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Bali Wedding Videographer Cost Guide

bali wedding videographer cost

A wedding videographer is an essential part of a wedding vendor team who will create priceless work that includes the best memories of your wedding day, including visuals, motions and sound that you’ll cherish for the years to come.

How much does a wedding videographer cost in Bali?

A wedding videographer’s cost may vary widely and depends on their experience and skills along with your wedding’s location. The basic price for a standard Bali wedding usually starts from US$450, consisting of 1 videographer with a DSLR with a maximum of 3 hours of the shoot. Keep in mind that every company has its own price range, which means you’ll need to do your homework. This includes looking at their websites and checking out the reviews from their previous clients. If you’ve also hired a wedding planner, you can also ask for their opinion as they have worked with numerous wedding photographers and videographers in the past.

Let’s look at some of the things that impact the price of a wedding videographer.

What determines a wedding videographer’s price tag?

There are a lot of factors that influence the cost of a wedding videographer’s price as seen in the pints below:

1. Time

The time your videographer spent on your wedding day is a big factor in the overall cost. They usually include the amount of time they have in the package. If you want to hire them longer beyond the 3-hour standard hiring time, and having your whole day documented, then the cost usually starts from US$250 per hour. You might consider longer times in case you want other events covered, such as your rehearsal dinner to the after-wedding parties.

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2. Staff

A videographer may take another shooter or assistant to assist them during your wedding. The more staff they bring then, the higher the cost will likely be.

3. Final Result

What will the final result of your videographer be? Most videographers will offer edited videos (a reel that stands out and an edited wedding film), while some will also provide the raw film. If you’re looking for short edited clips to post in social media or other platforms, that is likely to be part of the cost.

4. Others

If you want to include a drone video, it can start from US$750 with an additional 1 or 2 videographers’ time with the results edited and put in a DVD or flash drive and other additional costs.

5. Travel

If your wedding venue takes place in the remote part of the island, such as the far East or West of Bali, then your videographer will need to travel a long distance to be present at your wedding. You’ll likely need to pay more for their gas mileage, hotel stays and other travel costs.

What comes with the cost of a wedding videographer?

There are more things you’re paying for than the final product when it comes to hiring a videographer. Below are the main things that are usually included in the cost of a wedding videographer.

1. Service

When paying for a videographer, their time and presence is all yours during your wedding, which is usually agreed upon first. Any extras such as a drone video or travel expenses mentioned earlier are also included in the cost and additional videographers.

2. Post-production

For videographers, the editing part is likely to be the most time-consuming part of the whole video-making process. Some companies will have the same person that films your wedding also to edit the video, while other times, a separate editor will do the editing. Your videographer may also let you customize the edits of the wedding video, but doing so may also come with additional costs.

3. The Final Product

You will receive the end result of your wedding video either via DVD, Blu-ray, or USB drive. It’s also possible to get a highlight reel via YouTube or Vimeo for easy sharing. If you want extra copies of your wedding DVD, USB, or Blu-ray disc, then additional charges will likely occur. Some videographers also add their personalized packaging as a nice final touch to your product.

4. Equipment

A professional and experienced videographer should have the latest equipment, from high-def cameras to lighting equipment and many more.

What else is included in a wedding videographer package?

The basic packages in wedding videography should include a full feature video and a highlight reel. Raw footage from your wedding day should also be included. Your videographer can also add and create other videos such as save-the-date videos, videos to play at your reception, and a slide shop with your photos or montage for your rehearsal dinner. They can also cut the videos into snippets ideal for sharing on Instagram or Facebook. Indeed, these extra videos will add to the cost of your wedding videographer, but they are totally worth it and serve as a great addition to your wedding.

When to hire a wedding videographer?

The best time to hire a wedding videographer is at least eight to nine months before your wedding date, as the best ones usually get booked up fast. You can start your research by looking at online reviews of the vendors near you and look at how they work. Once you have narrowed down your search and come up with a list of preferred videographers, set up a schedule and meet them in person or online.

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