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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Bali Wedding Planner

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If you’re planning a wedding that’s out of the ordinary and think of having it on a destination island like Bali, well, you won’t be disappointed! Bali is the ultimate wedding destination loved by couples around the world. However, before you pack your bags and book your ticket, there are a few things to consider to have the Bali wedding of your dreams. One of the main things to consider is a wedding planner! Without one, your wedding might be in trouble from the start. 

Should You Hire a Bali Wedding Planner?

Planning your wedding in Bali alone may seem manageable. But let’s be honest, there’s no point saving a few dollars just to face something unexpected that might lurk on attempting a DIY Bali wedding. 

Getting a wedding planner will save all the headaches and extra hassles that have to do with a destination wedding, especially when it’s in a country you’ve never visited! Bali is the best place for a holiday and a few weeks of strolling down on its beaches. But for a wedding, it’s an entirely different story. To help you decide, we’ve listed the seven signs you need to consider hiring a wedding planner for your wedding in Bali.

You Have Subpar Organization and Planning Skills

Remember to stay realistic about the bandwidth you have to plan a wedding and also know your strengths and weaknesses.

If you aren’t good with spreadsheets and to-do lists, get the pro instead of doing it on your own and letting everything slip through. Getting a full-service wedding planner helps to keep you organized and on track and offers a confident feeling that the price tag will be worth it.

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You Have a Demanding Job

If your job seems more than full-time, hiring a wedding planner is the best solution so that you aren’t spending every lunch break or evening planning your wedding. Planning a wedding turns into a part-time job and takes a lot of time. 

Vendors also usually work during business hours and aren’t available on weekends as they execute weddings. So, if you work full time and plan a destination wedding in Bali, you can save a ton of stress and your sanity by hiring a wedding planner.

The Venue You Choose Doesn’t Have a Coordinator

Many wedding venues in Bali, especially the all-inclusive spaces, offer a coordinator within their packages. This venue coordinator can get you the right vendors, organize a wedding-day timeline and much more. However, determine what role the coordinator will take upfront, as it may vary. 

If your chosen venue doesn’t have a coordinator, or if you require more assistance than what the venue coordinator has offered, then hiring a wedding planner is the answer. This especially applies to a wedding in Bali’s remote beaches or rice fields where you’re basically making your own venue where a planner is highly necessary. 

You Have a Problem with Your Wedding Budget

Wedding planners know how to create (and stick) to a budget. They know how much money you should spend on alcohol and how much you should realistically spend on a photographer or videographer.

When you’re concerned about your budget, a wedding planner can work the numbers and ensure that what you want to include will be included at a reasonable price.

You’ve Never Been to Bali Before

This is a crucial point to consider, as getting married in a third-world country adds an extra layer of difficulty in the planning process. Suppose you haven’t been to Bali or have never experienced a Bali wedding and are unsure about the fabulous options. In that case, you’ll be surprised by the number of breathtaking choices available! A wedding in Bali is much more than just exchanging vows, taking pictures by the beach, and ending the day at a fabulous party.

A wedding planner can help you choose the best places for a wedding, whether in a villa, a beach wedding, next to lush green rice fields or on a cliff top overlooking the Indian ocean. Also, the planners can customize your wedding based on your desired theme or style. After all, it’s going to be the biggest event you’ll ever host, so make it personal and ensure it will be a celebration you’ll never forget. 

Your Wedding Will Have a Lot of “Moving Parts”

Suppose you’re planning to bring a lot of décors that need to be moved from distant locations for both ceremony and reception. For example, you want to move your décor from ceremony to cocktail hour and the reception areas. Place cards need to be sorted out alphabetically and placed on the right tables, etc. In that case, you’ll definitely need a wedding planner.

Vendors like your wedding photographer also need their arrival or departure times set up, especially if you’ve decided to take them overboard. Wedding planners can help you with everything, so you don’t have to think about it.

You Want to Enjoy Your Wedding Day When it Arrives

During your wedding day, the best thing to do is to relax and focus on connecting with your guests. You don’t want to worry about any last-minute details or last-minute problems.

Getting help from a wedding party member can add some unnecessary stress, especially if they aren’t experienced with the wedding industry. Whether it’s full-service or not, a wedding planner will ensure everything is all set for the big day so that you’ll be totally stress-free.

Conclusion – Hire a Wedding Planner for Your Bali wedding

Hiring a wedding planner for a destination wedding is essential. It’s hard to know the best vendors if you don’t live in the town you’re getting married in. Also, you’ll need to know the extra details like what the weather is like and the local laws. You’ll easily solve these problems by hiring a wedding vendor and ensuring your event will go smoothly! Good luck with planning your wedding in Bali!

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