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Tips for Planning your Bali Wedding During Covid-19

Use mask during covid-19 weddings

The world is currently facing a pandemic situation and we are all facing a hard and challenging year, limiting the activities of people worldwide. World events and destination weddings are changing drastically due to the pandemic, especially in Bali. We are slowly adapting to the change and finding alternative ways to implement these events: weddings during covid-19.

Bali’s most experienced wedding planners have suggested a few tips for how you can still plan your best wedding in Bali during the coronavirus pandemic.

Find the Right Wedding Planner

It is no easy task to plan a wedding during a pandemic. However, getting yourself the right wedding planner will help you significantly. If site inspection in person can’t be done, then your wedding planner can make a virtual tour for you. Also, if it’s impossible for food testing and makeup trials, they will find the best alternative options for you.

A good wedding planner should also offer flexibility when it comes to planning a booking. They will help with the communication between each vendor for the booking times and reschedule your payment’s deadline or help negotiate a smaller deposit for a fixed wedding date. In case you need to postpone your wedding and move it back due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, they should also make an effort to reschedule your wedding into a new date while maintaining its preparation and support.

Find a Venue and Vendors that Follow Extensive Health and Safety Procedure

Your wedding planner should get you the venues and vendors that follow the health and safety protocol. Bali is known as a world-class destination for international weddings. Most of the island’s venues maintain their high standards of service and follow updated international guidelines, especially during these times of battling the spread of coronavirus. They prioritize health and safety procedures.

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Regular disinfecting procedures will take place on your villa or hotel, applying them on the tables, sofas, floors and other tools before your big day. Your wedding organizers will arrange temperature checking and hand sanitizers to ensure you and your guests will enjoy the event while prioritizing everyone’s safety.

A Smaller and More Intimate Bali Affair is the Best Choice

We know that you want everyone you know to celebrate your wedding in paradise. However, you might need to consider a smaller wedding as it lets you manage the event easier and lets you take more time in connecting with every guest. Narrow down your guest list to your closest friends and families. A more intimate wedding equals some real quality time, so a smaller wedding doesn’t mean that it will be less special.

We know that shrinking your guest list isn’t easy, but we know that they will understand the current pandemic situation that limits social gatherings. You can always make a zoom meeting for those who couldn’t come to your wedding and let them know that you haven’t forgotten them. They can also join you on your wedding anniversary next year. Let us hope that we’ll be living our everyday lives without the pandemic by then!

Don’t Cancel Your Plans. There’s Always Another Time

When your planned wedding comes in line with a quarantine period, take a deep breath, we will not be canceling the event. Instead, consider postponing it. We know that it can be stressful and we all haven’t faced anything like this before. Keep in mind that the pandemic is temporary and sooner or later, the borders will reopen. It will be worth the wait and we can celebrate again.

Pause your wedding and let your wedding planner adjust the bookings with venues and vendors. Once the situation gets better and a new date is determined, you can continue planning your wedding. Not every couple gets to face a pandemic during their marriage, but you have and you can say that you’ve overcome it.

Find Ways to Adjust Yourself

After you’ve managed your guest list and found the right date, look back at your base plans and see if it is possible to go in line with the covid-19 health and safety protocol. You may want to consider having set meals or pre-packed food. If you still would rather have a buffet, talk to your wedding planner and find an alternative way for your guests to queue up without forming crowds.

Masks, hand sanitizers, gloves and soap are the new essentials for any events during these times, including weddings. Your wedding planners can easily arrange them and create pretty little packages with them along with a thank you note. It’s not only a cute souvenir but also practical, thoughtful and necessary.

Find a Bali Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurances are made to protect you from any unwanted situations that may occur. This includes unforeseen events caused by injury or damage at a wedding, extreme weather, any breakdown in the venue or problems with the vendors, and other certain disruption that may prevent your wedding from playing out well. Discuss the different possible scenarios that may occur with your wedding planner (e.g during the time of pandemic, the Indonesian government prohibits large events, the bride or groom becoming ill and eventually catching the coronavirus, holding the event may be possible, but your guests may be the ones who are afraid of coming, or your home country has not opened their borders) and find out and contact your local insurers and check out what they will cover and how they can help you face the current pandemic situation.

Indonesia is currently embracing the New Normal circumstances and trying to return to all existing activities. We follow all the guidelines and directions of the World Health Organization and every update of local Balinese and national regulations applied by Indonesia’s Ministry of health.

Before you start planning your wedding, the first key is to discipline ourselves, our workplaces, and our home. Then we will naturally get used to these procedures and implement them in the event and weddings.

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