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Wedding Bus or Wedding Limo? Which Vehicle is Best for Your Wedding

Should we choose wedding bus or limo

No matter how good your wedding venue will be, whether it’s in a chapel back home or a destination wedding in Bali, all complete with some of the best catering and a perfect wedding party. However, there’s one detail that might ruin all your magnificent effort, and that’s transportation planning. A lack of coordination in how you get from hotels to chapels and ballrooms may result in a disastrous wedding. That’s why don’t wait for the final week to put the plan together and we’re here to give you some top tips for your wedding transportation.

When To Do The Planning for Transportation

Timing is everything, especially when trying to get everything in place during a wedding. A wedding planner is the key person who will orchestrate everything with all the wedding vendors during the planning process. 

The transportation’s booking window depends on the type of vehicle you choose. If you want to go fully posh with a vintage Rolls Royce, then there may only be one available in the area, so you need to book as early as you can. If you don’t mind what type of transportation you’ll be riding, then it’s best to finalize it three to four months before your wedding day. Try visiting a local car show and hire a unique ride for your epic exit. They usually offer more affordable prices and you’ll have more vehicles to choose from.

The timing for renting a vehicle can also determine what your cost will be and who covers them. You should book your transportation at the same time as the hotel block if the hotel offers any additional complimentary. This will also let the transportation company know how far they need to travel and give the best-estimated price. 

What Vehicle to Choose? Wedding Bus or Limo?

Should you hire a wedding bus or limos? Both are great additions to any big events. But for a wedding, it can be challenging to decide which one is a better choice. So, let’s look at the benefits between the two options.

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Benefits of A Limo

Limousines are usually referred to as luxurious vehicles, which is why they’re such popular picks for weddings, especially if you’re throwing a luxurious one. Besides making instant impressions, a wedding limo has plenty of space for everyone at the wedding. They can lay back with a bottle of champagne with plenty of privacy due to the tinted windows. Also, limos usually have cool features like colorful interior lights, a sunroof and cool beverages.

Benefits of A Wedding Bus

Compared to limousines, a wedding bus is slightly more affordable per person and offers more seats for guests than limousines. In many cases, they also come with additional amenities like TVs, sound systems and light shows for entertainment. Wedding buses have spacious layouts that are perfect for dancing, mingling and other things. However, they may be too laid back for some weddings, which contrasts to a more formal atmosphere that people usually have at weddings. Of course, if you’re planning a destination wedding, this is not the case at all.

Match Them Up According to Your Wedding’s Style

In the end, deciding between a limo or a wedding bus depends on your wedding’s style. On formal occasions, you can start kicking it off with a stretch limousine, which leans towards a more dignified vibe to the main show. If you’re looking for a more relaxed feeling and get the party started immediately, then a wedding bus is the way to go. It’s also possible to have them both, where a limo can drop off your guests at the ceremony, followed by a wedding bus to get them to your reception and the wedding party.

Say No to Ubers or Taxis

Besides safety, it’s essential to make things convenient for your guests. In some locations, Ubers and Taxis can be hard to come by, especially in the evening. Your guests shouldn’t need to arrive late to the ceremony or wait for hours after the wedding party for a ride back home. What makes a good celebration is how well you can accommodate your guests.

If you are indeed planning a wedding in one of Bali’s remote locations and you have flexibility in your budget, then consider offering airport transportation for your guests. It’s a plus if you can recommend specific flights and offer group shuttles for those who prefer to board those planes.

Remember The “Just Married” Sign in The Back of Your Ride!

Whether it’s a string full of cans in, on a plain sheet of paper, or as a number plate, don’t forget to show off “Just Married” in your vehicle’s rear! It’s a cute addition to your wedding’s final celebration and will put some smiles on the people you pass by along the way.

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