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Should You Hire a Videographer for Marriage Proposal?

Videographer for proposal

There’s been a significant increase in the popularity of wedding videos in the past few years.

Besides documenting an event, wedding videographers also record the day, which offers couples a visual memento of their special day. This lets you relive their wedding experience over and over and in the years to come. 

Couples who want to add a professional touch to their wedding are turning to videographers to capture and record their wedding proposals or other events that lead up to their big day. They’ll offer professional service on your wedding day, offering you shareable videos so you can share them with friends and family members who were there with you. 

Wedding Photos or Wedding Videos?

You might ask yourself, “I’ve already hired a wedding photographer; do I really need a wedding videographer?”. A wedding videographer is an entirely different experience from photography. Indeed, photographs are the traditional option, but a wedding videographer is the best way to capture the best moments of the day.

Wedding videos are the best choice to capture the atmosphere of your special day. The video can incorporate music from your dance song, the band or the DJ to capture the ceremony when you’re walking down the aisle, reading the vows and the reception speeches. 

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Whether you want to get married or want something to capture the day, a wedding video is an excellent way to capture it. Watch it over and over or send it to your guest to remind them of the special day. 

Is a Wedding Videographer Worth It for a Proposal?

Your proposal is just as important as your wedding – it’s a valuable part of your story as a couple. Wedding proposals are special moments that should be captured on film due to the love, intimacy and excitement shared, especially if it takes place on a destination island like Bali. Here are the reasons why you should film your wedding proposal:

It’s an Unforgettable Moment for Both of You 

Your wedding proposal will likely be the first of many monumental moments you want to capture as a couple. Even though this might be far before your wedding day, it’s still an important milestone in your journey of coming together as a couple. 

Whether you want to propose in a more intimate setting, like where you shared your first kiss or a more public setting, such as your favourite restaurant. The moment you share should be special and something you’ll want to look back to.

Include Your Family and Friends

When filming your wedding day, the focus will be on you as a couple. This is also the case for your wedding proposal, but you might want to include the people who were there alongside you on your journey. Some examples of this may include asking your family members to share their thoughtful message on video as you begin your new chapter in life. 

You Can Make it Enjoyable

Even though some wedding proposals are simple, you can make your wedding proposal into a big event. The more time you spend planning the little details of the proposal, the more unforgettable it will be in the long run. When you decide to capture your proposal, you’ll know that you’ll get to relive all the laughter, tears and memories of planning and executing all the necessary things you’ve invested in. 

Wedding Videographer – The Cost of Hiring

You can hire a wedding videographer based on the duration of the wedding or event, where it will take place and the type of video package you’re looking for. The videographer’s cost may also depend on the time of the year, the number of camera operators you’re hiring, and the video package’s quality. Adding more camera operators will offer a higher quality video but comes with a higher price for the finished video.

Hiring a wedding videographer in Bali usually starts from USD 450. This includes only one videographer with a DSLR and is available for up to 3 hours total. But the prices may vary depending on the length of the film, the film style, how quickly you need a videographer and other factors.

Keep in mind that wedding videography services are usually more expensive than professional photography. So decide whether you want to splurge on this service or look for other more affordable alternatives.

Finding the Right Wedding Videographer for Your Proposal

Wedding videos are an excellent way to keep a record of the most special moments of your life. If you’ve realized that a wedding video has gone from “nice” to “a must-have”, then it’s time to start looking around. There are tons of wedding videographers to choose from, and when looking at their work, it’s easy to get caught up in the magic they’ve created. 

Knowing what to look for can be tricky, but once you’ve come up with a short list of videographers, we suggest looking at many of their sample films. Wedding videos can vary hugely. Some may offer candid coverage of you and your guests, while others only capture staged moments of the couples. Some only include vows and music, while others also shoot speeches and toasts. Some even include interviews with the bride and groom if you want them to include them in your proposal for the wedding day. The videographer you pick should have the style of video you love. Before the wedding proposal, send them examples of your favorite from their collection. Be specific on why you choose them and tell the videographers what you love about those examples. 

To learn more about wedding photography and videography or other tips on having a wedding in Bali, visit the Bali Wedding blog page.

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