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Wedding Dress Trends and Inspiration for the Modern Bride

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After the proposal announcement, a few questions always tend to surface. This includes “How did they propose?” Or “Can I see the ring?” Besides these, one of the first questions is, “Have you found a wedding dress yet?”

Indeed, the dress is something that will stay with you, immortalizing the happy moment of your wedding day forever in a picture. And long after guests have witnessed the vows, the weather, or what they ate on your day, they’ll never forget the dress you wear. 

However, no matter how much your friend or family knows their wedding dress, their vision of the perfect dress may not entirely match yours. So the first step in finding the dress is to ensure it suits your style and comfort first. 

6 Trendy Wedding Dress Ideas for the Stylish Bride

If you’re a modern bride who’s not into a crinoline meringue, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list with the help of bridal experts for the biggest wedding trends, and we can guarantee that they’ll look just as impressive coming down the aisle as they will in pictures in decades to come. 

  1. 90’s Inspired Slip Dresses

The 90’s style wedding dresses have experienced a bit of revival; luckily, it isn’t limited to halter necks, denim, and flatforms. It’s also making its way to the current bridal trends in a much chicer way. Think about the minimal slinkiness of Helmut Lang, Calvin Klein, and vintage Versace. Wedding experts say that there’s no doubt that we’re at the peak of a big 90s throwback. 

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We love seeing this influential trend coming back into fashion and brought into the bridal trend with the slip dress’ return. The sleek and satin dress offers a modern, elevated take on the traditional 90s slips. It’s the perfect dress for elopements or brides who want to celebrate in simplicity without needing to compromise style. 

  1. Voluminous Sleeves

Because of its statement silhouette and extra comfy features, the large-sleeved dress is something you can rely on. It’s a summer dress style that could also be elevated for bridal wear. 

Puffy statement sleeves are everywhere; you can get them with custom clover gowns focusing on the sleeves. 

This ranges from exaggerated duchess satin puff sleeves like the iconic Princess Di’s dress to soft, tiered tulle sleeves with detailed cuff sleeves, which is currently in style. This is a big shift from the popular deep-V or sweetheart necklines that’s been dominating the wedding dress industry for over two decades. 

  1. Thigh High Splits 

That’s right. If you want some splits for your dress, make it thigh-high! We’ve seen this trend with many brides lately as a part of their wedding look. It’s chic, sexy and a bit less conservative. In other words, the modern bride needs to be herself! 

A classic silhouette with a beautiful split adds a magnificent moment to the dress, and are there any brides who don’t want that? Indeed, it’s clear that brides are looking for more modern and daring styles while still maintaining that sense of elegance.

  1. Second-Hand or Sustainable Dresses

As conscious brides and shoppers take the step to buying better and more ethically-made clothes for longer, the bridal industry is starting to catch up. And it’s influencing how brides purchase dresses for the better. Boutique shops are beginning to understand and appreciate that for the bridal industry to achieve full transparency, a business model, and 0% carbon emissions, they must continue contributing many changes. 

Shops also aim to promote and highlight new ways of appreciating a dress’s quality and longevity. And set out to promote the belief that considering the finite sources needed to create posh clothing, it should be given more thought to its lifecycle afterward. 

It can be exciting to source a dress for your wedding day, and looking for a second-hand option is becoming part of the trend. Keep in mind that this doesn’t make it less new and less special, as sourcing a preowned piece is a chance for you to extend an item’s story and elevate its value instead of throwing it away. If all new brides-to-be see second-hand dresses as equally unique and viable, it will be gratifying and, most importantly, a sustainable milestone.

  1. Dress with Open Backs

If you’re having a destination wedding like a wedding in Bali or love the summer bride look, you’ll appreciate an open and low-backed dress. They won’t only keep you cool but also make an epic entrance as well! 

Brides have adored the open and low back moment in slits, lace, and satins – it’s the best way to turn heads and bring a dramatic element to your overall look. It’s been at its highest request lately, and the modern bride can’t get enough of this style. Get to a recommended boutique shop for a beautiful low-back moment with a balance of elegance and timelessness, elevated with a stylish open back. 

  1. Statement Accessories

Choosing a dress is usually considered one of the essential parts of a wedding. But how about accessories? As they are an equally important part of pulling your look together. Therefore, good accessories can complete your look, but they can also be the focus of it. Indeed, simplicity is currently on-trend for every bride, and an elegant gown is an excellent base for brides to choose a statement veil with bold embroidery or high azure-blue heels as the focus of their look. 

Brides always love to accessorize. Necklaces and earrings have always been popular, but today’s brides gravitate towards accessories like anklets or back pieces for a unique look.

Pearl accessories have always been at the top of most modern bride’s lists as an indicator of timeless beauty and elegance, making them the perfect addition to any wedding. However, brides also love their heirloom pieces that have been passed down for generations.

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Guntur has been writing tips and tricks for weddings in Bali since 2020. He has written everything from preparing a pre-wedding in Bali to the best wedding dress and makeup you should choose for a wedding in paradise.

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