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Most Recommended Stunning Hairstyles for Every Bride

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

If you’ve ever watched your favorite celebrities strolling down the red carpet with a gorgeous hairdo, real weddings are the best time and place to start looking for snapshots of your fairy tale hairdo. A stunning bride going through her special day always seems to take our breath away. It’s the best place to look for some style inspirations for a wedding, especially for the wedding hairstyle’s essential final touch.

Choose Hairstyles Based on Your Preferences

From the classic ponytails to pretty half-up half or half-down styles, we will be listing the beautiful hairstyles to represent the “I do” moments for brides. Some brides prefer to bring out their lush locks down naturally, flowing down their shoulders.

Others like their hair swept up in a high chignon for a clean and timeless look. There are so many hairstyles to consider and it can be overwhelming to choose the best hairstyle for you.

Best Hairstyle for Your Wedding

This article rounds up the best choice for a wedding hair look to narrow down your research. If you have no clue which style you should go for, you can consider other aspects of the wedding. For example, you can imagine the big day’s theme and the dress you’ll be wearing. If you’re celebrating your wedding in a Bali beach venue that you can find in Bali Wedding Prices, then the casual bridal style might be a perfect choice.

Now, let’s get started on looking for the bride hairstyle of your choice! We have rounded the wedding hairstyles that we love, whether it’s a messy braid, sleek updo, or just enhancing the curls you already have. Once you’ve found the right match among these hairstyles, you can then work with a professional hairstylist to make it happen.

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1. Vintage Curly Bride Hairstyle

If you’re bringing some vintage theme to your wedding and if you want an extra glamorous touch, then the classic curls are the best choice for you. The vintage curly style adds some luxury to your special day. It’s an absolutely timeless style, just like you.

2. Low Chignon

For wedding hairstyles, the low chignon is one of the classics and suits all kinds of themes. The swept-back hair pitted into a simple low chignon style brings out an elegant look. You can add additional braids or hairpieces or leave it as it is.

3. Long Curls

If you have some length in your tresses, show them off by letting your natural curls fall over your shoulders. Let your hairstylist apply some anti-frizz products on your waves before your photo sessions to maintain its natural and shiny look.

4. Side Part

We love the side part look as it is glamorous and works in any hair type, length, and texture. This style depends on how you style your tresses and can offer an edgy look to an elegant and romantic vibe.

5. Updo with Romantic Flowers

Try out a slightly undone bun combined with wispy, face-framing details for a loose and relaxed style. The flowers provide an excellent addition, and we recommend the tiny white blooms to add an additional romantic touch.

6. Pinned Curls

Add some extra glam in your curls by adding some extra volume on the top by pinning it. Include some sparkling headpieces at the top for the perfect wedding day look.

7. Glamorous Long Ponytail

If you want to go full glam, then pull your hair back for a long ponytail. This lets you look totally chic and fabulous from the front while showing off your long locks in the back. Don’t worry about fussing your hair in this style.  

8. Braided Style

If you want a gorgeous hairstyle perfectly balancing a done and undone look, then try this one out. The braided hair adds some extra texture to it, with the messy natural waves that suit the Bali beach wedding perfectly, but regardless, this style rocks on any wedding theme.

9. Topknot with Back Braid

The topknot is an iconic hairstyle wedding in which you can add a fun addition by braiding the back into a bun. It is a little detail that adds a playful touch to the iconic updo.

10. All-Natural Curls

Your wedding is where you should be the best version of yourselves. Get a hairstylist to work on a combination of products that offers the best out of your hair as you’ll be taking a lot of pictures on the day. So, if your hair is naturally curly, don’t try to hide it but show them off with some extra twists! you can then consider adding some additional accessories such as a headpiece, flower crowns, or a tiara.

11. Fishtail Braid

If you’re looking for a style that doesn’t let your hair loose, but you don’t want to make it a full updo, then try out a structured but gorgeous braid style. The fishtail twist is perfectly undone, which means you won’t need to worry about your hair frizzing or parts going loose during an outdoor celebration as it looks better the messier it gets.

12. Hidden Hairpiece

Add hairpiece to your locks and bring your elegant updo to the next level. A sparkling hairpiece will catch your guest’s attention and make you the star of the day.

13. Flower Crown on Natural Waves

When it comes to a paradise wedding in Bali, the options for a flower crown for your wedding are endless. Whether you want simple green leaves or colorful tropical flowers, the focus should still be on your hair, so make the loose waves shiny and natural with the help of your hairstylist.

14.   Ballerina Topknot Bun

Besides the perfect ballroom hair, the iconic topknot bun also works for any wedding venue. It’s a versatile wedding hairstyle where you can express your inner ballerina with a beautiful topknot as the final touch.

These are our top picks of hairstyles that almost suit every occasion and wedding theme. Make sure to consult with your hairstylist first so you’ll receive the best hair products and treatment to make sure your flocks look the best during the wedding day.

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