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4 Tips for Planning Your Bali Wedding after Covid-19

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The wait is over and international borders have finally reopened in Bali! So, you don’t have to postpone your dream wedding any longer. It’s been a challenging and frustrating couple of years when it comes to planning a bali wedding, especially for ones in destinations. Indeed, many international borders have now been removed, but this doesn’t apply to all countries. So, what are the things you should know when it comes to planning a Bali wedding post-COVID-19?

How to Plan a Bali Wedding Post-Pandemic?

We know that there are numerous questions from couples around the world as they’ve been waiting months to tie the knot in Bali. Luckily, we’ve listed tips from one of the most experienced wedding planners on how you can plan your best Bali wedding during the Covid-19 aftermath.

1. Look for A Supportive Wedding Planner in Bali

Even though we’re out of quarantine, it’s still no easy task to plan a wedding at the time of an ongoing pandemic. However, getting a good wedding planner can immensely help you. When a site inspection in person isn’t possible yet, your wedding planner can arrange a virtual tour for you. If any make-up or food trials aren’t yet possible, they will also offer you great alternatives.

Supportive wedding planners should also offer flexibility in terms of bookings. They will negotiate with every vendor to place tentative bookings, pushing your payment’s deadline or adjusting their pricing based on your available budget to lock in your wedding date. If you need to push back the wedding date because of any travel restrictions, your wedding planner will also do their best to reschedule and support you by coming up with a new date for your wedding.

2. Pick a Bali Venue and Vendors that Applies Extensive Health and Safety Procedure

Discuss with your wedding planner on the venue and vendor’s health and safety protocol. As a renowned destination for weddings, most of Bali’s venues maintain high standards of quality services, especially during times of pandemics. They pay a lot of attention to health and safety procedures.

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Your hotel or villa should be regularly disinfected, along with the tables, chairs, dance floors and other props in preparation for your wedding day. Your wedding planner should prepare hand sanitizers and temperature checking. Ensure that you prioritize your safety while fully enjoying your wedding day in Bali.

3. Consider a Smaller Celebration

If you want to ensure a safe wedding and don’t want to postpone your dream wedding in Bali, then we suggest having a smaller one. There are many perks to a smaller wedding. It lets you manage the guests easier and offers you the chance to connect with everyone intimately. Make a guest list that consists of your family and closest friends. Less can really be more, as an intimate wedding offers actual quality time, so even though you’ll have a smaller affair, it won’t be any less special.

Indeed, it can be heartbreaking that most of your guests won’t make it to the list. We’re sure that they will understand. Throw a zoom or google meets party for those who couldn’t be there on the day and let them know how important they are. There’s always a chance for a follow-up reception (or your anniversary party) next year that includes everyone.

4. Make Creative Adjustments

When you’re done managing your guest list, have a look back at your base plans and see if you can adjust them according to the COVID-19 health and safety protocol. You might want to have set menus or pre-packed meals. If you’d rather have a buffet, discuss with your wedding planner to arrange extra safety measures for the crowd to queue up alternatively.

Masks, soaps and hand sanitizers are also the perfect new trendy wedding favor ideas they can use on the day of your wedding. Your wedding planner can arrange them and get them in adorable packaging, complete with a thank you note. It’s not only a cute addition to your wedding but also thoughtful and practical.

The Current Pandemic Situation in Bali and Indonesia

To give you extra insight before you plan your wedding in Bali, let’s take a glimpse at the ongoing pandemic situation in Bali. And what you should know before you consider packing your wedding dress and flying to the island.

As of June 2022, Indonesia is categorized as CDC Level 1 on the COVID-19 risk assessment. With over 129 active cases in Bali and almost 3000 active cases throughout the country. We suggest you follow the Bali COVID-19 Update group on Facebook for accurate daily updates on the current on the island.

Indonesia’s current population is around 270 million, which means the number of cases may be highly inaccurate as it’s difficult to test the whole country’s population. Indonesia is also considered to move towards an endemic status. Thus, to lessen your chance of catching the virus or any other illness, remember to keep vigilant, distance yourself socially and follow the health protocols.

For a better idea of the current pandemic situation in Bali and Indonesia, let’s look into what the virus means for international visitors, including holidaymakers and expats. Also, what are the necessary precautions and preventive measures you need to take when coming to Bali?

  • Update on Visa: Visas on Arrival have been reinstated for 72 nationalities and citizens of ASEAN may travel free of VISA. For other nationalities, it is possible to apply for the Single Entry B211.
  • Update on quarantine: Visitors no longer require quarantine as long as international arrivals have been fully vaccinated (two doses or a booster).
  • Update on PCR: Visitors no longer require Pre-arrival PCR tests.

Update on Red list: Indonesia no longer has a “Red List,” which means all nationalities may now visit the country!

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