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Best Ways to Rent Jewelry for Your Wedding

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Your wedding day is likely the biggest day you’ll ever host. You may have already splurged on your wedding ring, but you’ll still need some bridal jewelry to complement the rest of your bridal look.

If you’re looking for the essential wedding accessories you desire while keeping within your budget, you should consider renting your bridal jewelry and accessories. 

Why Should You Rent Bridal Jewelry?

The main reason for renting bridal jewelry is to save a ton of money, especially for things like veils, headpieces, and other accessories you won’t frequently use after your big day. 

Whether you’re looking for glamorous gold chains or even extravagant diamonds and sapphires, renting jewelry allows you to invest in a few pieces you can wear for your ceremony and reception and return them after creating your memory. 

Even though you can pass on your personal jewelry to future generations, the trends will likely change with time. Therefore, your jewelry collection may go out of style. If you have an heirloom piece passed down from your parents or grandparents, take them with you so you can find the right match. Some brides end up buying their rental piece as they adore it that much. 

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Besides that, renting your accessories means you’re returning them so another happy bride can wear them instead of investing in an entirely new piece. This can help reduce the waste in landfills and offer a more eco-friendly solution. 

Tips on Renting Your Bridal Jewelry

You can have the wedding jewelry you want with only a few clicks and have them for your wedding ceremony, reception, and rehearsal dinner. Not sure where to start? Here are our tips when renting your bridal jewelry!

Finalize Your Look 

This is an important tip to remember if you’re looking to rent jewelry. Make sure that you’ve chosen your outfit before renting accessories. This will make it much easier to find the perfect pieces to complement it.

Order Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to order your bridal accessories as ordering early increases the chance for you to obtain your desired pieces and ensures they arrive on time. We recommend you schedule your jewelry’s arrival at least two days before your wedding day.

Check on the Jewelry’s Design and Durability

We know the design is everything, but it’s also important to ensure the jewelry is durable. Check if the hooks are sturdy if you’re buying an earring and that the chains are strong for a necklace. Also, make sure that the studs of the ornaments aren’t missing. 

Return the Jewelry on Time

Make sure to return the pieces on time, as some brides forget about them as they quickly embrace and settle into their new lives. You can get assistance from a bridesmaid and give them the responsibility of returning the jewelry without damage.  

Where to Rent the Bling for Your Wedding Day?

Now that you know what to look out for when renting accessories, let’s start shopping at our recommended places below to ensure you’ll look like a million bucks when walking down the aisle. 

Rent the Runway 

RTR is likely to be every lady’s favorite jewelry rental service. Like other designer dresses you’re rented before, you can find all the glam and glitzy jewels for a fraction of the price.

Happily Ever Borrowed

This site is made only for brides and will even help you decide on where to start in case you’re still confused with all the options, thanks to the Bridal Style Quiz. And with the results, you can find designer items that entirely match your vibe. It may even send you pieces to try on with the “Send Before You Spend box.” This way, nothing will go wrong.

Red Carpet Rocks 

Red Carpet Rocks started in New York and launched a nationwide launch in recent years. It has an epic concept which makes it worth the wait. The site is updated with new jewelry every month, offering endless options.  


Adorn is your go-to location for stunning, luxurious, and extravagant pieces of jewelry. Their collection mainly consists of every high-end jewelry designer on the market today. You can rent this pricey bling for your wedding for less than $200 (we’re talking retail prices of up to $10,000). 


This service lets you rent as much jewelry as you want. Starting from a low fee of $29, Switch lets you go crazy for the events that lead up to your wedding day. Also, they offer flexibility for you in returning the pieces you rent, which lets you have a stress-free honeymoon. And you can even buy them at a discount if you decide you’ve found the perfect jewelry piece for your collection. 


This place makes renting diamonds effortless and affordable for any bride looking for their dream accessories in New York. Verstolo offers a simple process; simply book an appointment, try them on, and choose the items from their selections of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings and reserve your preferred jewelry for your big day. They offer five days to return them once you’re done. 

Final Thoughts

Always look for reliable and trusted professionals or stores that offer you options for high-end yet affordable jewelry and gemstones. Remember to check on the piece before renting them and ensure there aren’t any scratches, nicks, or dents on them. 

Caring for the piece is also important. Therefore, when you aren’t wearing them, keep them in a box that they came in so they’ll be safe and secure until you return them.

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