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How to Dress for A Beach Wedding?

beach wedding attire

While many couples dream of getting married with the sand underneath their toes, it can be not very clear for guests concerning the appropriate beach attire. According to traditional dress codes like cocktail-semi formal or formal, the “beach” factor indicates that you can get a little more comfortable, relaxed and casual when you dress for the event. Other factors like the time of the year, the weather and the venue will all contribute to determining how you look.

What’s Beach Wedding Attire?

Megan Papageorge, the owner of Sweet Peach Planning, states that beach wedding attire is like other wedding attire. You can dress according to the event’s formality, but unlike traditional weddings, small adjustments to accessories and fabrics allow significantly more comfort.

You should first find out the wedding’s formality level. If the venue overlooks the beach on a rooftop or patio, just wear your usual outfits. However, if the ceremony or reception takes place in the sand, you can bring out more comfortable yet stylish beach outfits.

Guide to Beach Wedding Attire

The two significant differences between beach wedding wear and other wedding dress codes lie in the color choices and the footwear.

You don’t usually see a formal black dress and heels at a beach wedding. However, you’d want to wear breathable fabrics, floral or fine prints and high-end staples to utilize an effortless yet refined wedding look at the beach. Don’t go for any denim and cotton t-shirts, and focus only on wearing shorts or sandals, especially if the venue seems casual.

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Besides avoiding black, a traditional wedding guest color, consider other little details that refer to the wedding theme without going overboard. Bring a sweetgrass clutch or put on a fishtail braid for your hair to add a touch of a beachy vibe.

1. Formal Beach Attire

Formal beach attire

A suit, dress, or jumpsuit is acceptable in a formal beach wedding. Look for solid light colors with breathable fabrics, but avoid something entirely black, white and creamy colors.

Tea-length dresses or jumpsuits all work for a formal beach wedding. And if you want to add more elegance, wear a fabric like lace or metallic. As stilettos aren’t ideal on the sand, you can wear more chunky heels or formal sandals. You should also consider bringing a formal pair of heels for the reception if it’s not on the beach.

You can wear either a suit or a long-sleeved shirt and tie with jackets and slacks for the guys. Choose solid colors while also avoiding black, cream and white. If you have a summer suit, it’s a perfect choice! Choose breathable fabrics like linen, seersucker or khaki. You’ll want to wear dress shoes or other shoes that compliment the slacks and avoid any shorts and sandals at all costs.

2. Semi Formal Beach Attire

Semi formal beach attire

For the ladies’ semi-formal beach code, go for a dress, jumpsuit or formal romper. If you’re looking to wear a beachy dress, then a tea-length or a maxi should be the best choice but try not to look overly casual. Dressy sandals and chunky heels are great footwear choices. You can include prints, but don’t go overboard.

Jackets aren’t required for gentlemen, but you should consider a breathable sports coat or unique blazer for a fun addition. You can include prints but stay away from anything too loud. You can wear little casual shoes, but make sure that it’s still closed-toe, such as a loafer or deck shoe. Shorts and sandals are still not permitted for a semi-formal beach wedding.

3. Casual Beach

Casual beach attire

Ladies can opt for simple sundresses, light maxi dresses or quality rompers. For casual beachwear, dressy sandals are acceptable, but you should still avoid your rugged, everyday flip flops. You can also pick your nicest short-sleeved shirts like polos and your best shorts such as chinos with a belt.

Put your denim, cargos, swim shorts and cotton t-shirts away for now. The light colors and bold prints are excellent choices for a casual look. A casual beach wedding is the only time where sandals are acceptable, but make sure your feet are well-manicured before you choose to show off your toes. If not, you can also wear a loafer or a deck shoe, but not sneakers.

Attire Etiquette for Beach Weddings

Even though the dress code formality is usually stated on the invitation, sometimes, couples just request “beach wedding attire.” If this is the case, we suggest being overdressed instead of going for the casual dress.

Standard semi-formal attire is okay, with summer suits and breathable fabrics with tropical motifs. If you attend a casual beach wedding, remember that it’s still a wedding, not a family gathering or picnic at the beach. 

Whether wearing a seersucker suit, formal rompers, or a light maxi dress, beach attire is an exciting way to express your personality and showcase your light and tropical favorites. Remember to put on sunscreen!

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