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11 Unique Wedding Transportation Ideas for Your Wedding Day

unique wedding transportations ideas

You wake up in the morning of your wedding day and you’re so excited to go to the venue or chapel. But wait, have you thought of how you’re getting there? Do you want to arrive in style in a posh limo or something more down-to-earth, like a bicycle built for two? Whether you’re looking to travel in a fun way or travel in style to your wedding party while also giving your guests a lift, we’ve listed eleven unique options for your wedding transportation.

Vintage Cars

riding in an antique vehicle such as a vintage Volkswagen or Rolls-Royce is one of the coolest ways to get to your ceremony. It’ll also make the best backdrop for a classic black and white photoshoot. The hot rides you can consider renting are the classic VW Beetle, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Chrysler 300, or the Bentley S2. These antique cars also offer so much character and they don’t even have to be the big names like Rolls Royce or Bentleys. You can travel on a weathered pickup truck while still looking glam.

Sports Cars

The two-seater sports car is the way to go for couples who seek some thrills and an edge of the ride experience. Arriving on a Ferrari or a Lamborghini Murcielago is not only an eye-catching way to travel, but these vehicles will get you to the reception in no time. And you’ll have the whole night to cruise along into the twilight. Just remember to rehearse your exits, as getting in and out gracefully out of these vehicles requires some skills, especially in a wedding gown.

By Water

If your wedding venue is by the beach or lake, why not go fully chic by escaping in a sleek yacht or speedboat? Imagine cruising by your reception while your guests scream your name by the shore. If you want a more casual way, have fun by rowing off in the water together with a canoe or even paddleboards.

Vintage Two-Wheelers

If traveling by water or on four wheels into the sunset is not what you have in mind, then perhaps a motorcycle ride is for you. A Vespa or vintage motorcycles are great for some frame-worthy photos and great memories to look back on. Remember to practice riding these things with your choice of dress and heels before your special day.

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Motorbike and Sidecar

For the rock and roll couples, get a chance to ride your way by embracing your petrol head souls. Traveling by motorbike with a sidecar may not be the most appealing for a bride (as no bride wants to use a helmet on their wedding day). Still, if you’re an easy-going bride that loves adrenaline more than showing up picture-perfect, then this is the chance to make a banging entrance.

Horse and Carriage

If you’re looking for the ultimate fairytale ending, then arriving at your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage is the one and the only option for you! The buggies can fit up to six passengers, so bringing your wedding party is not a problem. You can also rent a few more carriages to fully embrace the royal-style procession and lead the entire wedding party. Pedicabs are also fun, especially if you’re a city couple who still want a horse and carriage for your wedding with a more modern feel.


If arriving in a carriage and horse is still not enough, consider riding on horseback for the ultimate wedding arrival. Imagine your beautiful dress draped over a majestic horse. It can’t get more fairytale-like than this and will surely wow your guests and take some spectacular photos. It also offers a truly magnificent moment for you and your partner as you approach your wedding reception in the most elegant way possible.  

Stretch Limos

The stretch limos are one of the classic wedding transportation options. A stretch limo combines function and formality with a glam design with a spacious and comfortable interior for your friends and families to feel like VIPs. Most stretch limousines hold up to 10 passengers. You can also opt for a town car, a shorter limo that fits up to four people but still maintains the sleek interior.

SUV Limos

Consider a stretch-out hummer or navigator if you’re still up for the limo experience with a little more flash in both the exterior and interior. These elongated SUVs come with some disco lights, fiber-optics, lasers, mirrored ceilings, and high-end sound systems which fit up to 20 people.


For a wow-worthy entrance, why not arrive in a helicopter? A chartered helicopter can usually carry three to six people if your attendants want to have a ride. Remember that landing a helicopter safely requires a certain amount of open space and some countries have their air travel laws. Consider your wedding venue and

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