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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Car Rental for You

Wedding car rental

So, your big day is coming up, and preparing for it is exhausting due to the endless options of dresses, wedding cakes, food, and even wedding car rentals. Here, we will make it easier for you two to pick the proper transportation means for the most important day of your life. 

This article will guide you in choosing the right wedding car based on your preferences and looking at what you should look for when selecting a wedding car for your special day. 

Start Looking As Soon As Possible

Whether you’re looking to find a car for yourself or for an event, the planning should always start ahead of time. Before you head out on foot, browse online and look at wedding cars for hire around you. The earlier you look for a wedding car, the better your chances of getting some nice rides. Book a car one month in advance to avoid any scheduling issues. There should be a bundle of listings, but you should only look for the ones with real reviews to avoid any shady businesses.

Friends, family, and social media can all play an important role during your search. Create a list of potential wedding car rental services in your area and choose the top five. Make an appointment so you can check out the vehicle in person. 

How Many Hours Will You Need to Ride It?

We’ve all heard the saying, “time is money,” so you must remember how many hours you need the ride. The wedding car’s service price depends on the time you’re using it, so it’s very important to know the ideal time period you’ll need the vehicle. The first reason is that companies that rent a car won’t have the car you want available at all times. You also need to specify and inform the route. 

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As previously mentioned, if you’ve decided on the vehicle for your big day, it’s best to book it ahead of time. Luxury events usually take place on the weekend and luxury transportation companies are usually fully booked at those times, especially in the summer. To make sure the vehicle you want is ready on your big day, contact the car rental service as soon as possible. In many cases, it’s best to do it 10 to 12 months before your wedding. 

Pick a Reputable Company 

You need to find a good company to find the wedding car you’re looking for. When looking at different companies, check out who is behind the company name. We recommend calling them by phone first, so you’ll know whom you’re dealing with. 

Keep in mind that some sketchy companies may tell you that your desired car is available. Then, once you’ve made the deal, they may cancel your reservation on your wedding day. Look for companies that have been renting cars for many years. 

Or you can also seek advice from friends or families who have used their services. It’s best to choose local companies as they know the routes well and will efficiently get you to the destination. Good companies will also know the exact place of traffic jam locations and which may cause delays. Insurance is also essential in case of any breakdowns, and a reputable company should have it. 

Look at the Cars Before You Book Them

Sometimes the internet shows something entirely different in real life. So, make sure to check the car in person before you make the final decision. Good car companies should have a showroom exhibiting all their vehicles, which adds additional convenience. So make sure to schedule a tour and come at the agreed time. 

It’s hard to estimate the car’s size and conditions from only the picture. You can also look at cars at wedding exhibitions, but the question is whether you’ll have time to attend these events. 

When looking at the car in person, you’ll see all the details and be convinced that everything is fine. Also, when visiting car rental companies, you can see other models and you might decide on another car. Another advantage is that you can get into the vat and find out if you feel comfortable. 

If checking these cars in person isn’t possible, asking for the video of the car you’re looking to rent is okay. Every wedding car rental company should be happy to send you one. If they refuse, it’s best to look for another company. 

Think About Your Wedding Dress

Choosing the right car size that suits your wedding dress is crucial. It may be the case that a dress is too large and lengthy that it can’t fit in a luxury sedan. This is why it’s important to consider the kind of dress you want to wear when renting some nice wheels. 

If you will be wearing a longer luxurious dress, then going for a bigger and longer car is the best option, such as a stretch limousine or Toyota Alphard. Getting a small car when you have a large dress may end up wrinkling your gown, which you don’t want to have on your special day. 

In contrast, if you’ve chosen a slim-fitting dress, you wouldn’t need a spacious car, so select any slick sports car if you want to! Estimating your dress length and size before booking a wedding car is best. 

Conclusion on Choosing the Perfect Car for Your Wedding 

We hope that our guide has helped you look for the right wedding car. Keep in mind that cars mirror our personalities more than we would like to admit. 

So if a stretch limo or a loud sports car matches your taste, go for it! You should pick a vehicle that shows the world who you are, especially at your wedding. Check out other tips for choosing the right wedding car on our blog page

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