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Elevating Your Look with Wedding Accessories: Veils and Hair Pieces

Elevate your look with wedding accessories

Choosing the perfect wedding accessories can complement your overall look. You’ve chosen your dream wedding dress, your partner’s suit has been tailored expertly, and your bridal party is equipped with everything to look stunning on your wedding day. What’s left is to add the final touches to your wedding day. 

As your big day arrives, we’ve compiled our picks of the most essential accessories for a wedding. Regular wedding accessories include things like belts, hairpieces, and shoes. If you’ve just chosen a dress, you can sit back with a bottle of beverage (but not for long) as it’s time to start looking for the perfect wedding accessories.

Essential Accessories for the Bride

The wedding dress is the primary focus in any bride’s ensemble, so what other things should you add?

  • A complimentary headwear for your dress: a veil or headpiece.
  • Comfortable wedding shoes to dance the night away.
  • A perfectly matching clutch.
  • An outer layer in case it cools down: a jacket, shrug, or cardigan.
  • Jewelry for adding that radiance touch to your look.
  • Your bridal garter is a symbol of respect for your customs.
  • An undergarment that will lift her and make her feel attractive on the wedding day.

What Footwear to Wear for Your Wedding?

If you want your wedding dress elevated to perfection, it’s crucial to pick the right wedding footwear (cozy shoes or air heels) before trying on your first dress. You should be looking for wedding footwear that combines function and form. 

If you’re having an outdoor wedding or a beach wedding in Bali, you’ll need more practical footwear such as sandals, wedges, and flats or you can even go barefoot! See here for some tips on how to dress for a beach wedding.

Looking for the Perfect Wedding Jewelry?

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Every bride deserves to look like a Disney princess on her big day; the shoes are the key. You should consider shoes with a fur stiletto, even completing them with rhinestones or diamonds. 

What Hair Accessories to Choose?

Your hair can be worn and made in various beautiful ways, from low to anywhere in between. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right accessory for your hair. You can pick between a long cathedral veil, a shorter birdcage veil, a fingertip veil, or a shorter blusher. The trick is to complement your dress and the overall atmosphere of the party. 

You can make quite the impression with your hair accessories if you include intricate features like lace and diamonds. 

Wedding Veils

You can buy regular veils in a variety of lengths. The shortest among them are the birdcages, which brides can wear on their heads. Veils range in length from as snake as a finger’s tip to the size of a blusher. There are also extra tall veils as a cathedral’s ceiling if you want to put on a grand entrance!

A veil’s colors should complement your dress’s hues unless you plan on a specific look. During the fitting process, you can try several options based on your dress’s length and silhouette. Veil prices vary greatly, but you can save tons by purchasing a handmade or vintage veil.

Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets and other floral accessories like corsages are also essential for your special day. They’re usually a joint effort between the bride and the florist. This part of your design may serve as a departure from or an expansion of an existing section. You can adorn the bouquet’s stems with ribbon, charms, or lace for that personal or meaningful detail.

Are you doing any DIY for your wedding decorations? Make a gorgeous arrangement using anything from wildflowers to fabric or paper flowers. However, you should have a backup for the bouquet toss.

Bridal Jewelry

The engagement ring and the wedding band are the two most eye-catching pieces of jewelry at a wedding. However, for the extra jewelry, you can choose items you think will complement your outfit. For example, necklaces go well with a sleeveless neckline but will look out of place with an illusory neckline due to the extra complexity. Keep your jewelry low-key as one or two special items are usually enough. 

Choosing the right wedding jewelry is essential for your ensemble. You can choose accessories like studs, rings, bracelets, necklaces, or anything you want! Remember your gown’s color scheme when shopping for jewelry, whether you’re after platinum, gold, or bright gemstones. You can also accessories your bouquet based on the jewelry. 


Participating in a garter toss during your wedding reception is not required, but doing it will present a nice gesture for traditions. It would offer a keepsake you can cherish forever. Your “old belonging” may be a cherished heirloom, while others can be an agent color. 

Unlike it was originally used, garters are mostly worn for aesthetic purposes today. Choose an extravagant style that everyone will ask where you got it from. An excellent garter for the garter toss can be removed seamlessly. 

You can usually buy garters in stores that specialize in wedding dresses, but you can also get them online and in lingerie boutiques. When buying garters, you can choose from various colors and materials. 

Extra Wedding Accessories

Some other additional accessories include a small clutch or pocketbook. You might still need one even if your wedding dress has pockets. To find the right wedding clutch, take a photo of yourself in your wedding dress or fabric swatch with you. This way, you can suit the colors and model you’d want when looking for the clutch. 

You can also add other smaller bridal accessories that you can experiment with glitz. Strap your gown in lace or a fabric filled with jewels. This detail can elevate the classic style to look brand new. Matching silk robes may also be an excellent addition to the pre-wedding photoshoot. You can also have an extra pair of flats for the dance floor later in the night of your big day. 

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