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Traditional vs Modern Wedding Dress – Which Type is for You?

traditional and modern wedding dress

Can’t decide on choosing the right wedding dress for you? We know the feeling of being torn apart on which wedding dress to buy. It’s totally normal. And something else that’s normal is how you’re starting to feel like the bride you thought you’d never become. You know, the one that’s obsessed with fabrics and cuts and colors, trying out different dresses and feeling like you’re about to explode under all the pressure. 

Choosing the right wedding dress doesn’t have to be such agony. Once you have a clear idea about your budget, all you need is a little bit of your time to analyze what you want from your dress. 

Would you prioritize comfort or are you happy to walk around your dress the entire day as long as it looks good? Is it important to have a “timeless” or “classic” look to you? Or are modern dresses with special designs important to you after attending a few weddings where every bride looked identical to one another? 

If you’ve figured out the answer to these questions, you can narrow down your choice, whether it’s the modern or traditional dress route. This will save you plenty of time and frustration when you try on the wrong gowns. 

Different Types of Wedding Dress 

When choosing the right type of wedding dress, it’s usually helpful to start with some key characteristics that describe your style and how you want to feel and look during your big day. Doing this will help you understand the dress style and designers that are best for you. Brides usually visit boutiques and mention words like timeless, classic, modern, contemporary, and minimal. All these words would describe the dress’s brand and style. 

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There may be a few misconceptions regarding modern or contemporary dresses that they will eventually ‘get old’ or ‘of-the-moment’ style. A modern wedding dress may still have a classic and timeless look. Nowadays, dress designers need to create contemporary designs that are timeless and wearable and ensure that it’s something you’ll love years after the wedding.

Things to Consider Before Looking for Your Wedding Dress

A common mistake that brides usually make is not considering the theme of the day first! Will it be casual, formal, or traditional? Also, what’s the dress type that you’re most comfortable in?

As there are so many options, it’s normal to feel torn. 

To make things a bit easier, here are some questions you should answer before going through any exhausting dress-browsing sprees:

  • Is it important that your dress looks either ‘classic’ or ‘timeless’?
  • If you’re interested in modern dresses, is a unique design important so that you’ll stand out from other brides?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll figure out which dress style is best for you. Let’s look at the main differences between more classic styles and modern designs so you can define your personal bridal style. 

Modern Wedding Dress Style

The trend for wedding dresses tends to be particularly fast-moving. Every season offers an entirely new heap of wedding dress inspiration for brides looking for the newest assembly to pull off for their wedding day, a very modern wedding day. 

Designers explain more about what to expect from wedding dress trends in the upcoming years. 

We know that smaller ceremonies have been taking place since 2020, leading to increased jumpsuit sales. After brides decided to avoid traditional large white dresses, the good news is that maximalism is back. In fact, anything will do. The one thing we’ve learned from recent years is that traditions are made to be broken. So the wedding dress trend will likely be all about you; however, that looks like. 

With this in mind, you should expect big blows, ruffles, bold floral prints, 3D appliqués, unique mix-and-match cuts, and voluminous sleeves to return to the trendy wedding dress scene. 

The bridal designers leading the way with these styles are Halfpenny London, Odylyne the Ceremony, Hermione De Paula, Marchesa, and Rivini. 

The Traditional Look

The classic bridal dress look never gets old despite the constantly changing trends. When going for a more traditional look, forget the current trends and consider timeless silhouettes, full skirts, modest necklines, and ageless fabrics like satin, silk, lace, and tulle. 

A classic dress can mean many things; designers take inspiration from more traditional bridal shapes and dress while making sure they align with the modern bride. For example, corseted dresses use a traditional making method that’s been going on since the 1500s. 

The secret to nailing the traditional style is to embrace an elegant, understated and modest vibe that isn’t currently trending or ostentatious. It’s a romantic dress type that will continue to stand the test of time. Even though the materials have adapted and changed over time, the dress still offers the same concept: to create support and structure and define the waist. Something that many brides look for in a wedding dress. 

Which Dress Type is Right for You?

So, which style is for you? Is it a modern or traditional Wedding? If you’re still wondering which type of dress you should choose, take a clue for your personal style. If you love to follow the trend, you should be good with modern gowns.  If you prefer a timeless look from day to day, look for a more traditional dress according to your liking. Your wedding should reflect you as a couple and your dress would offer a hint of the style that you’re known and loved for. 

Remember to take advantage of the shopping experience when looking for the best wedding dress. Try on various styles and shapes as the results may surprise you. One thing is for sure, when shopping for a wedding dress, when you find the right one, you’ll know it immediately!

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