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Test For COVID-19 Before Attending Any Bali Wedding Ceremonies

Test for COVID-19 for Wedding in Bali

COVID-19 has affected major events worldwide, causing important events and ceremonies to be postponed and even canceled altogether. A wedding ceremony in Bali is usually a grand celebration that consists of large guests’ numbers to gather in an event to celebrate one’s big day. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 numbers now rising across the island, it is best to test for the virus before you attend any of these traditional weddings.

Partial lockdowns restrict the community in the region, with the Task Force now requiring rapid-antigen testing before attending weddings and traditional ceremonies in the Klungkung district. The health agency now priorly notifies if any wedding or religious ceremony is about to arrange a test for all attendees.

Klungkung’s Handling Task Force stated that everyone must first take a rapid antigen test before holding any ceremony. According to the Task Force, weddings and religious ceremonies may be the highest transmission cause of COVID-19 infections.

Therefore, we have listed a few things about COVID-19 testing that you can take before attending any wedding ceremonies.

Things to Know About COVID-19 Testing

You will need to make a decision on the type of tests to take; there are two testing types available for COVID-19:

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Rapid Antigen vs. PCR Testing

The two types of tests to confirm COVID-19 statuses are PCR testing and rapid antigen. According to its name, a rapid test will provide you with the results on the same day you’ve taken the test. On the other hand, PCR testing usually takes a few days, depending on the volume of where the test is given.

Health advisors suggest that the safest way for a couple to get married and hold a wedding ceremony is that guests must be asked to quarantine for five days before getting a PCR test within the 48-to-72-hour window of the wedding.

PCR testing is known as the “gold standard” for detecting COVID-19 infections. Even though they require up to three days to show the results, they tend to be more effective and accurate at detecting COVID-19 in sick people but don’t seem to show any symptoms. Compared to the convenient rapid tests, which take only a matter of minutes for the results to show. After taking a PCR test, guests will need to quarantine themselves for at least 72 hours until they receive their results.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that testing is not foolproof. As Marisa Cruz, M.D states that “a COVID-19 test is simply a snapshot in time.” Even if the more accurate PCR test shows a negative result, it does not mean that an individual is not infected. A negative result indicates that the sample did not detect any viral levels high enough that can be measured adequately at that specific moment. The individual who resulted in a negative test could turn positive a few hours later.  

Private, Off-site, and On-site Testing

Testing for COVID-19 has grown over the past few months and today, it is much easier to get tested than it was back when the start of the pandemic. The best way to get tested is to reach out to friends or family that have previously been tested through work or somewhere else without having to wait for hours in line.

Private Testing

If a couple can pay the bills for testing all guests, boutique testing agencies offer both PCR and rapid tests. In this case, one or two days before you attend a wedding, you and the other guests should pass through a dedicated station set up by licensed clinicians. Then, the couple will receive a full list of who tested negative and even positive in a day or two. It is possible to guarantee a test sooner, with a higher price point.  

Off-site Testing

The most economical way to get tested is through state-approved sites that are open and available for the public. Although this is cheaper, it may be more challenging to confirm guests’ test results in advance through this approach unless they can set up an efficient system to get them to send their results before the wedding day.

There are rumors that the government will release a system to ensure all guests must be tested before attending any traditional ceremonies, but the details are not yet known. For now, the couple and their planner are the ones who are likely to carry the burden. At this point, any couple who are not working with a wedding planner should make an effort to account for their guests and their testing status. And if they do work with a wedding planner or venue coordinator, they may need to dedicate a coordinator to precisely keep track of the ones who have confirmed their testing status.

Off-site testing can indeed be a challenge to manage. It can become another layer of stress for couples to organize, but it is a necessary step into the safety of an even. In the end, every one of your guests will feel assured as they know they are not in a high-risk environment.

On-site Testing

Having guests test-own their own accord and provide rapid on-site testing and temperature checks at the event can also be done when planning an event during COVID-19. This can be very costly, but it’s much more practical than the other alternatives.

During on-site testing, all guests will have to arrive early and arrive in their own car to conduct an efficient rapid test. This needs to be incredibly organized with clear directions and instructions as every guest is taking a big extra step to come and celebrate safely. Keep in mind that some guests may actually test positive. This is why having a place for anyone who might test positive on-site is ideal to ensure they can evacuate the vent safely without having to get close to any other guests.  

These are the steps you can take when coming to a wedding celebration in Bali while keeping safe from COVID-19. Just remember to always wear a mask and that hand sanitizer should also be around in every event. If you’re looking to celebrate your own wedding in Bali during these times, then check out the details in this article.

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