcome guests to your ceremony and ensure everyone (you too) is enjoying their time at your celebration.

Who Pays for the Wedding?

If you and your husband-to-be have trouble deciding who pays for the wedding, or both your families have offered to help financially, you should know who pays for a wedding.

  • The bride’s parents traditionally pay for the ceremony. On the other hand, the groom pays for the marriage license.
  • The bride chooses the wedding dress and pays for it with help from her family. The bride and her family also pay for the accessories, floral arrangements, photographers and reception.
  • The groom’s family and himself pay for the attire, rehearsal dinner, bride’s bouquet and the honeymoon.
  • The groom pays for the bride’s ring and the bride pays for the groom’s wedding ring.

Note that these rules aren’t a must-follow, as the best way to decide on the overall budget is to discuss the arrangements with your families. 

We hope our ultimate groom guide can help you take out the stress in planning your wedding and look forward to a fantastic celebration with the people you love most.

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