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Choose The Right Wedding Videographers for Your Bali Wedding

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So, you have decided to hire a wedding videographer to capture all your special moments and memories of your Bali wedding. You’ve searched online and found out that there are so many things to consider, including a large number of styles. A wedding videographer captures every moment of your special day in the best way possible. To do that, you’ll need to find the perfect videographer according to your every need. Here are the six tips for finding the videographer for you.

Check the videographers’ online reviews

The wedding industry heavily revolves around references and recommendations spread from mouth to mouth or from the internet. The most reliable options are recommendations by friends, family, and even strangers’ testimonials on online platforms such as social media and chat rooms. You can check out their personal experiences with the videographer. Take your time to look at the reviews and recommendations of a certain videographer, as you can also see if they have a good track record and recommendation.

Check out videographers’ portfolio

The portfolio is the collection of an artist’s proudest work which usually shows their overall styles. Browsing through your potential choice of videographer’s portfolio can help you be more specific in your options and ensure that their style is according to what you have in mind. You don’t want to end up hiring a videographer with an eccentric/vibrant style and instruct them to go for a simplistic style. Videographers work best by expressing their creativity that suits their style and preferences. They’ll feel more comfortable when you have the same priorities in mind and will achieve the best possible result.

Are they taking your special day seriously?

A videographer should pay attention to more than just the cheque that they’ll be receiving and focus on making an excellent piece of video for a future bride and groom. They should put themselves in your shoes, find out precisely what you have in mind, and try to achieve it. They should care about every aspect of your wedding, including you, your guests and your wedding and are willing to go beyond your expectations. If they are indeed experienced wedding videographers, they should not one be worth the price, but also come up with a video that will leave you grinning for the rest of your life.


You should also check the professionality of the videographer you’re considering as an important event such as a wedding is time-sensitive and requires punctuality, appropriate carriages, and other essential preparations. A professional videographer should show up at your venue on time while also being well dressed and prepared to carry out their task without having you or guests off by any reasons and excuses. If you’re still unsure of picking the perfect wedding venue in Bali, make sure to check out the list in Bali Wedding Prices for the most recommended list of Bali’s spectacular and luxurious wedding venues.

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Packaging and delivery

Experienced wedding videographers usually have a handful of options of packages for their clients to choose from. The packages determine the provided service and the delivery of the time and format. There are two main categories in a wedding video:

  1. The cinematic 5-to-10-minute video is a popular wedding video type that is mainly dedicated to showing the most memorable parts of your day. The videographer will shoot much footage throughout the day, spend their time choosing the best moments, and come up with a comprehensive wedding journey.
  2. The long documentary videos are a wedding video type focused on showing every moment and detail of your big day. It usually does not focus on which scenes look more cinematic but more focused on capturing the raw and unfiltered moments within your wedding day and offers full, real-time events. This video style can last up to an hour and will look more like a documentary than a cinematic video.

It all depends on your and your partner’s preferences. The video can come in as a link or a DVD format or you can also request the wedding video on a flash drive. Whichever choice you prefer, make sure that your choice of wedding videographer will deliver your needs.

Today, social media platforms have their own pages dedicated to appreciate excellent weddings, wedding videography, and many more. Even though not everyone wants their special day to be featured on a Facebook or Instagram page, many have anticipated their wedding being featured on these social platforms. Picking the right wedding videographer can be your best chance for your wedding to trend on a dedicated Instagram page. Keep in mind that when people see the quality work themselves, they will instantly recognize and trust it. If you’re looking to trend, you should be looking for a videographer on these sites on social media because the word on the street can sometimes be less accurate.

These are the top tips in finding the right videographer for your wedding in Bali. We hope that our guide can help you find a videographer that offers the wedding video that you will cherish long after your marriage.

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