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Alphard vs Mercedes – Which One is a Better Wedding Car?

Wedding car - alphard vs mercedes

Choosing a wedding car is a crucial decision you need to make when planning your wedding. But as there are many things to consider and so many options available, it can be pretty overwhelming. We’ve researched the latest cars and industry experts and come up with an answer to your question on which you should choose as a wedding car – Alphard or a Mercedes? 

This is mainly for you who are looking to get married in Bali. Before we answer your question and look at the comparison, let’s look at the things you should look for in a wedding car.

Look at the Cars before You Book Them

To avoid disappointment, we suggest looking at the car before booking it. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting into the morning of your special day. You’ll also be better informed to make a decision on the type of wedding car you’d want. 

Remember that your wedding car will appear in your pictures, which is one of the reasons you should consider the car carefully. Think about the color and style you want, whether you’re looking for a neutral model that complements your theme or if you want something that stands out in your pictures. Once you’ve looked at the car and its interior, consider if it goes with your vision before booking.

Consider Your Wedding Gown

When choosing a wedding car, you also need to consider the wedding dress you’ll wear. Make sure to pick a car that matches your dress and dress color. Wedding cars will usually be a significant piece in the backdrop of your pictures, so you wouldn’t want a mismatched car that will stand out in a bad way! 

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If you’re going to wear a big dress, make sure that you’ll be able to get in and out of the car with ease. Remember that photographers and videographers will be there to capture every moment of your wedding day, so you want to look effortlessly fabulous and elegant. Likewise, if you’re planning to have a long and slender dress, it may be difficult to get in the car due to restricted leg movements. So choose a car with a lower ride height. 

Which Car to Choose for Your Wedding? Toyota Alphard or Mercedes Benz? 

The Toyota Alphard and Mercedes Benz V-Class are the main competitors here for a wedding in Bali. The Toyota Alphard is a 6/7 seater MPV that hoteliers directly import into the country. It’s a favorite wedding car due to its luxurious features with Toyota’s proven reliability and low maintenance expenses. On the other hand, the Mercedes Benz V-Class offers high comfort in implements. 

The V-Class mode lets you go in and out easily and is comfortable for any seating situation. It also features large doors and a low floor. The seats in the rear compartment are comfy and supportive. Let’s look at the details of what the Toyota Alphard and the Mercedes Benz V-Class offer to win this battle of luxurious and comfortable wedding cars. 

The Interior

The Alphard comes in many variations and offers different options of shades. You have options for the exterior as well as the interior as the car comes with a silver and gold impression. It’s a seven-seater car with ample boot space if you put the back seats off. The Al-hard also features automatic sliding doors.

Besides that, you’ll find room for leg rest when going further inside, which is ideal for the just-married couple, with plenty of storage options and a personal folding table. You can also find an option for memory seats to save up to two seating positions. On the other side, you can find a leather steering wheel, JBL speaker, and AC for the rear seats. 

The Mercedes offers more traditional seats but is more adaptable. The seats are more modest in size and function and offer armrests. However, they aren’t as luxurious and lack a bed-like arrangement. The V-Class is more generous with an extra-long wheelbase that provides more legroom for the second and third line, perfect for the wedding couple! The Mercedes also has a vast baggage space in case you need it. The V-Class lacks the Alphard’s armchairs but offers more modern interior options and sufficient comfort features to arrange over the Alphard. 

The Size 

The V-Class is the winner here due to its length, wheelbase, and overall length. The Alphard may be a better choice for driving in crowded streets in the city, but it may not feel as spacious as the Mercedes, even with the slightly taller roof. 

Safety and Features

Although the cars offer different price points and specs, the Alphard provides features that the V-Class does not. This includes the twin sunroofs that may improve the interior ambiance, which is ideal for a tropical place or wedding like a wedding in Bali. The Merc hits back with a configurable second-row seat with boardroom-like seating and a “Table Package that offers a usable dining table for every passenger! 

Safety is also a high priority for every wedding car, but the V-Class skimps on curtain airbags in the Expression variant. On the other hand, the Alphard gets a blind spot warning as a standard, which is helpful for MPV drivers and is also a big miss for Mercedes. However, the V-Class comes with a 360-degree camera, which is only available for the Exclusive variant. 


The price for both cars may differ in various countries, but it shouldn’t be surprising that the Toyota Alphard is a more affordable option as you can rent it from $300 for 3 hours to around $600 for 8 hours. The Mercedes may start from $400 for a 3-hour rent to $800 for 8 hours. 

These include petrol, parking, and any ERP charges.

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